Cat Plant And Cat Toys

We are working on a movie these days, which is of course driving me utterly insane. I don’t work well with others, and this whole writing process of listening to the boys talk and spit ball ideas, and tell them when they wander off from the point of the story, it is not what I do best.

I would like for them to tell me what they want, then let me sit down on my own, and write the story, and then hand it back to them, for editing and adjusting… Team works is not what I do best, it is really not.

We have been playing with ideas for the sound track as well, which is all great, I love writing music, but once again, I do best on my own…

Now listen to me, sounding like an angry old woman here, wanting to be left alone in my bubble… I miss Poseidon, he knew what it felt like, to fend off intruders… My mind is a strange place. It feels crowded already, without constantly being poked by people…

And that is not to mention the cat- plant we have, who is not taking turns with Life, waking me once every hour, all night, feeling ignored when I sleep…

2014-07-25 16.55.50

So yes, I am in an awesome mood. I’ll go feed and hose down the horses now. And leave you with this video of the very creative writing process… Actually, I love this video, so please don’t get me wrong.

It’s a cat toy, by the way. I love how Jonathan knows it’s stupid, how he knows he shouldn’t play with it, how he is laughing, perhaps at himself, perhaps at the fact that he does find it funny… That is a study in human nature I find fascinating.

Sometimes it takes so little to entertain us. I have watched this video a thousand times already, just because I can’t figure out why he is so amused by it, and because his honesty makes me laugh every time. Not in a bad way. Just in a completely unknown to me, way. Maybe I should work on my team works skills. Perhaps I could learn something, from someone, someday, if I didn’t observe them, but actually took part…

Who knows. Hopefully we will get to shooting the movie soon. Like, tomorrow. Getting me away from having to write with others. I work much better in the field…

Now, go watch the video again. You know you want to…

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The Crown Prince by Veronica Marlin

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Cover Red

The Crown Prince is the third book in the Starstone series, and in my opinion the best book. It is dark, it keeps it real, it might be a fantasy story, but the way Nahorim act out after being sexually abused by someone close to him, since he was a child, is very real. His childhood is very violent. He believes that people only love him, when he have sex with them. His need for acknowledgement and strong need to for everybody around him to love the most, is so close to what I seen have in real life. He need it so much, that he ends up being the lead singer in a band, that becomes so famous, that Leaffall have never seen anything like it. He over shines his band members.

Nahorim is the Crown Prince of Leaffall, but he don´t seem to like the role giving to…

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The Hand of Fate and The Twins by Veronica Merlin


Review by Noel Heart, thank you so much :)

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————————Spoiler alert————————————————-

I read Starstone, The hand Of Fate, and The Twins , and I just fell in love with this universe. I have read a lot of fantasy stories in my life, but never anything like this. This universe is so special, and the author really have something on her heart.
I like the way her characters seems to have their own life, and she just let them develop.
Some of the matters that seems to be close to her heart, is that it is ok to be different, and Cazal is really different from her twin sister Lien. They grew up in the startower, raised by their mother Islaeen, under the protection of the elven king Falka. Alongside with Falka´s 2 sons, Crown prince Shalithas, and Rhalino.
We meet Cazal and Lien the first time on a tavern in the White city Eilad, on the fatal night they meet…

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Trying A Rider

We decided a few weeks ago, to start lying on Apocalipse, because I figured it would take time for him to get comfortable with. Apocalipe is hyper sensetive, just like his father, and he has got a rather explosive temper, just like his mother. So, basically, the perfect horse. But, climbing up there for the first time, is always thrilling.


Apocalipse is our perfect foal, by our beloved old thoroughbred  mare, Amalia, and our wonderful Arabain (now) gelding, Saleem. Watching him grow up has been a privilege and every day of our lives together has been a blessing. Still, It is a bit hard to grasp that he is four years old this year.


Apocalipse is not done growing up just yet, and as such, he won’t be doing any “riding” this year, but I figured it would take a long time for me to be allowed to lie on him.

I was wrong. Three days. Not in succession, but three days I tried lying on him whenever I felt like tempting fate, and on the third day, he was snickering to himself, eating hay, asking me his very well known question… Now what?


Apocalipse is a quick learner, and he very quickly get bored with most  things. It has been my greatest challenge to date, keeping him motivated, without asking him to perform tasks his body was not grown up enough to handle yet.

So, yesterday, we tried with the bridle and with a helper. Usually I would ride my youngsters in a halter at first, but Apocalipse despise the nose band, and as such, he is a lot happier with the bridle.


Here we are, my baby foal, wearing a rider for the very first time!


And Marble is helping…


It is a rare kind of youngster who can try a rider for the first time, and be stalked by his play mates at the same time, and still be calm and relaxed. For the horses I have known, they truly don’t come any more sensible and reasonable than Apocalipse. Which makes him the most dangerous of my horses, since I tend to forget how young he is and that he can still spook once in a while. You always have to be on your toes around any horse, even the perfect foal.

And this picture, I just love it. To me, this is what it is like to be “one with your horse.” Not riding, not making it do stuff. No, when I am one with my horses, I am one of them, being allowed into their heard, and accepted as part of their lives.


