Alpha and Omega, the Supernatural Season 11 Finale, described in cat pictures, which is very true to the SPN fandom… Okay here we go.

“Carry on my Wayward Son is playing.” This is going to be heartbreaking. Traumatizing. Oh, Chuck, why am I doing this to myself?


Wait, a soul bomb? How is that clever? And make up your minds, please, if it is going to work or not, before you agree to sacrifice thousands of souls, including Dean. And, why is Sam not arguing? Or Cas? I mean, they let the Darkness out of her prison, knowing full well that they were doing it, not caring, because they wanted to save Dean from the mark of Cain. Sacrificing him now, without argument or objection, doesn’t that kind of make the entire season 11 … pointless? Like, it could have been not written at all? They could have just left Dean with the mark then, if they didn’t care about killing him after all?

Oh, and I thought there was no coming back from the veil. That has kinda been the threat this entire season, hasn’t it?

Also, I am not sure how Sam and Dean collecting a few thousand souls made a difference. It sure burned minutes of screen time, and could have been left out easily.

What did I miss?


Points to Crowley and Rowena though. They were awesome. And the scene with Rowena and Chuck was brilliant. “Kids.” Poor Crowley.


Okay, how many times has Dean been drunk-driving in this season? How is that acceptable in any way? Just wondering…

And why was Cas with him? And why did that scene have to be in a car? They didn’t even get to bring home beer, which was what they went driving to get. That scene could have just as well been in a corner of the bunker. It was hurried and shallow enough for that too.

I mean, by usual SPN standards, this would have been a horrible moment, where Dean would have been upset with Cas for saying yes to Lucifer, and Cas would have had to explain why he did it. Dean would have been hurt badly, to hear Cas say that he thought he was expendable, you know, that Sam and Dean did not need him. Loads of emotional trauma and tears, especially for the viewer.

This scene though, not so much. Dean knew just what to say, it was almost like he read the script. “You do help. You are family. You are our brother.” Oh, wow, just what he should have told Cas a billion seasons ago, but he chose to understand it now? Why? How? That made it feel like Dean already knew Cas felt that way, and kinda did not care. He might as well have said, “Glad you are back. Sorry you felt useless. Moving on.”


*Side note. Bro-zoning Cas to kill Destiel will never work with this fandom. First off, most of us don’t care about the whole “brother” thing, *cough* Wincest *cough* and second, I am already seeing people read it as the greatest declaration of love Dean knows how to give. So…


Alright, back to the cat. This was too easy. I apologize.

Let’s jump to another ship. Dean/Amara.

It just… went nowhere? An entire season of Amara telling Dean that they were connected, that they shared a bond, and Dean fighting it, and it just… went away?
I always liked the idea of that story line, to be honest. For once, it was a way to hurt Dean without killing Sam, or Cas, or himself. It was a perfect way to create friction between Sam and Dean as well, not to mention the personal issues for Dean. As cruel and non con as it was, it was new, and something Dean could not fight by pointing a gun at it.

Watching the last few episodes, I got a strong impression that the writers/ show runners/ producers/ whatever, had realized that the fans HATED it and.. went back on it?

Imagine that. Imagine if Sam had not said yes to Lucifer in the end of season 5, because the fans did not want it… that is hardly a way to write a story, is it?
And I am being unfair. I have no idea that this is what happened. But it sure felt that way.


The new girl. Let’s talk about the new girl. I forget her name. Let’s call her London, ’cause that’s where she was from.

She was introduced in a sensitive story line, and came in swinging, like a cow on ice. No offence. Everyone hates her already. She never had a chance. Which may or may not be a shame, depending on what the plans are for her character.

But, introducing her in the season FINALE, letting her have SO much screen time, without ANY impact to the story line, that is pretty unacceptable.

Her parts completely defused the intensity and the drama of the story. One moment we were all epic, wrapping up GOD and his SISTER, sacrificing Dean again, and the next, we were in England, drinking tea with some girl we did not know and did not care to know at that particular moment, AT ALL.

