Tardis And The Boys

In a kind of spur of the moment thing, the boyfriend jumped up on Tardis’ back yesterday. Ever since the kids got a hold of his helmet, and we haven’t bought him a new one, I have not been too big a fan of him riding, especially not Tarids, since she is hardly broken in yet. But like he keeps telling me, he has fallen off Saleem a lot, nearly every time he has ridden him, so just because I feel that Saleem is safer, doesn’t make it true. He feels safer around Tardis. She is not as touchy as Saleem, you don’t accidentally set her off, by touching her in the wrong place, at the wrong time.


Our friend J was with us yesterday, getting a crash course in how to take care of my horses on Saturday, when I will be at an X Wing tournament in Germany all day, and he instantly picked up on how the boyfriend may need a bit of manoeuvring help. Or, how I needed him to walk beside Tardis, because I feel much safer on my boyfriend’s behalf, when they are not alone.

The thing is, on my pasture, you are never alone. Marble is instantly beside you, whenever you try and ride one of your horses. She just can’t wait until it is her turn… Tarids is not a huge fan of Marble though, and I have had some problems with that, because half of the time, Tardis chooses to hunt Marble, rather than follow my directions, when we ride.


I know, we could just wear a bridle. But Tardis hates the bit, I get such an angry response from her, whenever I touch the rein, I kind of decided that I would have to do better with this girl. We will figure out how to ride her, without that bridle.


So, what I am saying is, that I am really proud of the both of them. (Okay, J, all three of you.) Tardis did not go Marble – hunting, the boyfriend was right, she probably is much safer for him than Saleem is, and Marble even lost interest in them after a while, allowing Tardis to focus on her rider.


Of course, Tardis is a special kind of horse. She easily understands all the signals, like turn, stop, forward and such, and when she feels like it, she is the most easy to ride youngster, I have ever worked with. When she doesn’t though, she just doesn’t.


I am not entirely sure how to handle that yet. I mean, Saleem gives me everything I ask for, and should he do something I did not ask for, I can be sure it is because he simply did not understand me, which leads to me, having to explain myself better.

Tardis, simply deciding once in a while, to not do as I ask, is a bit of a challenge. What I need to figure out about her, is how to motivate her at all times, so that she wants to keep working with me.


Oh, and the tail… I had her tested again, and she as a skin infection- surprise- which should go away by antibiotic, only clearly it did not. Got to love it when your vet calls you up and says, “okay, here are the lab results. We can totally get this, by treating her with this kind of antibiotic…” and all I can say is, been there, done that, did not work, next solution, please?

Luckily my vet is rather resourceful, and she had a surgical shampoo shipped to me, so now we are washing tails all over the place, trying to save what is left of it, and kill that bloody skin infection that just won’t die… Just in case anyone were wondering, about how thin her tail is. I know. I am fighting it. Only so far, I am losing…

But well, I have faith in this shampoo, for now. Fingers crossed.


Awesome pony though. Got to love her gentle, yet very none-submissive mind.

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I have to show off my perfect little superstar. Ablaze is such a fantastic young man, and he is truly beginning to understand the whole, “my space, your space,” idea. Which is kind of important when you play with a two year old, with no rope or restraints. You have to be able to trust that he won’t take you down if he gets over excited.


It is hot in Denmark these days. As in, so hot the horses show up and ask to be washed down when we fill up their water barrels. And once they are wet, they always want to play, because the cold water cools them down. So, here he is, my Ablazing Legacy.


Don’t mind the Pepsi. I just like to have something in my hand when I play with him, something to draw his attention, if he does start to invade my space.


That is why I am usually holding out my arm as well, pointing to where he can be when we run. He follows my hand, (or the Pepsi,) not my body, which makes the whole thing much more safe for me. He has had a rather violent history in the past, of rearing up against my boyfriend a lot and threatening him. Which is why I have been working “safe space pointers” into our games.




Having it work though, like this, is amazing.



