As some of you may recall, I totally wished for gravel for my birthday, because I am sick of mud in front of my horse – houses all winter and nothing else stands a chance against the Danish winter and the weight of the horses. Mud is everywhere in Denmark, once the rain sets in, and it is impossible to keep the horses hooves dry, bringing with it lousy hooves and skin infections. I have been told by wiser people than me though, that gravel, placed on dry ground, should keep the horses from muddying up the place too badly, so it had to be tried. Only, gravel does not come cheap, so when my mother in law asked what I wanted for my birthday, what could I possibly want more?

I know, I am a strange kind of person. But really, it is something I desperately need to make our lives easier every single day of the year.

And it arrived today. What I had not expected was how totally awesome such a pile of gravel was for playing in, rolling in, digging in and did I mention, playing in? I should have brought my camera… As it is, I only have a few lousy cell phone pictures, but you will have to take my word for it.

unnamed (2)

Ablaze and Marble kept running through it at top speed, bucking and rearing and I swear, laughing. Apocalipse instantly climbed the hill and started digging in it and when Saleem wanted to join him, Apocalipse discovered that he was much taller than Saleem on the top of the pile, without rearing up against him. Perfect, ha?

unnamed (6)

Saleem did win the pile in the end though…

unnamed (4)

And Tardis, she just rolled in it as much as possible. All in all, I don’t think I have seen the kids have so much fun since I set up that water basin this summer, and they played in water for a few hours, until it broke. This gravel, it should last longer…

unnamed (5)

The guy who delivered it was a little skeptic about driving into the pasture with the horses on it. He thought they would get scared of his huge truck, at least when he started unloading it, right?  Yeah, not my horses. My horses are curious. They poke their noses in everything. My boyfriend and I ended up putting them in halters and dragging them away from the truck, to keep them from being underneath it when it unloaded.

unnamed (7)

I love how open minded they are. I love how trusting, and curious they are. Seeing my five youngsters look at a huge truck and wonder how it could be used for playing, rather than being afraid of it, is just… priceless. I couldn’t ask for more.


The truck driver even said that he was impressed by how cool they were, since he had just delivered gravel to another place, with Arabians, and you know, they are crazy… running around in circles, spooking over everything… I couldn’t help but point out that aside from Marble, my horses are Arabians too… And no, they are not crazy, it’s all in how you train them and what they see on a daily basis. The guy who owns my stable has a lot of heavy machinery, they watch him drive it regularly.

He does usually want to you know, use my pasture to wash off his machines when he is done with the harvest for instance, and I kept telling him not to drive anything on to my pasture without me being there, because my horses would not just let him place a harvester within reach. He did laugh to begin with, but he doesn’t anymore. These days, my horses has taught him to call me and ask when I’ll be there, because my horses are everywhere, swarming anything he drives onto the pasture in an instant and he doesn’t like teeth marks in his harvester…

So, what I am saying, is that I love these five youngsters, I keep being impressed by their courage and their spirits and they are such a happy little gang, one has to smile just to be around them.

unnamed (8)

And, thank you, thank you, thank you, mother in law. We already love our gravel.

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My friends and I were at a market place yesterday. That is always dangerous, but luckily there wasn’t a lot of people selling horses, in fact, only a few sad ponies stood there, tied to the fence all day. Even the shops selling equestrian equipment were hardly present. All in all, I was happy to see how horse trading at a market like this, is dying out.

Anyway, we did have a rather amusing day, looking through peoples stuff, most of which was utterly useless. I was pony hunting, to be honest, My Little Pony hunting, but only one person had thought to bring her kids sad looking My Little Ponies. A G3, Pinkie Pie, with the kid’s name written in instant marker down the side. You would be surprised what you can get off plastic… She turned out pretty nice once I was done with her.


And the most horribly mistreated Applejack I have ever come across. I even wondered if she was worth the symbolic amount of money I paid for her.  I did bring her though, because like I wrote in a previous post, my own Applejack had his eyes repainted when I was a kid, but I could swear he had blue eyes to begin with, only any other Applejack I have some across since, has had green eyes… This sad looking Applejack at the fair, she had blue eyes.


So I took her home, and here she is. I know her tail is still discoloured, but it was BLACK with rust, so I have to say, she made an amazing comeback. Whatever this little girl has been through, she will now join my Applejack family and retire.


