Gishwhes Coffee Table Book

When I joined Gishwhes (the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen,) for the first time this year, I had no illusions about winning. I made sure to join a super cool team, with an awesome captain who was there to guide us virgins through it all.

I did know that the best (or weirdest, or funniest, or most artistic,) entries got to be displayed in the coffee table book, which has its own kind of honor. Even if you don’t win, or get to meet Misha, and go on a weekend with him and your team, (I would not have gone anyway, who’d look after my babies?) you get to have something you created in a book, with a lot of other great and talented people.

I know, I’m a writer, what do I care? I published 10 books so far, what’s the big deal?

Well…. It is.

I did not buy the coffee table book, because I am dead broke with Tardis being sick and all, and I was afraid it would be snatched up in the Danish customs. Only lately did I learn that they ship from England… Oh great… Anyway…

One of my team members tweeted me yesterday, saying that I made it into the coffee table book.

As it turned out, with the picture of my horses. Imagine that.

And again, I know. Saleem is the cover horse of Surviving the Equestrian World, and all my horses are in that book. I’ve made sure to make them immortal as much as I know how. Still, having their picture in a book that people who don’t know me, or horses, or horsemanship, are going to look through, that is something special.

I nearly backed out of that task, truth be told. Funny how things work out.

I begged my team members to take a picture of the book, and our captain came true. Here we are, Poseidon, Amalia, Saleem, Tardis, Aston and me, in the Gishwhes coffee table book, 2016.


Thanks Heather and Fury, for telling me, and taking the picture for me. As much as this item was about doing something for a loved one, that would make them smile, knowing that my babies got to be in that book, has made me smile all day.

That, and the My Little Pony game updated on android. But mostly, the coffee table book. Who would have thought. My Poseidon. My heart, my soul, my star, my endless night, sent out to tons of people, who never knew him. If I wrote our story in Surviving the Equestrian World, because I wanted his life to matter, somehow seeing him here, is bringing us home.

We are not the crazy girl with the horse that doesn’t like humans. We are in the book that celebrates the weirdest people in the world. That, somehow, matter a great deal to me.

We are here, because through it all, we never stopped being crazy. And in the end, it wasn’t such a bad thing.

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Cushings Update, And Hearts Warming Eve Tree

A lot of my friends has started posting beautiful pictures of their Christmas trees on social media these days. I thought the gang and I would join in, so here goes, our Hearts Warming Eve tree;


Trust me, we put a lot of effort into it…

I’ll get into the spirit at some point, I guess… Mostly I’m dying from impatience at the moment, waiting for the My Little Pony Gameloft game to update on Android, trying not to read too much about how awesome it is from those who has got it already… *sigh*

In the meantime, I figured I’d update on Tardis as it has been 5 weeks now, since she started on Prascend, her cushings medication. We are running new blood tests at the end of the week. Here she was, five weeks ago;


Notice how tense and swollen her neckline was. And the edema under her belly;


The tense neckline is soft now. It’s still swollen, but rather than feeling like a fresh apple, when you squish it, it now feels like an open and empty soda bottle. I know, weird comparisons, but that does paint the picture, right? I apologize for the quality of the following pictures, my Samsung phone still wont talk to my Asus computer, and the Dark Mare computer is working at the moment, so I emailed the pictures to my gmail, and well, gmail compress pictures these days. Mif. Anyway, if you can see beyond the pixels, here goes, Tardis from  this morning, after 5 weeks on meds;


The tense neckline doesn’t even show that much now, when she is relaxed. And the edema, while still there, is soft and squishy, rather than hard as it used to be.


Oh yeah, that’s another thing. She… is growing “pony fur” this year. Tardis never did that. I used to wonder why her fur just wouldn’t grow long. I’m a little at a loss here, because usually, cushings horses grow long, useless, thin and ugly fur. Tardis never did, she was short and “Arabian” sports pony-like, always. So, one reason for her long fur could be that she has got cushings, and it is finally showing in her fur coat. Or, it… could be that she is on medication now? And her body is… turning normal?