Truly, if I never ride a horse again, I couldn’t care less, as long as I can play with my horses this way. This is what true friendship is for me. Trust, raw power, fun and games, mutual respect… I am not the boss of Ablaze, I don’t tell him what to do, but when I ask that he follows my hand, he does so, because he wants to. This is the kind of relationship I want with all of them.


A day like this, with Ablaze, is going to make my heart sing for weeks. I am just so proud of him.


He even played with our friend J, without getting too violent. Usually Ablaze responds badly to men, but he respected J very well.






And here is where I stand back and realize that this horse may be a hysterical little bastard, who the vet can’t touch, and he may be prone to attacking my boyfriend, pushing the limits at all times, but he is truly the most well trained horse I have ever had. He has this huge temper, and for him to contain it like this, and respect humans, while playing, that is truly amazing. If I ever doubted the way I was raising him, with as little aids as possible, (no halters, no ropes, no equipment, if I can help it,) as untraditional as I know how, I no longer do. He is shaping up, just as I had hoped he would, despite, or perhaps because of, his enormous temper.


So as a proud horse-mother, let me repeat myself. My perfect little superstar.


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Killing Off Your Darlings

I have not been writing for a while now. I have been spending the last 20 days watching 9 seasons of Supernatural, finding it a very good excuse to not pick up my books. Before that, we were busy training for all our X-Wing tournaments, and by all means, I still should be, with the first one coming up this Saturday.

I have to be honest though, I have put off my writing all year so far, using one lousy excuse after another. The thing about me, is that I don’t get writers block. When I take time off from my books, it is not because I can’t write, or because I don’t know what is going to happen and needs time to think it over. I always know. Sometimes, I just don’t want to write it down.

It is a strange feeling, being a writer. Right now, I feel like I am watching an accident happen in slow motion, like I am letting it happen, and I know that as a writer, I have the power to stop it, but I won’t.

You see, I have this character, I really adore. And he has to go. Irreversibly. He has to be written out with no chance of coming back. He has to die, for the story to move along as planned. I kind of always knew that I couldn’t save this guy in the end, but I think that now when I am nearing his demise, I am putting it off. I even found myself wondering what would happen if I just let him live…

I know, I am going soft and that won’t do. I won’t swoop in and save him. I will let the story unfold as it should. And I will do so, kicking and screaming.

I picked up my book again yesterday, and wrote a few pages on it, before I threw it away and played X-Wing with my boyfriend instead… I don’t usually feel like this, when I am killing off characters. Somehow, I set up this perfect trap for myself, this perfect chance for happiness for a character I have, granted, been very mean to in the past, and I am going to take it away again, by killing off this guy. Welcome to my head, where no one gets to be happy for long.

Sometimes it would be nice, to not be a writer. Once you start hiding from your own work, you have to wonder if you are truly too evil?

So, no more hiding. This is book three in my (yet unreleased) Sci-fi series, and I am not going to stop writing it now. Although I am clearly not beyond putting it off, and any excuse will do.

Like now, writing on my blog instead. Or going to my stable when I am done here… And I think I have a few My Little Ponies that needs restoring tonight… I mean, this girl needs a new tail, for instance…

IMG_8039 - Copy

I am a master at never being bored, and jumping through hoops to avoid things I don’t want to do. Like killing off my darlings…

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Supernatural, Season 9, Series


Look. I don’t know when it started bothering me, but at some point, it did. Look. It was kinda cute when Sam used to say “look” whenever he was trying to explain something difficult, or to speak about his emotions and so forth. It made him feel a little, I don’t know, challenged, and that was okay. It’s Sam. I am guessing it is a good thing he didn’t become a lawyer after all…

At some point though, everybody in this series started saying it. Demons, angels, random people in the street… It became the opening word of almost any sentence and that does bother me. That makes the series sound like it is just one guy speaking, (Sam of all people,) and like the script writer has a very limited vocabulary.

So, season nine…. Look. There will be spoilers.

I got to say, I adore most of this season. It has a rather ironic edge to it, most of the episodes are more funny than serious, or at least they have a lot of amusing scenes.