Already, the fans are crossing their fingers that she will be a love interest of Sam’s… That ought to kill her off quickly…


Last but not least, the cliffhanger. The build up to season 12.

Well. Mostly it felt like the writers had thought they were ending the show, and all of a sudden they were like, “Crap, we got pick up for season 12! Quick, someone point a gun at Sam and… I don’t know! *panic!* Bring back Mary!”

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I despise happy endings, I am glad that nobody died this time. I am even happy enough that Chuck and Amara got to find each other and go away together. Rainbows and unicorns all around. Okay. I can support that, I really can.

But come on, shooting Sam? As a cliffhanger?

Lemme see… Last time Sam got shot, which isn’t that long ago, he nearly bleed to death, and still managed to get out of the woods by himself, drive the car to the city, without bleeding all over the seats, kill two werewolves and save Dean’s ass. Oh, we are sooooo worried now….


But Dean, little Dean, who is almost 40, needs his mother, most of all? Really?

What about… Adam? We are not saving him? Dean doesn’t feel bad about him? I mean, little brother, still in hell guys…?

His mother?

He can’t have a boyfriend, but he can need his mother? Uhm… I’m just not following that at all…

I mean, sure, Dean always missed his mom. That is kind of the whole premises for the show. If Mary had not burned when they were kids, they would have not grown up to be hunters. There would have been no show, if she had not died.

Some of the most heartbreaking moments of the seasons has been when Dean has met her, either in heaven or when they have traveled back in time. It has been beautiful. And there has been nothing he could do to save her, because that would have rewritten their lives and erased every episode. They even made that very clear, in that one episode with the djinn.

So, aside from sacrificing Dean and making this whole season redundant, they are now… Bringing back Mary, making the entire 11 seasons redundant? Oh, yes. That is a cliffhanger. One of those I will fear all summer. This could destroy the show, even more than the last three episodes already has.


I love this show. I love the characters. I am so sorry that it is so not working for me. I have been miserable all day, almost physically in pain, because I hate to see something as beautiful as SPN, fall apart like this. For me, the character assassination Sam went through in the last three episodes, is killing this show more than anything else.

I love Castiel, I totally ship Destiel, but if Sam is not fighting for Dean, there is no show. This is Sam and Deans show. That is why I am watching it. That is what was so brilliant about it. I need them to never be ready, willing and able to give up each others lives. I need them to fight, like they used to. For each other, first of all.


Oh, and for season 12, please don’t forget the Samulet. Even if God is gone again, Sam still had it in his pocket, after Chuck knows how many seasons. Don’t let it disappear. Bringing it back was huge. Let it be huge. Don’t let it fade. Don’t let Sam fade. Please.

Yeah, I’m still looking forward to season 12, with new writers and new show runners… No offence to the old ones, I was as heartbroken as the next guy to see Robbie leave. His last episode rocked, by the way…

But maybe it is time for a change. New eyes. Something. Anything.

Anything that will make sense again, because this season has so many inconsistencies, contradictions and story lines that just faded to nothing, so many schizophrenic characters that responds conveniently at all times, that it is making it very hard for me to keep excusing it.

No matter how much I want to. And I really, really want to.

1k my edits supernatural Charlie Bradbury spnedit

Oh, yeah. If Sam had been willing to kill off Dean in season 10, Charlie would not have died… Imagine that…

I’ll go away now. At least My Little Pony still rocks. I’ll hang on to how brilliant, well written and produced that show is, all summer, while I keep my fingers crossed for SPN season 12.


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Welcome Home

My scooter was stolen 14 days ago exactly, from a private driveway. It happens all the time, in Denmark. So much so that the police just have an online form you fill out and submit, so they need spare as little manpower on it as possible, when you report it.