Lastly, I would like to mention that my poetry collection, This Song is Free to download today, and my fantasy series Starstone is available at a reduced price, all of my e-books can be found by this link;

Cover - this songIMG_8240 Cover Saleem

Cover - The Hand of Fate - Inverted Cover - The Twins - Inverted Cover Red

My friend Noel Heart’s poetry collection is free today as well and can be found here;–Acoustic-Suicide-ebook/dp/B00CIQ57PW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366926955&sr=8-1&keywords=blue+lips+acoustic+suicide

blue lips front 1

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I mentioned a while ago that I found a kitten at the stable. A thin, starving, dehydrated kitten. Very shy and impossible to touch.

sky 2

We did catch her, her weakened condition didn’t allow her to put up too much of a fight. We placed her at my friends house, since she was looking after some kittens for the local animal shelter anyway and I feared that Sky, as we named her, was too weak to be introduced to my big and evil cats at home, right away.

sly 3

Sky is the Danish word for Cloud, or for Shy, so it fits her quite well.

We brought her home about a week ago only to discover that the stress of being moved yet again, released a lot of round worms in her and she spent the first day with me, throwing worms up…. So, we got her treated for worms, as fast as humanly possible.

She is now on the mend, although we haven’t got all of the little bastards yet. Working on it…

Shy is a great kitten though. She handles Life easily, she hisses at Chad to make him keep his distance and  she plays, like a real kitten should.


Having had Life with us for a year and a half now, watching her slowly claw her way back to life, after she nearly starved to death before I found her, it feels a little strange seeing Shy. I have been feeling for a long time that Life has made a fairly good recovery, considering how damaged she was, how all of her muscles were gone and how her hind legs were not working for the first two months we had her… Life is walking now, and jumping a little, and she even started playing with toys and things recently.


Bringing home Shy did put Life into perspective. Shy has made an almost instant recovery. Granted, she wasn’t anywhere near as far gone as Life was, but still. As happy as I am for Shy, I feel sorry for Life, whenever I watch Shy play. Life couldn’t do that when she was Shy’s age.


Anyway, here is some pictures of the little terror child. And yes, I placed that rattle in the bathroom, where it won’t wake me up in the middle of the night and I tied it down, so she wouldn’t just bring it into my bed at night. Shy loves it, so I won’t confiscate it, but the noise it can make is unbelievable.






She is a pretty little cat. Very feminine. And very loving, not shy at all anymore, except towards Life and Chad. Life used to be terrified of Chad, it is not until now that Life and Chad is beginning to reach some kind of understanding. I had hoped that Shy and Life could become friends, because I feel that Life is a little too lonely sometimes. Life is not afraid of Shy, which is a very big step in the right direction. Now, all we need is for the little bastard to sit still for long enough for Life to catch up with her… I actually think that in time, they will be great together. Shy even manages sometimes, to make Life run, to get her excited and play, not with Shy, but with Shy’s toys… it’s a start… it’s a good start.


Fingers crossed.

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Steeplechase Madness


Insane… why is this legal?

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In a French steeplechase (Saint-Pierre-la-Cour) this past Sunday, 10 horses started, 3 finished. The video tells the story far better than I ever could:

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Partners In Crime

Fellow writer and partner in crime, Noel Heart, and I have decided to run a promotion together.

So on the 26th and 27th July, my poetry collection This Song, will be free to download as an ebook, on this link;

Cover - this songIMG_8240

Noel’s poetry collection, Blue Lips/Acoustic Suicide, will be either free or cheaper than usual to download as an ebook. I haven’t been home much lately and have not had the chance to discuss details with her, but check it out when the time comes, on this link;

blue lips front 1–Acoustic-Suicide-ebook/dp/B00CIQ57PW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366926955&sr=8-1&keywords=blue+lips+acoustic+suicide

The Hand of Fate, the first in my fantasy series The Starstone, will be down to 0.99£ to download as an ebook from the 26th to the 28th on this link;

Cover - The Hand of Fate - Inverted

The Twins, the second in my fantasy series The Starstone, will be down to 0.99£ to download on the 26th and 27th and sometime between the 27th and the 28th it will go a little up, to 1.99£, before ending on 2.99£ as usual, which by the way is the lowest price I can set my ebooks up at on Amazon, excepting these few days of promotion I am allowed once in a while.

So, The Twins, on this link;

Cover - The Twins - Inverted

The Crown Prince, the third in my fantasy series The Startone, will be at 1.99£ all three days, on this link;

Cover Red

Surviving the Equestrian World, my book on my life, my horses and how I train them, remains the same, but feel free to check it out anyway;

Cover Saleem

I am working on the Unicorn’s Horn, book four (out of five) in The Starstone Series, and it will be out this fall.

And I haven’t forgotten the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World either, I promise. I just feel like the last month has disappeared on me, with bringing in hay and straw and being on constant stand by, ready to jump to it, the second we got the “go” for bringing in the harvest…

Last but not least, Noel and I are still working on out fantasy book together, The Kiss, The Dragon and The Werewolf. Somehow we seem to be writing ourselves further and further away from ending the book, every time we pick it up, so it could be a while.

Must have more time, somehow… the horrible part is, I have hardly ridden my horses this summer. I haven’t had the time for anything other than chores and grooming and trying to make every day add up. There is so much I want to do, like find the time to ride my horses, and I want much more time as well, to play with my band and write on my Sci-fi series, The Legacy. Book two is really coming along now.

Which is why I am stalling a little with editing the other books, even though that is what I should be doing, so they could be published…  But writing is just much more fun than editing, especially when you don’t have much time.

I’ll get there. I keep saying that, but I will.

Until then, you don’t need a kindle to download any of the books above, just download the free kindle app on Amazon and you are good to go.

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