I will add that I am beginning to hate myself, just a little, for falling for this whole thing, once again. Every season does it. Find a way to split up Sam and Dean. I watched this entire season, first watching Sam possibly dying, possessed by some angel who may or may not heal him, and then, Sam recovering, and being a bitch about it towards Dean.

In all fairness, I like it that he doesn’t just forgive Dean for the choice he made on his behalf. Still, I get soaked in so easily. Poor Dean. Please forgive him? Please be brothers again? He only did it because he loves you, even if he would never say that… I mean, come on… That kind of devotion has to be at least a little flattering?

I am not sure why it keeps getting to me. I mean, this is season nine, and splitting them up, making them fight, nearly (or actually) killing one of them, has happened in practically every season. Why do I still care? Ordinarily I would find that kind of story telling repetitive and uninspired. And maybe I do, or at least some part of me do, but still… I cannot turn off the DVD, when Sam and Dean are fighting. Must watch just one more episode, and hope they make up then…

Look. I know. I am so easy.

Actually, I was talking to the boyfriend about what makes a story great, since we are kind of planning on making our own series at some point, and we are so different, he and I. He was kind of surprised by how I was affected by Supernatural, and especially by the “mundane and simple” storyline, of Sam and Dean. He is a grand scheme kind of guy, with an insane eye for detail, but I guess that there are a few things he doesn’t see. Like the relationship between Sam and Dean, and how it is actually what makes this series special.

Special to me. Boring and repetitive to him. Filled up with a lot of scenes that could have been left out, you know…

Which is where my head explodes, because I watch it for those scenes, he would leave out…

And now, I am out of seasons. Well, that sucks. I wish I was living in a country that would air Supernatural on TV, but as it is, I guess I’ll have to wait for it to be released on DVD. Until then, I’ll have to dodge spoilers… That is going to be interesting.

Truth be told, I did come across one rather big spoiler, on face book, right when I started watching the show, saying something like, “if John was alive, he would kill his own son. Dean would probably want him to.” Oh, thanks. So yes, I watched the entire 9 seasons, waiting for something irreversible to happen to Dean. Something that would make his father want to kill him…

Truth be told, nothing is irreversible in Supernatural. I am guessing that turning Dean into a demon is what that annoying post referred to, but here is where my writer instincts kick in instantly. They know how to cure a demon, make it human again. What is the big deal? Really?

Don’t tell me. This series loses its charm, if you know what is going to happen.

To be honest, I would have hated it if they had ended the season finale, by Dean dying. I mean, sure, he has done that before, and I would have assumed that they would have found a way to bring him back for the next season, but I would have worried that Sam would just walk away again, like he did when Dean was in purgatory. That Sam would not fight for him. Because that, more than anything, is horrible. Dean dying, or becoming a demon, well… As long as they love each other… And again, they can fix it. This whole season, and the previous one, was based on how to cure a demon. So having Dean wake up, as a demon, kind of feels like a gift. No one had to sell their soul to bring him back… But Sam might have tried. Wuhu, that is all I need to know. Sam was going to fight for his brother, at long last. Nothing else matters.

Wow, it’s a good thing I don’t write books, the way I watch series. Much. I really am beginning to annoy myself, by falling for this again.

Anyhow, I will be waiting for season 10, and not because I am dying to know what happens, because I am guessing that Dean runs off with the king of hell, Sam might try and find him, or I don’t know, Sam might be a bitch about Dean, being a demon and all, and Dean… best guess, he is going to keep being haunted by his past, demon or not, he is going to keep some sort of humanity, because how could he not? Would the script writers dare, make him uncaring?

I am usually all for those kinds of things. You know, character development… Not taking back the evil you let happen to the characters… And yes, I loved soulless Sam, as long as he lasted, but only because I knew it would not last. Like I said, nothing in Supernatural is irreversible. I am sure I would love demon Dean as well… As long as they fix him in the end, and bring him back to Sam…

Look. I’ll stop now. We get it. Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam… I am such a girl. That won’t do. Time to move on with my life. Especially since I am out of seasons…

So, should you watch them? Depends. If you like a good ghost story, the first seasons are kind of cute. All of the seasons are way too bloody, (really, no need for showing that much blood,) you get REALLY tired of the torture porn, in every bloody episode, and how it always works, and somewhere along the line, you have to accept that not only is there a hell, but there is a Christian heaven too, in this series. I am not too big a fan of the whole religion part, but the way this series handles it, are for the most part, acceptable.

