Partners In Crime

Fellow writer and partner in crime, Noel Heart, and I have decided to run a promotion together.

So on the 26th and 27th July, my poetry collection This Song, will be free to download as an ebook, on this link;

Cover - this songIMG_8240

Noel’s poetry collection, Blue Lips/Acoustic Suicide, will be either free or cheaper than usual to download as an ebook. I haven’t been home much lately and have not had the chance to discuss details with her, but check it out when the time comes, on this link;

blue lips front 1–Acoustic-Suicide-ebook/dp/B00CIQ57PW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366926955&sr=8-1&keywords=blue+lips+acoustic+suicide

The Hand of Fate, the first in my fantasy series The Starstone, will be down to 0.99£ to download as an ebook from the 26th to the 28th on this link;

Cover - The Hand of Fate - Inverted

The Twins, the second in my fantasy series The Starstone, will be down to 0.99£ to download on the 26th and 27th and sometime between the 27th and the 28th it will go a little up, to 1.99£, before ending on 2.99£ as usual, which by the way is the lowest price I can set my ebooks up at on Amazon, excepting these few days of promotion I am allowed once in a while.

So, The Twins, on this link;

Cover - The Twins - Inverted

The Crown Prince, the third in my fantasy series The Startone, will be at 1.99£ all three days, on this link;

Cover Red

Surviving the Equestrian World, my book on my life, my horses and how I train them, remains the same, but feel free to check it out anyway;

Cover Saleem

I am working on the Unicorn’s Horn, book four (out of five) in The Starstone Series, and it will be out this fall.

And I haven’t forgotten the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World either, I promise. I just feel like the last month has disappeared on me, with bringing in hay and straw and being on constant stand by, ready to jump to it, the second we got the “go” for bringing in the harvest…

Last but not least, Noel and I are still working on out fantasy book together, The Kiss, The Dragon and The Werewolf. Somehow we seem to be writing ourselves further and further away from ending the book, every time we pick it up, so it could be a while.

Must have more time, somehow… the horrible part is, I have hardly ridden my horses this summer. I haven’t had the time for anything other than chores and grooming and trying to make every day add up. There is so much I want to do, like find the time to ride my horses, and I want much more time as well, to play with my band and write on my Sci-fi series, The Legacy. Book two is really coming along now.

Which is why I am stalling a little with editing the other books, even though that is what I should be doing, so they could be published…  But writing is just much more fun than editing, especially when you don’t have much time.

I’ll get there. I keep saying that, but I will.

Until then, you don’t need a kindle to download any of the books above, just download the free kindle app on Amazon and you are good to go.

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G1 And G4

I had the scooter in for service yesterday. I can easily admit that it is horribly boring, since I am not allowed to stay at the workshop and watch what they are doing to my scooter. Insurance reasons… Right.

So, basically, I just wander about while I wait, looking at toy shops… As a happy collector of My Little Ponies, I figured I’d check out the market these days. What is for sale in the Danish Shops?

G4, of course, and I always thought they were horribly ugly, but still. Better than to be doing nothing right?

Having watched some of the new movies, I kind of know most of the new ponies, even if I think they are ugly, and so, I decided to pick up a Rainbow Dash, since I always liked her. For professional interest of course, to compare G4 and my old fashioned, well crafted, beautiful G1′s…

I have to say, sitting in front of the shop, in the shade, unwrapping my Rainbow Dash, ignoring random strangers shouting “Homeless, alcoholic, fuck off” at me, (people are so kind and always willing to kick someone who is lying down… I was half way hoping one of them would dare try, but none did, clearly it is easier to shout insults at people and run away….) for sitting on the ground, I have to say, I am not impressed.


Aside from the G4′s not really looking like ponies anymore, but more like strange, flatfooted cats, the finish is horrible. I mean, the mane already looked worn and dry as I took it out of the box. No G1 pony would have looked that frizzled, coming out of its box. Most of them don’t, 32 years later.


Not to mention that the tail is thin and not very long and the one accessory, the hairclip, didn’t fit. Not in the mane, and not in the tail, it is way too big. But the mane needs something to keep it from flying all over the place and frizzing even more, so…

All in all, not impressed with toys these days, My Little Pony G4, least of all. A company who is able to make such beautiful ponies as this old girl, Starflash,


Or her, SugarappleIMG_2965

Or even the pony friends,



Ponies who can go the distance and not fade over the years, not lose the shine to their hair, or the sparkle in their eyes, how is it that they ended up turning all their ponies into cats and cutting back on quality to such an extend?