My friends always wanted to turn me into a girl and somehow they managed to get me a pair of high heeled shoes and a dress to match…

I found some awesome wigs for the Dark Mare Pictures firm, and of course my friend and I had to spent the evening playing with our new dresses and the wigs and on my part the shoes and my new pants… Here is a selection of us, and rare proof that if you get me a wig, you might get me into a dress as well… (Click on them.)

10614183_834458033265246_717703204375630227_n 1467433_834458059931910_229482041686363752_n 1512359_834458243265225_6863563816180128820_n

10644956_834458513265198_1333181183065211665_n 10639672_834458679931848_2335797251299012392_n 1780723_834458839931832_4409428521082744245_n

10710814_834458916598491_5180901535803462247_n 10696371_834457486598634_500855267442632473_n 10678739_834457706598612_3925938217020885045_n

And yeah, not my usual picture quality, we took them at her place and I snatched them off Face Book and as we all know, face book ruins pictures… Still, awesome wigs.


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Baby Applejack

I am lousy at updating my blog these days… Apologies. Loads of stuff has been going on lately.

Anyway, my boyfriend has been sick, and as such, I had to buy him the last two pillow pets turtles… of course I will be stealing the Michelangelo most of the time, since that was always my turtle (not too big a fan of how stupid they are making him these days, but I stay true to my old hero), and here they are. I have to say, I love how different they are.

2014-09-12 20.34.11

And at long last, I managed to get my slimy hands on a Baby Applejack, the undisputed star of my My Little Pony collection so far, the pony I always wanted;


Applejack was always one of my favourites as a child, (the only one with a male voice in the Danish translation of the movies, clearly someone thought Applejack was a boy, and every Danish child grew up thinking that, because of the Midnight Castle movie.) So, my Applejack has been played with. His eyes are drawn on with instant marker, in a blue that is way too dark… But I swear, before his eyes were rubbed off, his eyes were a light blue. Only every Applejack I find now, has green eyes, just like the baby. I will be looking high and low for a blue eyed one, just to prove that I remember correctly…


Baby Applejack completes my baby pony set at long last, the play and care set;


And of course I forgot to add Baby Lemon Drop to the picture, because I managed to get sick myself and I simply forgot… I’ll have to take another picture of them…

Anyway, I came across a Baby Katie as well, completing my collection of Best Friends, (to the extent that none of them have the little animal they originally came with, but these are the three ponies.)


Wup, wup, I love wrapping up a series… It gives you a sense of actually going somewhere, not just collecting in a hopeless sea of ponies where it will never end and you will never own them all…

I have to say though, I do own the ultimate My Little Pony, since Ablaze is never growing up and he still runs off with my shoes any chance he gets…

2014-09-12 18.16.02

And as much as the turtles make me smile and a Baby Applejack makes me sing and dance even when I am sick, there is no place I would rather be, than on my pasture, watching my horses eat…

2014-09-12 19.09.00

Still waiting for the biopsy result on Tardis. I removed her stitches the day after the vet had placed them. I didn’t want it to heal like that, and if it is sacroids, I would prefer not to bother it more than I have to… they do tend to get mean if you keep pestering them… And so now, I am wondering what is taking the lab so long, and if I should call the vets and ask, but at the same time, I do like not knowing for a little while longer…

So it’s Monday tomorrow. I’ll call and ask then. The lab shouldn’t be that slow. The times we did blood work on Apollon and Saleem, it never took them more than a day… a biopsy can’t be that much longer, now can it?

And in the end, I am reading through a very scary story at the moment, one my friends sent me, of the oldest internet scam in history; the one of the long lost relative and how you should never, ever talk to people who suddenly start telling you stories like that. Let’s be realistic, most of us are not the long lost brother or sister of someone rich and famous and anyone trying to convince us otherwise, is up to something… I just never understood what they could gain from it, until my boyfriend told me that it is a very common scam, and what they are after is simply personal information.

Still, reading this story, I have to say, it ought to cure anyone of the internet. Which is mainly why I am having a hard time these days, being online, and updating my blog. But I’ll get over it. I just have to take a little time at the moment, to be stunned.

2014-09-09 15.58.25

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I Will Be Wrong

It’s been a long day, but we had Saleem checked out again. It’s been a month now, since he broke one of his teeth, and I was very relieved to watch the vet open his mouth and look indifferent. As a horse owner, you always fear that they say “uhu” when you call them out for a check up.