I sure look forward to the next answers on her bloodwork.


So far, I’m really happy with her progress.

And now, back to restarting the Pony game over and over and over… I need that update… Pretty please…

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Misty Morning

A lot of things has been going on lately, most of which I am still debating with myself if I even want to write about on this blog, which is why I’ve been so quiet. I am finding it rather difficult to  find little everyday stories to share, so I just haven’t.

On the plus side, I’ve finished book four in the Legacy series, Torchlight, and I am currently running book three, Winterflame, through one last time, preparing for release early next year. So, yes, as lost as I may be sometimes, in real life, my stories never leave me. Nor do these guys.


Look at that horse… The bay one… I still can’t get over how perfect he turned out❤ No offence to Princess Marble and the others, but Apocalipse is truly the perfect horse in my eyes.


Marble just wont grow up. Her shoulder keeps looking frail and her back is impossibly vulnerable, despite the fact that she is 5 years old this year. But then again, Apocalipse looked just like her, last year, when he was 5, so I guess it isn’t abnormal. My brain is still adjusting to how frail a 5 year old horse is and how insane it seems to be riding it. I just can’t let go of that part of me that keeps saying that they should be broken in, both of them, by now and that I am somehow failing them, by not making sure they are, because what if… What if I get hit by a bus and dies and they aren’t ridden and able to compete at the age of 5? Who would want a horse like that?

And then I tell myself that I am not going to live my life, as if tomorrow is going to be my last day.  I did that with Poseidon and Apollon and it was killing me. Us. No, I am going to raise these guys as if we were going to live forever and I want their bodies to grow up and be strong and fully developed before they are asked to carry anything. I guess at some point, you have to let go of that fear of failing and just do what you think is best.


I wish I knew how to let it go. Look at that face. This is my foal. My baby. He has complete faith in me. He is so open, so trusting… How can I not be terrified of failing him?


Oh yeah, the snow went away. Now it’s warm again. So warm, in fact, that Apocalipse is getting a hint of an eye infection. He always does that when we have a warm wind blowing across the pasture in the fall. Never fails. But the new pasture is holding up much better than I had feared it would, and aside from a minor abscess in one of Marble’s hooves, their hooves has never been better. I just trimmed all of them myself, all alone, without Aston to hold them or help out for the first time, and they were amazingly well behaved, which I think is because they feel safe here. I never imagined I could stand in the middle of a pasture with Marble and trim her hooves without drama.

All my going to the gym has been paying off as well. I hardly got any bruises from trimming them this time, which is rather amazing. I am actually getting strong enough to do it without adjusting my position all the time and placing their hooves on the wrong spots on my legs. So, yeah, a few things is working out for me. I hardly dare say it, for fear of tempting fate.


We are running bloodsamples on Tardis sometime next week, I think, which is pretty interesting. I really think that the Cushings medication she has been on is working, but it will be good to see it on paper as well and to check that we have the dosage right.

I’ll be sure to update when I know more. And maybe somehow write a little on some more personal stuff at some point. Still twisting that in my head. Until then, these pictures of the misty sunrise on my pasture, will have to do. We are still here. And all in all, we are actually doing good. I just gotta wrap my head around it.


That always seems to be the problem, doesn’t it?

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Dear PokeSpoofers

Dear PokeSpoofers.

Go home. Really. No wait, that is the problem, isn’t it? You already are home, and you shouldn’t be.

What I love about Pokemon Go is that it makes me go out every day. That is the game. Walking, running, battling the neighbors, in my case I have two school’s in my back yard, along with three pokestops and four gyms. Since the game was launched, I’ve been locked in a fierce battle with Team Valor, mostly, who seem to be very organized around here. No doubt they all live at the school…

I have had tons of fun, walking 400km since the game started, hatching eggs, catching pokemon, and fighting for control of the local gyms. My friends and I even travels around once in a while, claiming gyms outside of our neighborhood. Or, we meet up for a few hours, taking a break from every day life, going around mid town, not looking at shops and things we can’t afford, (except perhaps, My Little Pony, one must never walk past a toy shop without checking the Ponies on display,) but spinning pokestops and hunting pokemons.


