About Real Women

It’s summer. Social media are drowning in pictures, encouraging fat girls to go get a bikini and not care what anyone thinks about their bodies. Oh, did I say fat? I am sorry. You can’t call anyone fat these days. That’s hurtful.

But you can call people who are not fat, stick thin, and tell them that they are not real women, because they don’t have curves… because if you are not fat, you can just sit back and take whatever abuse is thrown at you.

To be honest, I like the idea that people do get to go to the beach in a bikini and not care what people think of them, but it is getting tiresome, from where I am sitting, how allowed it is, to hate on those who are thin. And I mean hate. Most of those “real women has curves” posts, are truly mean, and degrading, to anyone who doesn’t have fat on their bones.

Which makes me wonder, why is it that we can’t just support each other, without putting someone else down in the process? “Before anorexia, there was a thing called beauty.” Wow, thanks. Because all skinny women are anorectic. Of course they are. (And if they were, they would need help, not bullying, because that is a serious disease.)

It is very embedded in our society to think that way though. I have always been skinny. All my life, I have had to listen to mean spirited and hurtful comments like these ones, and not just from random strangers on social media, but from my friends and family as well, not to mention every single doctor I have ever come across.

When I went to have my finger operated, the doctor and all the nurses had to comment on how low my BMI was, and not a single one of them failed to ask me if I was eating correctly?

When I was a kid, and my mom took me to a doctor, she had to fight tooth and nail, not to have the doctors lock me up for eating disorder observation, even if we just came in with a sprained ankle. Because really, who is skinny these days?

Not real women, that is for sure. Only sick people. Glad we got that settled.

What I don’t understand is how fat people (and society) can be so sensitive about their weight and their appearance and about never using the word “fat,” and still feel that they have the right to put someone else down for not looking like them. Wasn’t it tolerance they were trying to promote with their posts? And let’s face it, if you are fat, then “fat” is not a mean word, it is an accurate description of your current state, much like “thin” applies to thin people. Only you can’t shame people for being fat, but you sure can use “thin” anyway you want.

Even Hollywood agrees. I come across it all the time, in most movies. How the fat, sweet girl, is bullied by the evil, skinny diva. Any Highschool movie has that kind of theme.  To be honest, my life has been the complete opposite.

All my life, in school and after, I was bullied by fat girls, instantly hating me, because I was thin. I do have some heavy friends these days, (see, didn’t call them fat, because you can’t do that,) but they are not many. Fat people usually don’t like me. And they usually feel entitled to throw mean comments about my weight at me, when I least expect it.

It gets tiresome. It really does. Luckily, I am turning 33 this year and I have finally started gaining weight, so maybe one day, I’ll join the club of fatties, and can start thinking about myself as a real woman.

Wouldn’t that be great, at long last?

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Summer Games

I just felt like showing off my foal, (and by foal, I mean two year old,) so here he is, Ablazing Legacy, and friends, messing with Saleem;











With Marble, (bloody pole in the way…)



Synchronized (almost) playing;


If anyone wonders about the wet and dirty look, it is because it is very warm in Denmark at the moment, and we hose them down, and they go roll and play while they are wet.



And even if it is nice to be hosed down right now, it is still very hot…


Thanks for watching ;) I never tire of looking at my gang <3

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Magic Mike And XXL- Movies

Since I had been watching White Collar on Netflix, a friend of mine and I, got to talking. Naturally about how adorable Matt Bomer is. And this friend of mine, she has always checked out every cute actor in the universe, and found out what movies he has played in, so she mentioned Magic Mike. It had recently been on Netflix, but as we went to look it up again, it was gone. And then we found out that the follow up was about to air in the Danish cinemas, so we set to searching for the first one.


Mostly, it was kind of a joke on our part. None of us are that much into stripping, to be honest. But it did become kind of annoying, how we couldn’t find that bloody movie anywhere.