It is a bit strange, being born in Denmark sometimes. The episode with the lycans, and their Ragnarok, had me amused, mostly because neither Sam, nor Dean, knew what Ragnarok means. I grew up with Norse mythology, and watching them Google it, had me thinking, well, are they really slow? And then I realized that maybe they were not. Maybe the most of the world does not know the Danish word for the Apocalypse. And maybe they don’t know the stories… About the Fenris wolf, for instance.

Having grown up the way I have, that was a rather new way of thinking to me. I mean, who doesn’t know Fenris? In Denmark, we have comic books about  it, our children read about him when they learn to read… And Sam and Dean are hunting supernatural stuff and they never heard of him?

Of course they haven’t. It’s a different culture. Mostly, the western world seems the same, but truth is, we are not. How we grew up, the stories we were told as kids, they shape you as a person. But, I am getting off topic here.

What I am trying to say, is that Supernatural is a good series. It is not great, because it is very repetitive, and almost any problem comes with a solution that undoes all the bad stuff that has happened previously. It does manage to walk the knife edge that is called religion, without alienating sceptics like me, and it manages to have some great characters. The king of hell included. He really grew on me in this series…

Oh, and Sam is not that buff anymore. Lets be honest, it wasn’t good, as big as he was at one point. He looked out of place in a suit, for instance, which is kind bad when you pose as FBI agents half of the time. And it had me snickering to see how he couldn’t have his hands tied behind his back, without raising his shoulders, because his arms were so big. I mean, muscle isn’t a bad thing, but once it starts affecting your body language, it gets to me in a very negative way. So thumbs up for that. It is very nice to have cute -Sam back…

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Girls Night Out

My friend got herself invited to a rap concert, or should I say, a “private” party for a select few, hosted by a Danish rapper… And for some reason, she decided that I should go with her. Of course, I did my usual kicking and screaming, using most of my very valid excuses; I don’t like rap, I don’t like most Danish music, and I find Danish rap to be mostly pathetic, embarrassing, childish, horrible… I mean, so not my scene at all.

But then I realized that this girl may be one of the people in my life I speak to the most, (over the phone or via face book,) despite the fact that we live in opposite ends of the country and never see each other. In fact, it’s been nearly three years, since we were last together. Who am I to say no, to spending a whole night with her for once, rap or no rap?

So, I stopped kicking and screaming, and went with her, as her “plus one.”

First off, the train ride is kind of long, across country for the both of us. Mostly for her. She had been on the train for hours, before I boarded. And I brought my camera, totally loving the opportunity to take pictures of anything not involving horses for once.

As in the train, flying across the bridge, or myself, ghosting in the reflection in the window…



The first thing we saw, upon arriving at the capitol, was police cars everywhere. Now she lives in the country side, but I don’t. I actually live in a rather large city myself, but we don’t have police like that, everywhere. Welcome to the capitol… Silly looking cars too…


The night café was, to be honest, horrible. I mean, really horrible. Small rooms, by far too many people for the air in the rooms, and the bathrooms… I have seen my fair share of filthy bathrooms, but this one takes the cake… Wow, that was disgusting.

Still, we made the best of it, and had fun taking pictures of ourselves in the mirror… That’s what creative people do, we see opportunities in everything.


The dance floor was pretty cool too. The lighting in general.



The private concert was better than I had dared hope for, to be honest. I still don’t like Danish rap, but this guy had some funny moments and he does get points for that. Aside from that, the sound was lousy, they didn’t use the microphones well, holding them way too close to their mouths, and in a small room, packed with about 50 people too many, the sound that gets thrown around when you abuse your mic, is just not cool. I did like the idea though, of inviting people to a show like this, playing ones music this close to the audience. It did make a sharp contrast to how everybody outside was being frisked before entering the café.