For me, it was a huge loss. Mostly financial, because replacing her was impossibly expensive for me, but on a more personal level, she was not just a scooter to me. She was my freedom, my chance to get around without relying on others. She was my transportation back and forth to my stable every single day of the year. We had been through a tough winter together, rain, flooded roads, darkness, you name it, she fought for me. She was such a brave little engine. I adored her.

Having someone steal her and not treat her as kindly as she deserved, has been hard for me to deal with, even if I know that it is “just” a machine. To me, she was much more.

I got a call from the police today. They had found her. And they wanted me to pick her up instantly. Needless to say, I jumped on the first bus I could grab and went to go get my girl home, terrified of what had been done to her.

The bus driver was awesome. I had no idea where the police station was. Yeah, set me lose in any forest on this island and I’ll know my way around, but the city? I can find the toy stores? You know, for My Little Pony hunting? But aside from that… I’m lost.

The bus driver saw me with my helmet, (my new helmet, cause the old one was stolen along with the scooter,) and asked where the motorbike was. So I told him, and he proceeded to tell me of his friend who had an ATV stolen, and ruined in a week, before they found it again, by posting pictures of it on Face Book. He even showed me the pictures. I was trying not to freak out over him, driving and looking up pictures on Face Book on his smart phone, and to be honest, he was not calming my nerves much, about the shape of my Baby.

Arriving at the station, there was a guy lying on the sidewalk right outside the front door, and a few people standing by him, calling for an ambulance. I have to admit, I asked the police officer who came to greet me, if we – he – needed to help out with that, whatever that was, because you know, I could wait?

Clearly, that happens all the time too, in the city and it is not something the police bother with, if they can help it… Alrighty then…

Anyway, it was a pretty sad sight, seeing my girl again. First, let’s remember what she looked like;


Okay, she was new here. After a year with me, she was much more dirty. This was taken when she had a flat and was at the shop.


Aside from the mud, she was in really good shape. I took care of her like a baby. As much as I expected her to fight for me, and get me to the stable every day, I did everything I could to enable her.

This was what I found at the Police station.


Mirrors gone. But I knew that. I found one of them the day after she was stolen, thrown at the side of the road. The hole in her air filter box, that I had an appointment with the shop to have fixed a few days after she was stolen, has been taped over. All her locks broken, all plastic shattered, the electric system ruined, the lights off, and a “turn off” button has been installed. It looks very professional to me.

On the plus side, the engine seems unharmed, and the steering is undamaged, so she is not broken beyond repair, but she is very badly injured. And the licence plates are gone, of course.

Because I had just had her at the shop for service before she was stolen, and because of the hole in the air filter box, which meant that she had a new appointment, I had left all her paperwork inside the scooter. I know. I am a moron. I have been kicking myself over that for weeks…

The funny thing is, her plates has been removed and her frame-number removed, making her darn near untraceable, except… All her paperwork was still inside the scooter, where I left it, which made it impossibly easy for the police to find me. I probably wouldn’t have got her back if I had not left it inside her, and if the thieves, who went through such trouble deleting her identity, had bothered just burning that paper…

Details, my dear Watson… Details…


I have to say, driving her home, without lights, without indicators and mirrors, through mid-city, was a rather unpleasant experience but it was made better by the fact that she is home now. My baby is home. And I have three chains on her, bolting her down, until I can hand her over to a friend of mine.

Yeah, I know nothing of scooters, and I could easily foresee how it would be a huge bill to have her fixed if I took her to a shop. Luckily I know someone who likes to fix things and he instantly agreed to look at her, so I am driving her to his place by the end of the week. Hopefully he can get her back on track, and legal again. Other wise I don’t think I’ll bother to register new plates for her. But we’ll see.


The police found her, because the girl driving her was driving without a helmet, while texting and high on drugs. She probably did not steal it. She just bought it, knowing full well that it was stolen. There is no mistaking that. There is no way that she did not know.

I would have liked for the police to get the one who actually stole her and altered her electric system, and damaged her. But that is highly unlikely, since the girl is not talking.