As Magic Mike XXL, (the subtle sequel,) had its premiere yesterday, we realized that the Danish cinemas thought it was going to be a hit, so they were re-airing the first one, right before the premiere. We were kind of laughing about that, since the first Magic Mike movie had slipped by our noses completely unnoticed, the first time around. And now, someone was going to revive it in the cinemas?

But, it served our purpose, and we were able to see both movies in one day, without having been able to find the first one anywhere else. Awesome, right?

As you can see, we did not expect much. As in, really, we had no hopes that this may be a good movie. Basically, we were kind of just hoping to see Matt Bomer dance…

Usually, when you go see a movie, where you have no expectations, you come out, feeling that it was better than you hoped it would be. Magic Mike though, completely failed. An hour and a half into the movie, we were looking at each other, and my friend actually asked me, “have you figured out what the story is yet?”

No. Not even a little bit. There simply was no story. Nothing. Just a bunch of roughly edited scenes, of naked men, dry humping random women. I don’t think I have ever come across a movie with less of a story behind it. Hell, most porn has more story… Anyway…

Add to that, the colour grading was insanely yellow all the way through, the cuts between the scenes were so brutal it almost gave you whiplash, from making your head spin so fast, and Matt Bomer hardly had a speaking part (or an on camera, in focus, part). My friend and I came out of the cinema, shaking our heads, wondering if it was too late to get our money back, for the XXL movie, because none of us could sit through that again.

So, XXL.


I don’t know if it was because we had just watched the first one, and as such our expectations were beyond low, but it was actually a good movie. I mean, really. It had humour. It was funny, and it allowed us to get to know the stories of all the dancers, which was kind of what they should have done in the first movie. Oh, and yeah, Matt got to have a speaking part this time, and actually be in focus in front of the camera, not just background eye candy. Points for that…

Still, the story was kind of lacking, but at least in this one, there was a story. Sort of. A road trip story. Which is a great idea, if you have no story, to make it feel like the movie is going somewhere. At least, they are moving, right? Getting closer to the destination with every scene. It works.

It was a sweet little movie, we laughed a lot, (maybe it didn’t take much to amuse us at the time,) and it had some fairly beautiful scenes in it as well. Even though my friend and I, clearly had failed to do our research on these movies beforehand, it did not escape our notice that Channing Tatum can really dance, and that he was the only one in the first movie, who actually was a dancer. It did help in this one, adding a few others, who weren’t just stiff looking actors.

And lo and behold, the editing was much better was well. This movie wasn’t yellow and it wasn’t cut to make your head spin. My only real objection was that it had a lot of scenes, where it simply wasn’t in focus. That always bothers my eyes. But all in all, this is a girls night out, kind of movie. It is sweet, funny and there is a lot of cute looking guys in it. Nothing more, but at least, nothing less either, like the first one.

So, should you watch it?

Magic Mike? No. Don’t bother. Not worth your time. Not even a little bit.

XXL? Yeah. You kind of should. And even though it is a sequel, you don’t have to know anything about the first movie. Nothing happened in the first movie. Just skip it and go watch XXL.

And when you do, and it turns out to be a horrible movie after all, go watch the first one, and imagine yourself in my place, before you blame me. By comparison, XXL really is worth watching.

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The Platform

How to get your horse onto a platform…

1, Place platform on pasture.


2, Wait while wolf pack of curious youngsters examine the platform.


3, Cheer and have camera ready…


Four year old Marble, above and below. IMG_7409

I know, it isn’t always that easy. Trust me, I have spent 13 years, never managing to get Apollon onto anything. Still, I can cheer at how awesome my little ones are.


Two year old Ablaze, above and below. IMG_7471

I just love how curious they are, how open minded and trusting. Curiosity sure is one of the most important things to keep intact in your horse. Alongside his self esteem and courage.


Four year old Apocalipse, above and below. IMG_7514

Saleem for instance, hardly ever believes that he can do anything right, so he never dares try.