Turns out that- I hardly dare say it- Saleem’s tooth is not causing trouble. At least not yet. But fingers crossed, it never will. Knock on wood… Okay, so I am a little paranoid here, but I don’t like tempting fate on behalf of my horse, by saying that we are in the clear… It was good news though, so far.

And we had his eyes washed through, since he has had an eye infection for the last month now, (treated with antibiotics) and every time I stop treating it, it comes back, full force. So we did a little test of that as well…

That neon green stuff the vets use in the eyes, always looks alien… but it doesn’t scare the flies away. Stubborn little pricks…

2014-09-09 15.23.00

We did a biopsy on Tardis, at long last. The vet shaved her, just as I had had her fur growing a little on that spot… *sigh* and we had to stitch her up afterwards, because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I maintain it is sacroids, but well, two out of three of my vets disagree, so now, we will know for sure, once the lab is done… Fingers crossed two out of three of my vets are right and I am dead wrong… Really, I won’t mind being wrong this time. For once, could it just be something impossibly simple and easy to treat, once we know what it is… ?

2014-09-09 16.12.00

I’ll even say please.

Anyway, here are my sleepy kiddos… Tardis is wearing her halter still, because she actually fell because of the sedation, so I was watching her like a hawk for the rest of the day, until she came to. And yes, it was a little boring, so I took pictures with my lousy phone camera…

2014-09-09 15.24.00

In the end though, they both came around, and were even able to eat dinner… and I know, not supposed to feed them when they are sedated, because the sedation slows down the digestive system as well… But I find that if you kick start the horse with a bit of food, raising the blood sugar level, once it is able to eat a little, it comes around much faster and a horse like Saleem, who has a tendency to go into chock, recovers from the sedation with much less drama if he gets a little something to eat at the right time…

2014-09-09 16.29.00

And of course, the others had to share in the food, you don’t just feed the two who had been sedated, now do you? If anyone thinks I am missing a horse, it is just because Ablaze is standing behind me. He is not good at falling into line. My perfect little foal…

My boyfriend sent me this picture, while I was busy watching my mare recover, of Shy, making sure that he may have stayed at home to work, but he wasn’t going to get any work done…

2014-09-09 14.12.51

Got to love that cat. In the end though, she gave up. It’s hard, editing movies…

2014-09-09 15.57.15

Okay, back to the horses.

I sure hope that I won’t have to sedate them again for a very long time now, any of them. Could this be the last of it, please? I hate it, I hate the way my horses respond to it, and I know I may sound hysterical, but my horses keep proving me right. How many times have my vets told me “it won’t fall…” when my horses has been sedated. “It never happens.” Right. Just like Saleem shouldn’t have had those seizures when he was younger, as a response to the sedation. Call me crazy, but I really don’t do this lightly, like most horse owners, I know.

I have a friend who works at a professional stable, where the jumpers are sedated on a daily basis (very much illegally I presume,) to be able to go into their spa bath… And once she said that to me, and accepted that, as a way to treat horses that seems reasonable and perfectly normal and not at all harmful to the wellbeing of the animal, I knew I had lost her as a friend. Seeing how it affects my horses, it is killing me to hear about and I cannot imagine how anyone of sound mind can sedate a horse on a daily basis and not think twice about it.

But maybe it is just me. Maybe I am hysterical. If I am, I guess my horses came to the right person then. Saleem and Tardis clearly needs someone to be hysterical on their behalf.

I will always be that person.

But for now, I will breathe a little easier, knowing that Saleem’s tooth is looking peaceful and I will try not to torture myself about Tardis’  biopsy. I will know, soon enough…

And I will be wrong this time, I can feel it. I will be wrong. I will keep repeating that to myself, until I get the answer. I will be wrong.

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Spider Ponies

My friend LHK was at a yard sale yesterday and found me some ponies! A nice little Baby Tiddley -Winks, although she is a bit yellow around the muzzle, she is in fair condition.


And an Alternate Birthflower pony, July’s Water Lily.


I had to ask what she paid for them, and I have been laughing ever since. An Alternate Birthflower pony is really expensive if you go Ebay hunting for them… as in, you could almost buy a real pony for the prize she would usually sell for. My friend managed to get all of them, for what I usually pay in postage…

Anyway, there was a G3 as well, Rainbowberry, and she was in a bit of a state, her long hair was an unbelievable mess. I have to admit, I had my doubts about her, but here she is, restored and looking awesome!