As for the girl, I am not pressing charges. I am not even angry. I am heartbroken that this happened to my Baby, and I am financially completely ruined, with having to replace her, and now, restore her, but I have no need for vengeance. To be honest, this girl sounds like she needs help, much more than to stand trial.

So, yeah, how to ruin a scooter in 14 days… A+ to the thieves. But at least she is home again. Hopefully they won’t come for her until I can have her moved to my friends place. I know I’ll be sleeping with one eye open the next few days… Right next to my window… Listening for every sound outside… With my baseball bat…

Okay, I’m a little angry. But mostly just defensive of my poor girl. She deserved better. I should have prevented this. I should have kept her safe. I just got a second chance to do that. I swear, I never thought she’d come home again.

But for now, she has. Most of her, anyway.

And I am trying not to take offence to how they cleaned her up. Come on, even the thieves think that she was too muddy? Clearly, they don’t have horses…

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The Twins

One of the great inspirations for the Starstone Series, was the relationship I had with my twin sister.

I know how that sounds, but every writer draw from their own life somewhat. You can only write what you know, and to some extend, even your imagination is limited to what you know. It is hard to envision something that was never introduced to your life in the first place.

*Spoiler Alert*



I know that Cazal and Lien always had a strained relationship, and usually found themselves on different sides, whenever conflicts arose. I am not saying that my twin and me had exactly that kind of relationship, I am a writer, after all. I do make things up. But I did draw on the energy between us a lot.

I always admired her. She was the eldest, (it matters, even if it is very little,) the tallest, the prettiest, the strongest, you name it. I always faded next to her light.

IMG_3620 - Copyfresco

Having known each other for 3 decades by now, it is kind of amazing how we have never really discussed anything personal. Nothing between us was ever spoken out loud. Much like Cazal and Lien, words always did more damage than good between us. And somehow, words were never needed. Cazal and Lien had faith in the bond between them, even if they never did acknowledge its existence.

And when Cazal in the end, did bring it up, the bond instantly shattered between them. That was a line that should have never been crossed and she did it, knowing how it would end, but desperately trying to hold on to her sister. Or perhaps, hoping to push her away, on some level. To set her free.


I swear, I have had deeper conversations with a lot of relative strangers (read: internet friends) online, than I ever had with my twin. I don’t think any of us missed it. Or needed it.


It is not a coincidence that Lien got the sword on my cover, and got to be the warrior, who always fought on the side of “right.” It is not a coincidence either, that Cazal got to be the odd one out, the hyper sensitive, lonely and sick child, who grew up drawn to the darker side of the world.

Without disclosing too much of the books, it wasn’t by chance that Lien was ready to die, not for Cazal, but for what Cazal believed in. If they were not prepared to sacrifice themselves for each other, they never really questioned the choices the other one made. Not when push came to shove.

It is not a coincidence either, that Lien was the one who had a future, when everything was said and done, where as Cazal had played herself into a corner, with no way out.


And no matter what life threw at them, no matter what came between them, they could always make each other laugh, if they wanted. That is a special kind of relationship.

On one side, Cazal and Lien was perhaps the most shallow relationship I have ever worked with, and on the other, they were the strongest. The ones that would stay together through time and space, just because they expected nothing from each other. They owed each other nothing.


I won’t lie. I had to use all my powers of manipulation to get my twin to do these pictures with me. She hates cameras, which is why for years, this has been pretty much the only picture of us I have had.


Yeah, we looked much more alike back then. Also, it really helps when you dress us the same…

I just thought it would be funny, to do something like this, because I am slowly becoming addicted to PhotoShop, and well, it’s not a lot of people you get to know for most of your life.


I say “most of,” because we have had years apart, with no contact at all.

I guess that, without saying it, it describes our bond pretty well, that I can still pick up my phone and text her after all this time and even if she hated the idea, she still showed up and had fun doing stupid pictures with me.