To see him play along like this, is going to make me happy dance for the rest of the day.

IMG_7482Eight year old Saleem. 


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Who You Were Born To Be

When I was a kid, I grew up like any other kid in Denmark. I was told that one day, I’d meet the right guy, get married and have kids. You know, variations of the Disney Princess stories, of Prince Charming, sweeping you off your feet and living happily ever after.

My answer was always, “I don’t want kids.” And then, people would smile, at this foolish little blonde girl, who thought she knew who she was, at such a young age. I was told, without exception; “Wait and see. Once you grow up, you will feel differently. You will want kids at some point. Just you wait…”

And if I tried to object and claim that I did not want to get married either, people would snicker and tell me once more, “Just wait. Once you meet the right guy, you will want to get married.”

I stopped eating meat as well, when I was six years old. The thought of eating another animals dead body always made me sick. My entire family shunned me ever since. I was not invited to any family gatherings, if it could be avoided, (still isn’t,) because what do you feed a girl who won’t eat normal food? At the time, I am sure people thought it was just a phase, and that I would out grow it, especially if they tried to bully me into eating meat again. My grandparents would not go through a single Christmas, without letting me eat nothing but potatoes, because it was the only thing they couldn’t stuff meat into, and heaven forbid that one might make a vegetable pie or something else for the girl who felt sick at the sight of the Christmas duck. Once I found my boyfriend and we started celebrating Christmas at his mother’s house instead, it was a huge relief for me, no longer having to put up with being heckled through every Christmas dinner, and having to smile, be polite and not eat anything all evening.

I realize that not having kids, not getting married, and not eating meat, is a choice. All of it. I could just chose to be normal. Right?

I would beg to differ. This is who I am. This is who I always was. I knew, when I was a kid, that this is what feels right for me, and no matter what kind of pressure was laid on me, from my surroundings, it wasn’t something I could change.

As I have grown up, I have come to realize that marriage may not be a bad thing, if you share a life with someone. But for me, if I were to get married, it would have nothing to do with romance. It would be because of the legal side of it, and how much easier it is to make sure that what is mine, goes to my boyfriend, if I should get hit by a bus and die.  So today, no, I would not object to being married, but I still would object to getting married.

I have no need for the world, or my friends, to celebrate my love for my partner, with me. All I ask is that they accept him, as a huge part of my life, and theirs as well, if we are to remain friends. But for me, romance, and what I have with my boyfriend, is so deeply personal, that I wouldn’t want to draw anyone into it, in any kind of way, and having some stranger, be it a priest or someone else, tell me that I now belong to him, (and him to me,) still feels like a violation of everything I am. It is nobody’s business but mine, and my boyfriend’s.

As far as children goes, the idea still hurts on a very instinctive level. It is hard to describe. I wouldn’t mind raising a child. I wouldn’t mind teaching it and loving it and watching it grow up. I would mind carrying it inside me, feeling it grow inside me… I would feel utterly handicapped, unable to be with my horses, without putting the unborn child in danger, unable to be everything that makes me, me. I don’t have “safe” horses; my horses are wild, and accidents happen in the blink of an eye. I would have to change how I train them, how I am with them, if I suddenly had a child’s life inside me. And even writing this sentence makes me shudder. I knew when I was a kid, and nothing has changed. I really, really, don’t want to be pregnant. Ever.

What I am saying is, I guess, that it is very easy to discriminate against those who are not like yourself. When I grew up, homosexuality was not an option. It was not something I was ever confronted with, or told about. You are a girl, you grow up to marry a man, have kids and be normal.

I guess it wasn’t discrimination from my surroundings, as much as ignorance, as it is with most things. Therefore, I never thought about putting a label on myself, that said either gay or straight or bi, because it didn’t exist in my world. And when I had my first sexual encounters, it was with other girls, and to be honest, it just felt natural, and I never added the pieces together, labeling me as bisexual, until many years later.