Honestly, I have never experienced that before either. Bars that has bouncers, yes, but not bouncers that search people for knives and stuff, before they are allowed to enter… Again, welcome to the bloody capitol…

I did notice though, that the bouncer tended to search people who came wearing huge jackets and carrying bags, more than those who came wearing a light, tight jacket and a small skirt. The latter, he just ushered through. I can’t help but find that funny, because honest, if I was trying to smuggle a knife into a place, knowing I would be searched, I would be wearing as little clothes as possible. I would not be hiding it in a huge jacket or in my hand bag, I mean, that looks suspicious. No, I would make sure to look exactly like those girls did, that he let in without searching them. Like I couldn’t possibly have a knife up my sleeve, or down my boot…

I know, I can’t help it. My mind always has to work out every possible scenario, when given the opportunity. I would never, ever try and smuggle knives anywhere, but seeing the bouncer skip some people with his search, I instantly start figuring out how to cheat the system, just because… Clearly, it can be done, if one wants to.

Another thing about this trip, that had us amused, was the fact that I was wearing a pink wig. Why? Well, I cut off my hair, (more like shaved it off,) last year, and it is slowly growing back, but it is not very long yet. I kind of like it short, although it does make me look rather masculine, like a butch lesbian. (No offence.) And I kind of don’t mind that either, most of the time, I never considered myself a very feminine kind of girl, but… I don’t know. While I was drawing on a light eyeliner before leaving for the train, while busy watching Supernatural, because makeup never interested me enough for me to focus on it while I was doing it, I thought that well, eyeliner and this short hair, that just doesn’t work. So, I picked up a wig and ran out the door.

Truth be told, I always wear my hair in strange colours, and I always feel most comfortable with my hair being a bright pink or a brilliant blue. I wasn’t made for ordinary hair colours. So, wearing a pink wig, is not something special to me at all. Having strange hair is sort of part of my personality.

However, people in the capitol, doesn’t see it that much, clearly. I don’t think I can count on two hands, (I know, I can’t,) how many people approached us, asking if it was real, if it was my natural hair, (sure, I was born pink, you dumb nut,) and in general feeling that when you wear pink hair, you must be willing and wanting to talk to strangers all night.

I get how it may seem like I am an outgoing and open kind of person, when I clearly doesn’t mind looking different and standing out, but that could not be further from the truth. I don’t like talking to strangers, and I am always surprised when someone feels entitled to walk up to me and talk to me, just because they find a small part of my appearance interesting.

Like, one really drunk girl, asked if she could try the wig on. I had to muster up all my self-restraint there, to not tell her to go fuck herself. Of course you can’t, are you an idiot?

A billion guys wanted to know where we lived, and if they could have their phone numbers, all of them starting the conversation with, “is that your real hair?” I mean, are you kidding me? Most of them were like ten years younger than us. Go home, kid, you are drunk. Ask your mom to teach you some manners, then we’ll talk. Like, never…

I know, I am bitching about it, but all in all, we did have a very long wait at the train station, and we did mostly have fun with all the strange people who talked to us.

Only once did we get chatted up by a guy who did not go away when I told him straight up that I did not want to talk to him and I would like for him to leave us alone. Luckily, there are so many guards at the station in the capitol, that when he wouldn’t leave, we left ourselves, for the nearest coffee shop, who had a guard hanging out, looking bored. We didn’t even have to talk to the guard, the creepy guy got the idea, at long last, and made himself disappear.

It felt a little funny. I have never used a guard like that before. I always handled idiots myself. If felt almost too easy. But well, it was fast approaching six am and we were getting tired, meaning that patience was running rather low.

We did have a great night though. Even if we were rather beat on the train ride home, and when I arrived in my city, the train came in 5 minutes after the bus had left, and there wasn’t another bus until an hour later, which meant that I could either sit at my station and wait in the cold morning air, for a bloody hour, or I could walk home.