I am very like Cazal in many ways.

(Not all, some of the things she did, I have to distance myself from, she was her own character after all. I just saw myself reflected in her more than in most of my other characters.)  

I generally don’t like people much. I rarely feel comfortable in the company of others. I am not from the “hug” generation either. I did not grow up touching people, or hugging everyone. It is still very invading for me, when ever I have to touch someone, at least if it is not someone I am really close with.


Picking up our relationship after almost a decade apart, we are not close. Hell, I don’t even remember what she told me she was working with now… At least not all of it.

And she doesn’t have horses anymore, which is why, among other things, that our relationship faded. Life took us in different directions for a long time. What I am saying is; we grew apart. And then again, we are still close, in our own way.

When I first created Cazal and Lien, I never imagined how my own life would play out. I never really imagined that my sister and I would lose touch for so long. I was 14 when I started writing on the Unicorn’s Horn, which turned out to be the 4th book in the Starstone Series. Cazal and Lien were Cassio and Linea then, and as such, reflected my sister and I, even more.


We grew up to be almost as different as Cazal and Lien turned out to be, even if we started out looking the same. Everything has changed in the last 30 years. Everything, and nothing at all.

She is still the beautiful one, the smiling and happy one, in whose shadow I easily find a home. She is still the strong one, helping others, and working for society in ways I could never do. She is still fitting in, where as I am the odd one out, sticking to my own little world, creating, writing, manipulating, PhotoShopping, hiding from reality.

She is still a vegan too. I believe that was a choice we made together, when we were very young, much to our parents dismay. Imagine the horror when we saw this bloody crow chase this poor duck and her kiddos.


We instantly responded, both of us, following the duck and her little ones to safety in a nearby lake, without discussing it. Bastard. That crow was living on a the school ground for – among others- bakers. I swear, it is not hungry. No need to chase down baby ducks.

Okay, side track, V. Nature is cruel. I know. I just don’t want to see it. Or be part of it. I preserve cruelty for my books and my poor characters.

Because once the smiles fade, Cazal an Lien was always horribly alone. Even when they were right beside each other. Most of my characters are. These are the relationships I do best, and I have no doubt where that comes from.


So, for my twin; thank you, for being a good sport about these pictures. And for responding after all these years, recognizing how important this was to me, even if I will never admit it.

I owe you one. Maybe. I know that we are counting, but I must have lost track of the score over the years.

In any case, if you ever need anything, let me know. I’ll respond. I always do. Even if I’ll put up a fight about it, just like you did. I guess we expect nothing less from us.

And I am really happy that you found happiness in your life. I swear, Lien did too, when Cazal (and I) were done making her fight our wars.

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I’m just going to leave this here.

Someone had to say it. Thanks, Misha. Sincerely.

And I am going to post this one again, because it’s my new answer for anything political these days. Let’s try and find our inner Fluttershy and not join the hatemongers.

Yeah, I know. My Little Pony kinda said it first. That doesn’t change Misha’s message though. The more people who say it, the more ears it’ll reach.

Which is why I’m sharing.

“Do not be apathetic.”

What is that saying again…? All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. 

No matter how you twist and turn it, Donald Trump is dangerous.

Born and raised in Denmark as I am, I grew up with the second World War close to me and my family. I am watching in horror as history repeats itself, wondering how it ever got so far.


And what will it take to stop it, before it is too late? Again?

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Social Media

I’m going to do a quick promotion here, for all our different social media sites, starting with Dark Mare Pictures.

dark mare 1

We have a website, which we are pretty proud of;


We have a twitter; @Dark_Mare

An Instagram; @dark.mare

Or look us up on face book;


Dark Mare is on Linkedin as well.

For personal contact, we have this email; info@dark-mare.com 

All our social media pages are updated regularly and we do our best to only upload quality pictures. Occasionally something of less high standard may slip by for the sake of amusement, but we do take our jobs as film makers seriously and the “perfect picture” is very important to us.