It isn’t something I talk about, but it is not something I deny either. All of you, reading this, who didn’t know, you have never asked me. Again, this is rather personal for me, and I don’t go broadcasting that side of my life. I don’t need everybody to know. But if you had asked, I would have never denied it. If it doesn’t come up though, it really doesn’t matter to anyone besides me, and my partner. Come to think of it, I don’t think he has ever asked me either… Oh, well…

Anyway, it means a lot to me, to see how many of my friends on face book, are changing their profile pictures into rainbow ones, celebrating that gay marriage is now legal in all states in the USA. At long last, one may add.

As much as I don’t understand the need to get married, I understand how important it is, to not discriminate against each other, and I am happy for all the gays out there, who can now finally have the same legal rights as everybody else, at least when it comes to marriage.

I can’t help but wonder how history will view this one day. Looking back on us, foolish little people of 2015, finally allowing same-sex marriage, and shaking their heads in shame, that is took us so long to get around to this. It shouldn’t be a big deal, really. Much like how women finally won the right to vote. It should never have been an issue of debate to begin with, but since it was, it really is a big deal, once basic equal rights finally wins out.

The right to be who you were born to be, and still have the same opportunities as everyone else.

11174231_972391679471880_5889605108417231775_o (1)

Rainbow Dash was here… Sonic Rainboom’s all around!

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Far From Men- Loin Des Hommes- Movie

download dd03a330-8140-48fc-bac2-a4820021260b  far-from-men-poster

Original title, Loin Des Hommes, or in English, Far from Men. The Danish title is Flugten til Frihed, which translates loosely into “escaping towards freedom.”

Already, with the title, we are doing a lousy job at translating this movie… Which is one of the reasons why I hardly ever watch any movies, where I have to read subtitles. If I do understand the language spoken, the Danish subtitles usually bother me, because of their inaccuracy or mostly, their tendency to make things up. Point proven before the movie even began…

Another thing that bothers me about reading subtitles, is that as much as I love words, being a writer and all, what I really connect with, is body language. I need to see people when they talk. When I have to keep my eyes at the bottom of the screen, reading the subtitles, I feel like I am missing half the movie, even though I am a rather fast reader, simply because I can’t look both at the subtitles and the person speaking at the same time.

Or, I read the subtitles instantly and look up, only to find that reading them too fast, ruined the punch line or the anticipation in the scene.

So, I think I have been clear here. I never watch movies where I have to read subtitles. Because of that, I have never watched a French movie before. I don’t speak a lick of French.

I ended up watching this movie though, because my boyfriend’s family all wanted to see it and I didn’t feel like making a fuss. It wasn’t that long. I could sit through it, right? Besides, I don’t mind watching Viggo Mortensen, even if I don’t get what he is saying…

I think I have made it pretty clear now, that I did not want to see this movie, that the whole concept of a movie in French bothered me, and that my expectations were very low. That said, it is a good movie.

It was much better than I dared hope for. Daru is a retired war veteran, and he is living alone, in what looks like a rather desolate area of Algeria, in 1954. Still, children run to his house, every day, to learn. When the movie starts, he is handed over a man named Mohamed, who is accused of murder, and Daru is to lead him to a nearby city to receive his judgement. Daru refuses, because he knows that Mohamed will be sentenced to death, and he doesn’t want to lead another man to his death. Still, Mohamed is left with him, and even when Daru gives him plenty of opportunity to run away, he doesn’t.

Then Mohamed’s cousins shows up, looking for vengeance, and Daru has to defend the both of them. That is a kind of annoying scene, where a horse is shot. I never like those kinds of scenes in movies, especially since they tend to shoot horses at point blank range, through the skull, with some minor hand gun… Which always leaves someone like me thinking, “right… that’s not going to work… massive skull and all…”

Anyway… The two men runs off then, and at first this movie feels a lot like the first Lord of the Rings movie. Poor little Bilbo, living in his hobbit hole, kicked into a world where everyone chases him and wants to kill him… Really, Daru and Mohamed goes from one scene of running and hiding to another, for a very long while. Add to that, it is shot kind of badly, making it hard to see what is actually happening. Except the lens flares. They are everywhere….