Yes, I can walk home from my station in an hour. So I walked. I won’t lie, it’s been a long day today. Coming home at nine in the morning, having to dog sit my mom’s dog three hours later, and the rest of the day, until I had to go to the stable, I haven’t slept much. Usually I would not have done any of this, but I have to say, it was great seeing my friend again, and that made it worth it all. Spending half a day with her. We should do that more.

We did manage to take some stupid pictures in a  photo booth, while being bored, and I have my picture of us hanging on my mirror now, making me giggle every time I look at it. I guess that when you don’t do something much, it matters that much more, when you finally do see each other.

Oh, and there was a model train at the station, complete with landscape and stuff. I think we walked by it ten times before we noticed it. Pretty cool though.




And now, I should go to sleep. But, still missing half a season Supernatural. Sleeping is over rated anyway. Love the picture of the model truck. It looks so real. Like something taken out of a story…

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I have decided to sign up for no less than three X Wing tournaments over the next four weeks, two of them in Germany. Yeah, bet you didn’t see that coming… I am not sure, I did. I never do stuff like that, for one simple reason. Who is going to take care of my horses if I am gone all day? Or all weekend?

But now, I decided, that I do know some cool people and that it should be possible to have the horses looked after without incident. When I have a horse like Marble, and to some extent, Ablaze, who can be rather in-your-face, I am very careful about who I let onto my pasture. I never want to come home and find that they may have hurt someone, or that they have been hurt by someone.

I know, Marble can be downright dangerous, but I don’t want anyone shouting at her, or hitting her or in anyway, responding to her behaviour, unless it is absolutely necessary. I don’t want the situation and her temper to escalate. Finding someone to look after your horses, who won’t shout at her, or hit her, is actually very hard. Horse people tend to hit first and ask later, and think that the horse had it coming, for threatening them.

Still, like I said, I do have some awesome people in my life, and I actually trust that they can handle feeding my horses for me, without starting a fight with Marble, or Ablaze. So, I took a chance and signed up for changing my life, and finally letting go a little of those horses who has been running my life since 1994 when I got my first horse.

And then my vet called me this morning, with the results of our parasite tests. All things considered, the results were exactly as I had thought they would be, right down to Ablaze, having his belly full of sand. I am not surprised. He has had a period over the last few months, where he has been drinking from mud puddles, rather than the water barrels, driving me insane, trying to figure out why… Luckily he has stopped doing that by now, and is back to drinking clean water, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has been eating a lot of dirt, and that dirt in the digestive system is fatal to horses, so I set in with psyllium and here is my next problem.

Whereas my horses are usually fed once a day, (vitamins, minerals and protein,) and drowned in hay so they have something to eat at all hours of the day and night, Ablaze now has to be fed twice a day for the next month, and add to that, he doesn’t like psyllium much.

So, my evil plans for having my friends look after the horses, kind of derailed there, because I can’t ask anyone to feed them twice a day, especially not when only Ablaze has to be fed the one time. The others are fat, there is no way I am feeding them twice a day for the next month…

I don’t have a stall, individual feeding is not that easy in a herd and no matter how well behaved my horses are, and how much I can easily swing it when it comes to feeding the foal and not the others, I don’t dare ask that of anyone.

I know, it’s a day, maybe two, out of a month, where he won’t get that psyllium. It won’t kill him. In fact, I doubt it will make a difference at all. Still… What kind of a lousy horse owner am I, if I chose to go to Germany, to play X Wing, rather than stay at home and feed my baby myself?

I am really not looking for a way out here, I want to go, but Ablaze is my responsibility.

Sometimes I wish I could be like most horse owners I know. Able to just leave things like this, up to others, and count on the horse not dying if something does wrong.

Thing is though, I knew a two year old once, who died from having eaten ten kg sand… He went through surgery and died on the table, the vets shovelling sand from his intestines. Scary stories like those ones, makes you kind of freak out when your vet calls and says that yes, you were right in testing him, he has been eating sand…

So here I am, wishing I could be different, and wondering how I am going to swing this. Alternatively, I get up at 2 am and feed that horse, before I go to the tournaments, and I go back out there and feed him when we come home by midnight… Or, maybe I try and trust others, for a change?