Sitting with my Rainbow Dash in the sunlight yesterday, I actually felt sorry for the generation who is growing up with the G4′s. They will never know what a pretty pony should be.

Smooth, cute, shiny… and most of all, looking like a fat little pony in a fancy colour. Isn’t that what we love about My Little Pony?


I know that is what I am missing in the G4. That, and quality materials. Hair that doesn’t split when you remove it from the box, and plastic that doesn’t feel… cheap. Like it might it pony cancer in a few years…

Going back on ebay here, looking up G1′s…


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Stubble Field

I hardly have time for anything these days. Who ever thought that summer was a time for relaxing, didn’t have horses… And didn’t have to bring in hay, straw, clean out lofts, ect, ect, ect…

So, here is a few shots of Aston and Saleem, trying their first stubble field together. Saleem is not the most sure footed horse, and Aston have not ridden him much, so I think I was kind of brave to even let the two of them try… But sometimes you have to let go and see what happens, and I have been wrapping Saleem in a bubble for the last years, trying to make sure he wasn’t asked to do anything he couldn’t handle at any point. Which means that since Amalia died, aand Apollon crashed and burned and died, Aston has hardly ridden, because that left us with Saleem only, who was old enough to be ridden.




Saleem has developed a lot lately, though.





And no, they didn’t find the canter button. Turns out, I have hidden that quite well, on this horse. To be perfectly honest, I am okay with that, for now. Saleem still have a bit of problems with the balance in his canter, I prefer to work on that on my own, so as to not confuse him…

Still, they did really good together and what can I say. Wonderful, wonderful horse!



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Happy Birthday Apocalipse

I believe I have told the story of how Apocalipse was born a thousand times by now, so I won’t do that again, but I will mark this day once again.

It is his fourth birthday today.


Four years ago since he took his first breath of life, against all odds.




So, let’s see some pictures of my wonderful young man.



Apocalipse and Aston 2


play 13




Apocalipse is yet unridden, since he is not done growing up yet, so we will have to wait with those kinds of pictures, but I believe we have tried almost anything else in our four years together.








marble dane 6


Lady Amalia, I wish you could have been here to see how perfect he turned out. Thank you for being his wonderful mother and for leaving him to me. He is a little piece of you, my ray of sunlight, every single day.


Happy birthday Apocalipse Ibn Saleem. I am so glad you are a fighter, and that you are here with me. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Jumping 215

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Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide, By Noel Heart

My friend Noel is putting the final touches on her second poetry collection as we speak, and she would like to raise a bit more awareness about her writing before it is released. So, her first poetry collection, Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide, is FREE to download as an E-book on Amazon today and tomorrow;

blue lips front 1–Acoustic-Suicide-ebook/dp/B00CIQ57PW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366926955&sr=8-1&keywords=blue+lips+acoustic+suicide

One of her poems, Words Without Voices, were included on  Paradox Obscur’s self titled album, and can be heard on Sound cloud;

So, check out her  E-book, while it is free and tell your friends!

And you don’t need a kindle, just download the free kindle app on Amazon and you are good to go.

“A beautiful collection of poetry, from a very honest and open minded poet. Blue Lips will be sure to enchant you, right from the start and leave you wanting more as you turn the last page.

It varies from being raw, haunting and almost bleeding, to being amusing and quirky. You never know what to expect, as each poem has its own story to tell.

I have enjoyed reading this collection very much as it is open to interpretation and enables me to relate to it easily. I am looking forward to, and hope there will be, a follow-up one day, as this writer has a huge heart and a lot of stories to tell in her very own, poetic way.

-          Veronica Merlin”

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The Pool

I saw this video on face book, of a horse, bathing in a plastic pool and I was very impressed with how the pool didn’t break instantly, so I had to try and buy one for my horses.

I have to say, this is something I would have NEVER done, back in the day, with Poseidon and Apollon. Blowing up a huge blue thing, placing it on their pasture, and filling it with water. The idea of that alone, would have given them a heart attack and quite possibly have got me trampled as they disappeared in a cloud of dust.

So, just for not doing that, I am happy- dancing and SO, so proud of my horses. Ablaze was the brave one, who snuck up on the pool first, bringing with him his mother and very quickly after, Apocalipse, Saleem and Marble.


Marble and Apocalipse are the least sceptic of my horses and also the first ones to step foot in it on their own.