As for me, I’m usually the one who gets to post all the silliness on my personal accounts. So, I’m going to leave my own social media stuff here as well.


First off, I have a twitter too, that I spend a LOT of time on, so be warned. It’s Supernatural, My Little Pony and random silliness and shipping, mostly. Some of it may even be considered inappropriate once in a while, in polite society, so don’t go looking me up unless you are up for that.


I have an Instagram and I kind of love showing off my horses there, and my My Little Ponies, and behind the scenes shots from Dark Mare, among other things;


Yes, I am very creative when it comes to usernames… starting to see a pattern? I do use both platforms to talk about my writing as well, so don’t worry, its not all fun and games. Not all.

I’m on Tumblr, but I have no idea how to use that site, so I’m mostly just reblogging My Little Pony, Supernatural and Gishwhes stuff… I’m sure I’ll figure it our eventually. I’m actually not the starstone in there.


Is my username. Imagine that. Way to establish a pattern and bam, break it! ‘Tis that I do.

I have an alternate blog here on WordPress, dedicated to My Little Pony, mostly;


I have a spotlight on Lulu, where all my paperbacks are published;


I am a verified author on Goodreads, so look up Veronica Merlin in there as well.

I’m on Linkedin, but I will admit that that account gets neglected a bit. I’m Veronica Merlin in there though.

And of course, for personal contact, an email; veronica@dark-mare.com

Saber Still - 01d

Okay. That’s it. Thanks for playing:) And well met:) Where ever you find us/me.

*Edit. Ha. I totally forgot. I’m on face book too. Here goes. 😋😂  https://www.facebook.com/mette.starstone

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Into The Dragons Lair – Or Outside….

I’ll be the first to admit that I have slept on the sidewalk before. Or at bus stops when I’ve missed the last bus, or you know… Random places at the stable; in Apollon’s stall when he was sick, on my hay loft or in a tent, waiting for my mare’s to give birth, stuff like that.

I have never voluntarily camped in front of a store before, waiting for it to open. Somehow, as a fantasy writer, it felt like the kind of thing I should have done. Especially when the local nerd shop was celebrating their birthday by nearly handing free games away to the first 20 people who showed up.

The boyfriend really wanted to go, although he was unsure how early we had to be there. I kind of had half a date with a friend of mine about doing some nerdy pictures of us in our “Embrace your Weird” clothes, just because when Felicia Day ran the campaign, we tweeted her and asked her to extend it a few days, so we could have our paychecks cleared and actually buy it. And she totally answered us and extended the campaign, so we wanted to spam her a little with random weird pictures, as a thank you… Oh, the joys of the internet… Where you are never weird, by the way… *insert angel emoji here*

So, once I learned that the boyfriend was planning on going, because there was a game he was dying to have – the first 20 people to show up got something for £2…. Like the Horus of Heresy game… You kiddin? We can wait in line all night for that… Anyway, once I learned that he wanted that, I texted my friend and asked how she felt about, you know, doing weird shots in front of Dragons Lair?

She instantly answered that she was totally up for going and then things escalated quickly.

We kind of joked about sleeping in front of the store for a while and in the end we talked ourselves out of it. I mean, come on, how many geeks could this city hold? And how early were they prepared to get up anyway?

Before evening though, we checked the face book page of the store and saw loads of people having fun telling each other that there would be blood and murder in front of that store and that they were totally camping there, and we thought naturally, that we had to join in then.

So, we packed our sleeping bags and went to spent the night out side of Dragons Lair. Blood and murder. Who would say no to that, anyway?


My friend had an evening shift at work so we settled for showing up after she got off. When we arrived a little before midnight, there was only one guy there, who had already been there for 6 hours. Needless to say, he was bored out of his mind and pretty relieved that he would not be spending the night on the streets of Odense, all alone. He even said so. Less chance of him getting murdered, now that we were there…


Sadly, that was not an entirely unfounded fear… Anyway, since we were going to be spending a lot of time with this guy, we settled for talking to him. He instantly said that he had been bored and that he had brought a book, but you know, who reads anyway…

“Hello, I’m Veronica, I’m a writer.”