And then they get caught, and escapes and you know the drill… The whole obstacle part of the story, isn’t that interesting for me.

I loved the scene when it started raining, and they looked for shelter in an abandoned house, in the middle of nowhere, and once they enter the house, there is no roof. Those kinds of scenes are fantastic. They set a mood, and a sense of hopelessness and desperation, that no “hiding from enemies” scenes can. A scene like this one, describes the land, the people, the state of the society they are living in, much better than anything else.

I love the scene too, where Daru accidentally kills a man, to save Mohamed, and how angry he gets about it. That is a pretty good scene, of how he traded a life for a life that was already forfeit, and instantly regretted it, even if he did not have a choice.

All in all, this movie has a lot of good scenes. Mohamed and Daru are both good characters, and I love the fact that Mohamed is not innocent. I did fear that he was one of those classic movie bad guys, innocently framed for murder, you know… He wasn’t and he wasn’t denying his guilt. He did have his reasons, though, which was kind of cool too. Not that I condone murder, don’t get me wrong, but I like it that he accept what he did, and is ready to take his punishment, and that Daru doesn’t instantly condemn him for it. That whole setting feels much more real, than what happens in most Hollywood movies.

It does have one scene though, that made me lose interest in the both of them, completely. Daru takes Mohamed to a brothel, because he can’t die, having never been with a woman. So of course, the solution is, let’s go get a whore…?

It feels so out of character for Daru. All the way through this movie, he has felt like a man who is reasonable and loving and caring. For him to go be with a whore… It just ruins him for me. He should have walked away. He felt like a man, who didn’t want sex, without love. But clearly, he did, and so did Mohamed, and you know what? Go die, both of you.

I know, I have a rather strong reaction to those kinds of things, but I never saw the allure of whores. What kind of a man, wants to be with a woman, who is only with him, because she is in desperate need of money? Not a man I am interested in knowing whether he dies or not. Really. It is so low, so pathetic, I don’t even have the words, and looking at both of these characters, it felt completely out of place.

Also, Daru has a rather good back story, but it is one you are told, a little too late in the story. It isn’t until the very end of the movie, that you are told that he isn’t French at all. He is Spanish, and when he grew up, the Arabs saw him as French and the French saw him as Arab, so he never really belonged to the people. The land, however, was where he grew up and he could never leave it. That was a beautiful story, and it would have truly added to his character, all the way though, if we had been told that sooner.

And I have to add, that I was a little disappointed about how they didn’t use Arabian horses… Sure, PRE horses looks cool, but so does Arabians…

And as a side note, I am always very unimpressed by horses wearing huge pole bits, heads tied down, and tongues sticking out in pain. If that is unacceptable in the sport, it sure as hell should be too, while directing a movie.

So, should you watch it?

Uhm. It depends. If you don’t mind the language barrier, or reading subtitles, then yes. All in all, it is a good movie, and it will leave you with a lot to think about. I am not jumping for joy over it, but I wasn’t bored while watching it, even if it had been a much better movie if they had treated their animals better and skipped the brothel scene. And on that note, I am not giving it as good a review as it probably deserves. It just had some things, I can’t get past, no matter how much I liked the rest of the movie.

Like animal welfare. We are writing 2015 by now, it HAS to matter, even in a movie that is supposed to be from 1954. We have to do better, by now. And show it. No animal should have to suffer, just to make a movie. And watching that white horse, on a huge screen, sticking its tongue out, taking up half of the screen, for two- three scenes in a row, just won’t make me stand up and applaud.