Pokemon Go has been amazing. It really has. I have been outside in the rain, covering my phone with one hand, trying to make the touch screen work even when its wet, I have been having fun in the freezing cold, meeting up with strangers I found online, who were my team, when I asked for help to take down Team Valor at home.

14925788_1835554413343713_8342383468676442228_n 14938107_1835554420010379_6613380681133035145_nPicture Credits L. Andersen. 

My team turns out to be very serious players and we kinda meet once a week, to tear down gyms and build them up again. This is people whose names I hardly know, whose faces I would not recognize in daylight, that I look forward to meeting up with, for a few hours, in the freezing cold and dark evenings that is November in Denmark.

screenshot_20161108-203240 screenshot_20161101-222704

What makes Pokemon Go great, is not the game itself. Let us be honest, the graphic is cute but unimpressive, the connection issues with the servers and the GPS system is glitchy to the point of the ridiculous, and the gym battles are just plain horrible.

What makes Pokemon Go amazing, is that it makes you go out, have fun with strangers, and see the world around you. This is that makes Pokemon Go so unique.


Which brings me back  to the spoofers. Why?

I mean, if you wanna sit at home on your ass, playing a single player game, why not play a good game? There is a billion fantastic games out there, with stunning graphics, battles that doesn’t kick you off the server mid battle and kills off your entire team with no fighting chance, and much better sound. Why spoof Pokemon? The ENTIRE game, is the going out, and actually getting off your ass for a change. Speaking as a gamer, (you would have never guessed, would you?) I would never bother to sit at home and play a game as glitchy as Pokemon Go. Every time the error message showed up, I’d throw the phone away, if it wasn’t because I was usually standing in a dark forest when it did, and I kinda needed the phone for light.


But playing it at home? Why?

Also, you guys might want to try and be clever about it. Just saying. We have a local Zoo nearby. Loads of gyms in there. Some you can reach from outside the Zoo, some you have to buy a ticket, because they can only be reached from the inside. Taking those gyms, in the middle of the might, is not clever. That is the dangerous thing about being a spoofer, isn’t it? You run the risk of being reported, when you do stupid stuff like that. Because even if we can’t reach the gyms, we can still see your name, the second you claim the gym.

I’ve been battling spoofers a lot lately, and it is killing the fun of the game. Even the four gyms I have at home, has been overrun by spoofers, I am guessing, because of the cold. It may not be so interesting to go out anymore, but really, find another game to play then, and leave Pokemon to those of us who still go outside every day, to paint the world in the colors of our team.

I can take battling strangers, hell, I love that. Nothing more fun than a good poke-gym-battle, making you run from gym to gym, knowing the secret passageways around the school grounds, hiding in the shadows of the night, but to stand outside on a freezing winter night, fighting someone who is sitting on his ass at home, turning a joystick, that is pissing me off.

And it is very easy to find out if you are battling spoofers. You just walk the area, and if you have circled the gym, and not found anyone at the location, within GPS reach of the gym, and it is still being torn down, you know its a cheater.

I even fought alongside one, one day. That was a little funny, I will admit. This guy accidentally attacked a gym I was taking down, and ended up fighting with me. I, of course, looked all over to find out who was helping me, and when I realized that there was no one, I waited for the person to set up a pokemon at the gym. Yes, I would have reported him or her. But that person had seen me, in the battle sequence, and never claimed the gym. I will admit, I did laugh about that for a while. There is a lot of spoofers in the area, when they accidentally attack the gyms at the same time as you.

You have to go into battle at exactly the same time, not to be kicked off by the error glitch. Whomever that was, hit “go” at the exact same second I did. What are the odds of that…

Quite big, when there are so many people cheating, I guess. Which is sad. And again, play something else, please. Leave Pokemon Go to those of us who actually wants to PLAY the game. All of the game.