Or, I cancel. Stay home and do what I have been doing for 21 years. Live up to my responsibility and take care of my horses.

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Space Cat And Red Horses

With the horses recovering from their vaccinations, (so far, only Apocalipse getting sick from it,) and since I am fresh out of Supernatural seasons to watch, I returned to the game board today. I know, way over due, with three tournaments coming up and all, but well… Who needs practice anyway?

Shy surely doesn’t… Here she is, owning space… Sorry for the lousy picture quality.

unnamed (96)

Here she is, playing mouse with the agility dice…

unnamed (98)

And getting bored with the dice…

unnamed (97)

And hugging Dash Rendar instead! Got to love that cat… especially when one is not playing rebels…

unnamed (99)

So yeah, it isn’t always easy to train around here. But she is so cute, it doesn’t matter. I was losing that game anyway…

Diversion cat. I wish it was legal to bring her to tournaments…

Anyway, here are my sleepy, newly vaccinated kiddos. Ablaze and Marble.

unnamed (95)

Ablaze, Saleem and Marble.

unnamed (102)

And of course, Apocalipse, Ablaze and Marble, loving the tree they have. When you feel sick and don’t really want to eat hay, gnawing on a tree root is, apparently, awesome.

unnamed (101)

It never fails though. I always have one, that gets sick from the vaccinations. Apocalipse had a very high fever yesterday and was totally miserable. I have been wondering about that, though.

In my time, I have had four horses that got a fever from the vaccinations when they were young. Poseidon was my first, and Apollon the next. Since they were brothers, I kind of always figured that they shared a lousy immune system somehow, but then Saleem got sick from being vaccinated as well, and he has no relation to them at all. So, what do they have in common?

Apollon and Poseidon were very sensitive, very easily stressed, and one could argue that so is Saleem, and that may strain the immune system somewhat, but enough to give them a fever? I mean, ordinary horses doesn’t get sick at all. Most people tend to ride their horses the same day as they are given their vaccinations, completely oblivious to how the horse may be having side effects from the vaccinations. So why did I have four horses that got really sick and required treatment?

Poseidon and Apollon both out grew it. In between 3 years old and 7-8 years old, they got sick from the vaccinations, every time. Saleem got sick the first time when he was 3 and he did not get a fever for the first time last year, when he turned 7.

The one thing those three have in common is their colour. They are all red.

Coincidence? Maybe. Since Apocalipse seems to be suffering from exactly the same now one would think so, because he is not red. Or is he?

Apocalipse is turning 5 this year. The last two years, as he was 3 and 4, he has got very sick from the vaccinations, just like the others used to. Apocalipse is brown, but he is Saleem’s son, and Saleem… is homozygote red. Which means that no matter if Apocalipse is brown, he has the red genetic make up from his father, even if it doesn’t show. Saleem can only have passed on the red colour to Apocalipse. Clearly, Apocalipse’s mother passed on her brown, and brown beats red, making Apocalipse brown, but he has the red genes all the same.

So here is where I start to get curious, after all. Tardis and Marble is completely unaffected by the vaccinations, and so far, so is Ablaze, but he is young still and none of the others got sick when they were two years old. Tardis and Marble are, to the best of my knowledge, not red, hidden or not. Ablaze though, may be.

If he gets sick from the vaccinations, next year, I am going to assume that he is half red and that somehow red horses are just more prone to, I don’t know, sport a fever when vaccinated. Sounds insane, I know. But I can’t help but wonder. Mostly because it is killing me to have a happy and healthy horse, and vaccinate it, and make it sick. I feel so sorry for them, every time.

Hopefully Apocalipse will outgrow it, just like the others did. Until then, I’ll just have to get him through it, because I dare not, not vaccinate him.

I guess it is better to be sick for a few days, that to die from Tetanus, for instance. If you ask Apocalipse, he is not so sure, but that is my story, and I am sticking to it.

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