I think he hated me on sight…. He spent most of the evening trying to lure the surprisingly tame crows closer, by feeding them. I am pretty sure he was contemplating having them pick my face when I slept…


No, he was cool. And once he went to sleep, we had fun doing some Embrace your Weird shots in the dark, using the powers of photo filters on the boyfriends phone to make them totally annoying… I mean magical…


And tweeting them to Felicia… Like stupid little fangirls. Which we totally are, BTW…


And then we went to sleep. Or, I think the boyfriend mostly stayed up, listening to one of his books on his phone, but we went to sleep.


I can easily disclose that sidewalks are not that comfy. And it rained. I swear it rained, even if the others claim it did not. It totally rained on me.

Being a Thursday night, there was a lot of drunk people in the streets. Most of them had a good time asking us why we were sitting on the sidewalk, in our sleeping bags. Most of them was awesome and friendly.

Some of them had a good time running past us at random, once we went to sleep, with their phones on loudspeaker, playing loud music, because heaven forbid we actually got to sleep.

And a few offered us cocaine and was pretty offended when we politely declined. I mean, come on, if we could afford a habit like that, you think we’d be sitting in front of a store at night, hoping to get an – almost- free game?


All in all, I don’t think any of us slept much. Although the boyfriend did manage to snap this of me… So I must have slept at some point, after sunrise.


Possibly once the seagulls and the drunk people all went away. But then the garbage truck showed up- at 5 am- and we kind of gave up on sleeping. And started doing dumb stuff. I don’t have snap chat, my phone doesn’t support that, but my friend’s phone does…


Kind of glad I don’t have snap chat. I am way too busy with face book and twitter and instagram these days. This would be way too time consuming.

I was glad to see that my scooter made it through the night. I parked her nearly on top of us, and every time someone walked by, I had an eye on her. I just had the old one stolen, this one is brad new, and parking her in the streets of Odense over night is not a comforting thought.


We did wake up to discover, bored as we were, that one of her screws had already come lose… Clearly she is embracing her weird as well. My kind of scooter❤


No worries though. I had a screwdriver. Don’t ask me why.


We did spend some time too, discussing birds. Like this one. I’m actually not sure what kind of bird this is. And I can hear my entire family screaming at me right now, because they are kinda crazy about watching birds and I grew up being force fed all kinds of knowledge about birds and I should know….  I was ever always a disappointment. Imagine, I went for horses, rather than birds. I can tell you the breed of any horse, I swear, but a bird… Uhm…


It was cute though. Much less brave than the crows.

Around 6 am, the first of the others started showing up. Imagine the laziness… 6 am…


Unashamed, we used them to do group shots of us in our evil Embrace your Weird gang uniforms…


FYI, if anyone can look pretty after having spent the night on the sidewalk, keeping an eye on your scooter and declining drug dealers and pushy birds, I’ll have you know, they are not human… So, for the two others in this shot; what’s your fricking secret?😛

Once the store managers showed up, (they don’t open till ten,) they had a lot of fun taking pictures of us, rather than letting us in…


Oh, the guys that owned the shop next to Dragons Lair was pretty tired of us blocking their doors for hours. Sorry?

Anyway, both the boyfriend and my friend and the guy we spent the night with, got the games they wanted, so that was super cool and totally worth spending the night in the streets for. I had not wanted anything special, I was kind of just there to show support. I know, that’s dedication, right? I’m loyal to my friends like that. I like to support any kind of nerdness I can.


And I settled for buying my very own X Wing starter set. I have played X Wing for a long time by now, but the boyfriend and I kinda own our ships together and he always oppose it when I threaten with painting them pink… Now, these ships, are MINE. Mine alone. They will be turned all girl – power – awesome. I believe I earned that.