And Niantic, come on. That latest update is not cool. I will admit, it was WAY too hard, tearing down a level 10 gym on your own. Impossible, actually. I agree that it had to be easier to take down gyms, but to make it harder to train them? That is killing the game as well. My team is losing interest in meeting to build up gyms, because anyone can just take them down now, and it takes us hours to build them up. How about balancing the game, rather than just making it impossible one way or another?

Seriously, you need to fix the gym battles as well. There are so many errors and glitches, it gets very hard to keep up the enthusiasm sometimes. And the spoofers just make it a little worse, because while I have to spend a day, walking between pokestops, to get potions and revives, the spoofers just jump to where ever they want and come back, all stocked up.

I am not saying that you need to make your game playable against spoofers, because of course you should not include them in your game play, but I need a fighting chance here. Please, please, please fix the gym battle glitches. And do please close down people’s accounts if they spoof. Don’t just warn them. They can go play something else. Really. Sincerely. I love this game. I am trying very hard to keep loving this game.

Help me out here.

So yes, dear PokeSpoofers. I don’t report anyone unless I’m sure. But I don’t like people who cheat and I am not above snitching. Please, cut it out.

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Wild Rose

Winter has come, way to soon

The cold has settled on the leaves

Frozen the wild rose, in its bloom

The deep red flower, once so warm

Stands white and pale now, but still beautiful

Goodbye wild rose, we could not shelter you

but I wish I could have known how

The winter came to you

Goodbye wild rose, we could not shelter you

But I wish I had cared enough

To see your life was leaving you

The summer will come, but far too late

The cold has withered away the leaves

Sun do not awaken, the rose that died in it’s bloom

No more shall the world know, what once lived here

Touched by the hand of death, but still beautiful


You know how birthdays matter more when you are kids? How you know when your friends are born, because you have to know when they turn a year older and either get to be older than you, or as old as you?

I have two birthdays, I still remember, both of them in November. One of them is the girl I usually refer to as my twin sister. The other is Janis. She would have been 32 today.

I know when my other friends are born, if I’m hard pressed I might even remember a few dates of my family members without looking it up on face book, but these two, I never forget. I am guessing it is because I learned these dates when I was a child. When it mattered. When it was important, what time of the year Janis turned 16 because of how long she would get to compete with her pony. Those kinds of things.

Now, this date, will haunt me forever. Janis never got to be 32. Or 30. Or even 25. But on this day, 32 years ago, was born one of the most wonderful persons I have ever been blessed with having in my life.

The priest asked us at the funeral, if we would have rather not known Janis, and thus escaped the pain of losing her. I still remember that, as if it was yesterday. And the answer is still no. My life would have been much emptier without her smile. Even if I only got to know that smile for a handful of years.

Happy birthday, my wild rose. –  You are beautiful, like a star. But this world has seen a thousand stars, and only one of you. 

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Cushings Update

Okay, so, Tardis was diagnosed with Cushings three weeks ago and started on medication.


With the promise of my pony growing a pink mohawk, I set about to give her a pill every day. At first, I thought I could just hand it to her in a piece of bread. But, the others instantly figured out that she got something they did not, and so did she. Which led to all the others wanting it, and Tardis thinking that there was something fishy going on, and refusing to eat it.

So I ended up cutting an apple in 5 pieces, handing all of them a piece every day, Tarids getting the sneaky piece with the meds in it. Luckily, not singling her out, made her much less suspicious, and the others much less cheated, so everypony is now happy and Tardis gets her meds without drama.

Let me start by saying that I was warned about side effects of these meds, the most common being loss of appetite, and depression. Tardis has, so far, not displayed any such side effects. Rather the opposite. She is much less aggressive towards Marble these days, she has a lot more patience with Apocalipse and she is even less afraid of Saleem. All in all, she seems, mentally, to be in a much better place. As for her body, I swear she looks much better. Here is what she looked like the day she started on the meds.