I don’t really collect g3’s but should one or two of them happen to join my collection, I am okay with it. They are kind of cute, and it turns out Rainbowberry and Skywishes (my other g3) has a ninja skill… they are spider ponies!


The hoof magnet nearly had me ruin my computer… it’s a good thing I discovered what it was in her hoof in time, before I set her down on my laptop like I did with Water Lily and Tiddley – Winks…

I guess you learn as long as you live, and from now on I will be much more suspicious of strange objects on My Little Ponies….

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Writing, Cat’s And Ponies

I was home alone yesterday, which is always totally awesome, since I am a very anti social person… Somehow though, I ended up talking to no less that three of my girl friends (or four, one of them was a shared message,) on face book… So much for me, being anti social and just spending the evening writing on my book…

I knew I shouldn’t turn on the internet, but I have to admit, a lot of things are happening at the moment, and I am a bit curious to see how it plays out…

And, of course, I had to torture myself a little, watching all the My Little Ponies I cannot afford to buy, being sold on Ebay for much too low a price… *sigh* And so, I was online, and being social anyway…

So, here is a few pictures of my latest ponies, Baby Billie and Baby Susie, and Shy the cat, having one of those moments, where she realize, “If I bite that, it may be the last thing I do… But it might be worth it…”


And my Playschool ponies, Baby Alphabet, Baby Count-a-lot and Baby Pictures…


Missing one pony in both collections, to complete them… it’s clever really, how the My Little pony set up the whole thing… Small series with in the series… You must have all of them, otherwise your set is incomplete…

Which is totally true and I must have all of them!

I happened to pick up a couple of romance ponies as well, so now I am missing two instead of four from that set… wuhu… Love Story and Love- in -a -Mist;


But for some reason, I have been collecting baby ponies mostly lately… They are just so pretty… and tiny and there has been some great ones up for sale…

Anyway, in the end, by one am or something like that, I did open my book and begin writing, only to discover that Shy wanted to help me… Hiding behind the screen, she would jump out, disconnect my internet, and press random buttons on my keyboard…


As far as the disconnecting the internet goes, I get her drift. But pressing random buttons on my keyboard, is one of the most scary things anyone can do to a writer. “Pop, your book is gone. Did you need it?”

“Heart attack.”

“Okay breathe. What did the cat press? Undo! Undo! Undo!”

Got to love her though… She is an amazing kitten. Especially when she is not planning on murdering my ponies and deleting my books…

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Apocalipse, Trying A Rider

Apocalipse is starting his education at the moment, or continuing his education, with carrying a rider now. I rode him a few times (sat on him and had my boyfriend lead us around,) with a bridle on, but it really bothered him, so one day, I decided to just skip it. All on my own, alone at the stable, I decided to climb up on my young horse, wearing a simple rope around his neck. I guess I figured, either I’d fly or fall. Either way, it was a good thing.

Apocalipse spooked over my legs again, noticing me for real this time, while not busy messing with the bit in his mouth. No, this time, he actually saw me.


So I have been doing that for a few times now, climbing up there, sitting there touching him, and once he was totally cool with that, (after four times) I asked him to walk. And to stop. And to walk.


Now, the sixth time I am “riding” him, he even understands “turn” to the left… not turn right, that one doesn’t work, but we know “Walk”, “Stop,” and “turn left” now, all without reins. I have to say, breaking in my young horse like this is awesome. It is a whole new experience for me, to train a horse like this. With no chance of me forcing him to do anything. All I can do is ask. And hope he answers.


I love this picture, of Apocalipse, Marble and me. The perfect way to break in my young horse. I should have done this years ago. So calm, so easy… So safe. He feels safe in a way I have never tried before.


I wouldn’t have dared if I hadn’t started riding Saleem without the bridle though, so we owe him great thanks.


He is an amazing horse.


And Tardis, well, I am still wearing a bridle on her. She is a very explosive young woman and I am a coward, but I have to admit, I am beginning to wonder if a lot of the problems I do have with her- mostly the “turn” signal, is because she goes against the bit and I may avoid that if I just removed the bit…


Building up my courage to trust her, as I trust my boys. Still, she is an a amazing pony. I never tire of looking at her.


Marble does get tired of us…



Ablaze says, “That’s my mom!”


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