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Super Dungeon Explore; Forgotten King- Board Game


The boyfriend found a new board game, which we have been playing lately. Forgotten King, Super Dungeon Explore, from Soda pop miniatures, Ninja Division. I believe he backed it as a kick-starter project, and now it is here. Anyway. The game.

First off, it is not that easy to learn. There is a LOT of rules and a lot of effects, and you don’t just sit down and learn to play it, while you are playing it. You need to go into this game, equipped with patience, lots of it, and the rulebook. And then, you need more patience, because looking things up in the rulebook, isn’t always easy.

That said, it is a simply adorable game. Made to resemble old computer games, in every possible way, it is perfectly crafted. The little heart shaped life-tokens, and the little potions you can drink for various effects…


The Dice…


The way you move on the board, the way you kill monsters, gaining more life if you are lucky, by little hearts spilling out of them, when you hit them…


The way you open treasure chests, by picking up a key, that spills out, when a mini boss is destroyed…


Really, it is an old-school computer game, all the way down to the “start” button.



The characters are awesome. Most of them are named something with sugar, like Ninja Cola for instance. Don’t let his size fool you, he is an evil mini boss, and if you think that he is easy to take out, you are so wrong. And don’t ever underestimate his Frosty Soda Bomb. (I know, the evilness…)


The heroe’s are cool too, again a lot of them soda based, like the boyfriend’s instant favourite, Brave-Mode Candy, and her various sugar attacks, not to mention her pet, Never Lost Cola.


I am kind of more into brute force, rather than naked women, but no worries, this game supports me as well, as there are options that doesn’t include too much cunning and skills, but will allow you to just swing that club you are holding and take out some minions…


The pets are awesome. I simply adore the pets. I was lucky enough to draw Mister Chumbers, my favourite baby dragon pet, and kick him into action. They are so adorable,  not to mention useful, I can’t help but give this game an extra thumbs up, just for the pets.


As far as the monsters go, there are many, and they are very imaginative. I mean, who doesn’t feel a little threatened, by a huge rabbit, with an executioners axe?


Or a frog knight, riding a bird?


Not to mention the undead monsters, who have some serious evil skills, amongst others, the ability to turn your hero into a miserable toad.


Yeah, imagine that, showing up with a huge bully, (like me,) Berserkers Bear, and then, poof, he is a little toad… Now, that is annoying…

And this one… No wait, she maybe not belong…


I have to say, as much as I adore the cuteness of this game, and the special and imaginative characters, we still haven’t managed to play the game to the end, and actually meet the Forgotten King just yet, so I’ll have to get back to you on that. I am looking forward to meeting one of those rabid squirrels as well, at some point…


It is a very long game, especially when you need to stop and check the rules all the time, and by 3 am in the morning, I usually admit defeat, and withdraw my heroes.

I am pretty sure though, that once you KNOW the rules, it will be faster and funnier, and more elegant, but unlike Battlestar Galactica or X-Wing for instance, which you can practically play “on the fly,” this game takes some learning, before it works, and that is always a hard process for me. I have very little patience when it comes to things like learning in general, and spending hours of my life, understanding a game, always feels like a waste of time, for me.


But the boyfriend was so excited about this game, that I bravely soldiered on with my Berserker Bear and his pet dragon…


And I’ll give it a couple of more chances as well, until we actually know the rules, and can play it without stopping and checking all the time. Also, I have to try and meet the Forgotten King, before I give up on this game, and see if it is winnable at all…

So, should you buy it?


Depends. If you love old school computer games, have a good sense of humour, and a lot of patience to learn the rules, a lot of spare time, and some cool friends to play it with, then yes. It is absolutely adorable and so far, it seems like it is very well worked through.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of spare time, or patience to learn rules, then it isn’t a game for you, no matter how soda pop awesome the characters are. Then, it would be easier to just buy an old computer game, where the game itself, knows the rules, and you can just play it.

This is a board game for people who wants to play board games. Pure and simple. And a sugary, fizzy, ninja one at that…

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