Big sloppy belly, that never went away after she had Ablaze. This is a 7 year old mare who has had one foal, three years ago. She should not look like this. The fat deposit on her neck is tense as well.

And she has a huge edema underneath the belly, including the udder that never quite went away, even after she stopped lactating.


It’s not that easy to get pictures off, but you guys see it, right?


Anyway, this was three weeks ago.

The picture below is two weeks ago, and already I felt that she was showing improvement.


Yes, the neckline is still huge and tense, but the belly was shrinking. The edema was still there was well.


Now here she is, three weeks later. I realize that most of you might not see a huge difference, but to me, this is everything.


Her belly hasn’t been this tight since before she got pregnant. And even if there is still fat on her neckline, it is now much softer and not as tense.


The edema is still there, but the vets did warn me that it wouldn’t go away quickly. It has, however, gotten much smaller and like the neckline, much softer.


All in all, I am happy dancing watching her progress. Three weeks from now, we are doing a back up blood test to make sure she the meds are working and that she is getting the right dosage, but so far, I have to say, we are very optimistic.


No pink mohawk just yet, though. That is slightly disappointing, but I guess you can’t have it all.

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Be Kind

This blog has been quiet lately. I’ve been pretty silent about the American election. I know, so unlike me. I usually always have some snotty opinion on everything, right?

Truth be told, I don’t know what to say. Once Sanders was screwed over by his party, the election became a choice between one candidate that was just a little worse than the other. I have no idea what I would have done, if I had been an American.

I mean, I couldn’t possibly have voted for Trump, simply because I am a bi sexual female and that would have been shooting my own foot off. But Hillary? She is so pro-war, I would have had a very hard time supporting her as well.

I actually admire her. I hope that when I grow older, I’ll do it with the same dignified grace. But that is not enough to support the war machine she is representing.

When I first started voting, at home in Denmark, I would vote for the smallest left wing party and people would tell me that I was a moron, because I was throwing my vote away. Now, that party has more than doubled its numbers and has a lot of mandates in our parliament.

If I had to vote in the American election, I’d have probably considered voting for Hillary, to make Misha Collins happy. Who doesn’t want to make him happy? And then I’d have shrugged it off and decided that it was not a good enough reason to vote for a president to make some actor who’d never know what I voted, happy.

Which would have led me to a third party. Any third party.

Really, I don’t envy the Americans this choice. And as much as I hate that Trump won, I would have hated it almost as much to see Clinton win, but for different reasons.

I’ve spoken to a few of my American friends about this, both before and afterwards. Some was scared to speak their minds, some was pretty optimistic about that whom ever got elected would do a good job in the end. Some were deeply ashamed that Trump won.

Denmark is the last country to point fingers, though. We have a very discriminating, sexist, immigrant hating government. As much as we love to shake our heads at America, let us not forget who gave the power of our country to Dansk Folkeparti. The voters.

A party is only a party as long as people support them. A president is just one man. Trump won the election, because millions of people voted for him. That is what is scary. He, is not. He is just a sales man, who knows what to say to play on people’s fears, their hate and their insecurities. Those who follow him, they are the scary part.

If no one had followed Hitler, he would have been just one man. He did not run the concentration camps. His followers did. Those who believed in him.

That is what is scaring me the most about this. The voters. Those who are willing to let hate and fear rule their lives, at the expense of others.

And I know, some just voted for him because they did not want a female president. I am astounded that in 2016, gender is still an issue. But I guess I shouldn’t be.

Let’s hope someday, history will teach the future generations something useful so that this mess may be good for something.

Until then, I’ll go with Misha. Be kind. The only way to change things is to be kind. Tolerant. Open minded. Let us not fear the future, or those who are not like us.

I’ll leave the political scene with My Little Pony. Yes, you read that right. But this is how easily friends turn on friends, when faced with a culture they don’t understand. Let’s not do that.

And I’m not letting the #MishaForPresident die. One can always dream, right? There should be more Misha’s and Fluttershy’s in this world.

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