Saleem tried, but the edge was just too high, he dared  not really cross it, even though he truly wanted to play in the water.


Ablaze and Tardis kept spooking themselves by kicking at the sides… but they came back right away.




Apocalipse did kill the pool rather quickly. Not because he was walking in it, or stepping on it, but because he bites…


Still, it was a very amazing few hours, where I realized, we should totally dig a hole and make a shallow pool for them… that could be awesome! In time, Saleem might even get braver, if he had it around for more than the hours it took Apocalipse to see it, get to know it, and destroy it. Living up to his name…


We tried sending them across it in the end, just to see who would dare take that step up and into it when asked. Apocalipse and Marble did so without hesitation.





Saleem refused at first, but was convinced when the pool broke some more, and the edge disappeared. For him it is not a problem with the water or the plastic, but walking across something much higher than a tuft of grass is very complicated for him.


Tardis flat out refused and with the pool dying, I didn’t press the matter with her.


Ablaze was easily lured across with a treat. That horse is going to be a bit of a challenge as well. He is not afraid of anything, ever, but he responds by backing off and refusing everything as soon as I place a halter on his face. Without a halter, I can get him to do almost anything. As long as he sees the point in it for him… and as long as he has the freedom to chose, he usually chooses what I want him to do. Still, I do worry for his future once in a while, because he just won’t be forced. Like, when he had pneumonia a few weeks ago, and we had to give up on giving him antibiotics through injection,  because neither me, nor my vet, could get the job done.


Luckily there are other ways to give him antibiotics, but it does leave me thinking that it is my job to prepare him better and to accept a tiny bit of force somehow, because one day, his life may depend on us being able to do things to him, he does not like.

I suck at that. I love working with him, I love not using a halter and I adore his wild heart… In so many ways, he reminds me of Poseidon, the way he should have been, if he had been born to me and not to cruel hands. I see the same untamed, unbreakable flame in his eyes when I look at him and it is killing me to have to rope him in, so to speak.

Anyway, back to the pool. Try it. It was awesome. My horses have been spending the last three weeks hiding in the shade, irritated by flies and horse flies and the heat in general, but this pool made them forget all about it and we had a wonderful day, playing with it.


And even if it is punctured now, I can still use it, just without the water, to walk across, or jump across, or I can patch it up and let Apocalipse bite another hole in it… I have to say, it did take much more of a beating than I had dared hope it would, before it died.


I had thought that Saleem’s shoes would puncture it, but they didn’t, which is quite impressive.


So, if you don’t have horses like Apocalipse, who needs to bite everything, until it breaks, preferably by standing on it and pulling it apart, it should last a little longer for you. It really wasn’t the shoes or the hooves that got to it in the end. It was my superstar, living up to his name, destroying everything in his path…




Little did I know, when we named him Apocalipse, how fitting it would be.


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Cotton Candy And Sky Rocket

To my horror, I discovered that the mother pony of them all, the first piece of my collection, was growing old! My very first My Little Pony, Cotton Candy, given to me when I was four years old, was failing and no amount of soap or kisses could stop it. She is not growing the pony cancer that some ponies get afflicted with, those dark spots, where the plastic deteriorates, no, she is turning white.


I have never seen that before, but of course that caused me a tremendous amount of heartache. My Cotton Candy… even if she was never one of my favourites , like Applejack or Sky Rocket, for instance, she was my first, and she was always the star of my collection.

So, I found another version of her and sent a link to my boyfriend… The same seller had a Sky Rocket I never knew excised, so how cool was that? (I should explain here, I don’t have a visa card, so I can’t buy things online, which is why my ponies must go through him… very much for precautions. I don’t think I should have unlimited access to Ebay…) My boyfriend ignored me.

Until today, when I started looking up ponies again, just to you know, check what was up recently… And he said well, I got something for you. I kept it until you would need it one day.

Cute, ha?

Of course not, you don’t just buy ponies and don’t hand them over instantly!

So, my new Cotton Candy, looking fresh and shiny and smooth next to my mother ship…


And my Cotton Candy’s and the Baby Cotton Candy’s. Yes, they used to be pink as well, but clearly the baby ponies are losing their colour. On Ebay as well… I checked…


And the Sky Rocket!


My two Sky Rockets!


And of course, my Twinkly Eyed ponies, Sky Rocket, Speedy and Galaxy. I never had Twinkly Eyed ponies when I was growing up, so owning three now, is pretty darn awesome!


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