So, all in all, this was a fun night. I even made it to the stable to feed the kids before it was too late. Or, at least, they did not complain. They never do. Bless them.


When push comes to shove, it was not really about getting the games though. It was mostly about doing something weird with your friends, and helping support the local store in their promotion campaign, not to mention, helping keep the nerd scene alive in Odense. I have to say, that went pretty well. The games was just an added bonus. Watching the boyfriend get something he could not have bought anytime soon, because with my scooter being stolen and all, we are dead broke, was worth it all for me. I wish I could give him the world. My friends too.

Sometimes you just have to settle for spending a night in a sleeping bag on a sidewalk, embracing your weird.


Playing with your smart phones. Because heaven forbid we actually talked to each other. Real life interacting? I think not!

Thanks, Dragons Lair. And happy birthday!

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See Ya All In Jail

I came across an article the other day, in a Danish newspaper, about how the Danish government are going to make it illegal to speak up against democracy and/or the government.

Yes, you read that right. Limit free speech, because you know, we can’t have Muslims openly speak up against us.

I am speechless. Pun intended. This is why I never follow the news. They always make me so angry. And sad.

I’ll see ya all in jail.

Imagine a situation where you can’t speak your mind about the new laws the government create, for instance? Imagine what a law like this entails? Who wants to be an opposing politician then? They could end up in jail, if they disagreed? Way to kill off democracy, and blame it on preventing Muslims from doing just that.

And ordinary people, like me, who has spent most of my life speaking my mind, opposing the government whenever they made things worse for the sick and the poor, imagine…

When I was a teenager, a legal teenager I may add, and we demonstrated against the government closing our education down? What, we would all go to jail for doing that now?

I don’t know how to live in a country where I can’t have free speech. As a writer, imagine what this does to my creativity? Its not like we haven’t seen writers sent to jail before, for writing fiction that may or may not be critical of society. Am I going to start walking on eggshells, even in my own little world?


I recently saw too, that one of our adult education schools has banned the burka. You know, the full face dress that some Muslim women wear.

And that most parties of our government are supporting them. That is just sad.

Their argument is that the burka is being used to suppress women. And of course, I oppose that, but banning it can never be the answer.

First of all, telling us what we can and can not wear, is not something we should do in the free world. Ever. If somebody wants to wear a burka, to feel good about themselves, they should be able to do so and still go to school. Just as much as someone should be allowed to go to school in a short skirt and high heels. Whatever. Who are we to dictate what others feel good in?

I’d never wear high heels. I actually went to that school for a while, back in the day. They nearly had me expelled for wearing jeans with holes in them. But again, girls in low cut shirts and high heels can totally undress as much as they want. How is that not suppressing women?

Second, let us not ignore the ones who truly wear the burka because they are being forced to, by their family. Banning the burka at the schools will not make them not wear it. It will only make them not go to school, not get an education and never break out of the family that does suppress them. Preventing those women, exactly those women, from joining society is the worst thing we could possibly do.

But by all means, let’s keep making rules and restraints, and hating on those who are not like us. Let’s make that wall between us, ever higher.


I believe My Little Pony once again says it perfectly. This is a very realistic picture of our society.

I think I have heard everything Applejack says about the bats, said about the refugees around here, most of it said by our politicians.  Note how Fluttershy, in defending them, ends up on the ground, losing her color in the shadow of the others, while they chant, eyes closed, wrapped up in their own righteousness.

Trust My Little Pony to create something as scary as this. Imagine if they were Danish. This is awfully anti government, isn’t it? Not sure you can say these things… Maybe someone should go to jail for this?

And the end note; attack? Really? That seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? Oh wait…

Yeah, we just bought new fighter jets… Or, well, bombers really. All in the name of democracy. And now, we can’t speak up against it anymore.

I repeat. See ya all in jail.

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