Hush Now

I have got this amazing young man in my life… I truly never had a horse like him before. He is like two sides of a coin, depending on who he is with.


I mean, he loves my boyfriend. In fact, I think he is spending most days hoping that the boyfriend will show up, because he simply loves playing with him. You see, Ablaze knows not to bully me, (too much,) but the boyfriend is another matter. With him, Ablaze is constantly testing the waters, pushing the limits and in general just being a rather untrained, wild, two year old.

He becomes especially impossible when he is tired. And since we tend to groom the horses while they eat their morning hay, every day, and the horses always eat for an hour, maybe two, and then go to sleep, we have limited time available to groom Ablaze before he becomes a bother.

Ablaze doesn’t want to go to sleep when we are doing stuff around the pasture or the houses, because tired as he may be, I get the strongest feeling that he is terrified of missing something that may be fun to take part in, and as such he stays awake and if the boyfriend is around, he picks a fight with him any chance he gets.

I did figure out though, that I can get him to go to sleep, in about five minutes, by simply sitting down and not doing anything interesting. Then, of course, he licks my face and tries to make me get up and play, but when I don’t…


He lies down next to me. It took a while, before I stopped fearing that he would lie down on top of me, but he is getting better at not crowding me.


This feels kind of surreal. Naptime in foal kinder garden. I mean, I have had twelve horses in my life, (Ablaze included,) but never before have I had a horse I could tug in and tell him to go to sleep…

Add to that, once Ablaze lies down, Saleem shows up and takes over, watching him. He simply leaves his hay to come sleep next to the foal, leaving me free to sneak off…

I don’t know who to be more proud of. I never would have thought that Saleem would grow up to be that caring and attentive. He was always such an air head. For him to start taking responsibility like that, is almost as huge for me, as it is, having a two year old, who easily lies down to sleep next to me.

Not to mention, how he doesn’t mind getting sneak – hugged when he is lying down… My perfect little boy.


I can’t help it…

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Book Promotion

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To Go, Or Not…

I am busy driving myself insane these days. The boyfriend has found an X-Wing tournament in Germany, in about a month from now, and he is really set on going. As in, both of us, going.

As much as I love playing that game, it is just not something I do. I mean, go to Germany for a weekend? Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bulletproof refusal for those kinds of ideas. Who then, is going to feed the horses? I simply cannot go.

As much as that is true, I do realize too, that maybe I have been using my horses as a bit of an excuse for most of my life. Maybe, I could go. Perhaps the world would not implode, if I took a weekend off and played a tournament.

I don’t have Poseidon anymore. Truth is, anyone who is able to just ignore Marble, and avoid her dragon fire when you feed them, would be able to feed my horses. Technically, I could go.

It sure would be fun… And a good way to try out my skills before the national championships… But… But… But…

Jumping straight to my other fallback excuse. We can’t afford it. I mean, I would need a passport, (no I don’t have one, I never go anywhere, for obvious reasons,) which is expensive, we would need to borrow a car and the gas alone, going to Germany is costing about what we usually use for eating for a week, not to mention that we would have to find a place to sleep between Saturday and Sunday and that isn’t free either and… No, no, no, there is no way we can afford that. And, who would look after my horses?

And what list would I play? I mean, my double Decimators were fantastic in the last store championship, but there is one list I know it cannot beat. The Millennium Falcon list the boyfriend is playing. Going to a tournament, knowing that your list has a serious weakness and that said weakness is joining us all weekend, is kind of annoying. So, lately we have been testing different lists and so far, all I can say is that flying without my Decimators, (at least one of them,) is hardly any fun, but add to that, we haven’t come up with a list that is versatile enough just yet, to make it through a huge tournament.

Which means, that we are probably going to have to buy some new ships as well, if we are going, to make a list that is good enough…

Totally cannot afford that. No way, ho how. Forget it. And who will look after my horses?

Truth is, we could probably make it work. Both the money and the horses. Truth is too, that what I am most afraid of is not being a little more broke for a month than I usually am, or leaving my kiddos to someone else. Nah, what I am really stalling about is my commitment.

For all of my years as a rider who has competed in show jumping and dressage, every chance I got, I always wanted to compete, right until the day arrived. Then, once the show day arrived, I didn’t really want to do it after all, and I started looking for excuses to back out. Like, it rains… Or, what if the horse won’t load into the trailer… Or, I don’t know, doesn’t that shoe look lose?

I would have a thousand different reasons to back out, flying through my head the night before a show and all day, during the show. I always made myself go anyway, because I knew that afterwards, I would be happy that I had not backed out. Even that one show with Amalia, when the girth broke half way through, and we still completed all the obstacles… As much as I hate competing, I have a diehard competitive personality, when push comes to shove.

The only time I remember that I did back out of a show, in the last minute, was the last show I should have done with Apollon, when Apocalipse kicked me in the face that morning, leaving me with a lump on my forehead, rendering me unable to force my helmet down on my head. I even called them and asked for permission to ride without the helmet. When that was denied, I had to cancel.

So, that is how my crazy mind works… I want to go, I don’t want to go, I want to run away screaming and at the same time, I would compete with the last breath there is in me.

Having decided to no longer compete with the horses, is a huge relieve for me, really. (Lots of reasons for that, not just my crazy mind, mostly I am despising the federations and refuse to support the animal abuse they allow in the sport these days.)

How then, would I handle a weekend away from home, playing X-Wing with a bunch of other geeks?

Truth is, that is really what I am afraid of. I don’t do too good, away from my horses. What if, I am sitting in Germany on Saturday night, and I desperately want to go home and hug my babies? But I can’t, because we all know that the boyfriend is going to make the cut and play the finals on Sunday?

There is no easy way to say it, but the reason why I am really stalling now, is because I am afraid of my own mind. I have a tendency to become very depressed when I am away from my horses, even for a day. Whenever my friends and I have been doing stuff that took me away from my horses, I start thinking, what if the car crashes? What if I won’t see them again? If I die here, who is going to look after them? Who is going to be sensitive about Apocalipse and Saleem and their headshaking? Who is going to love Marble, despite her aggressiveness? And if I suddenly disappear, how is Tardis ever going to trust in humans again? She has been sold so many times already… And Ablaze… My dear, sweet Ablaze, who still bites and rears up against people at random, even though he is turning two this year. What would happen to him, if I died?

Of course, if the boyfriend survived, he could keep some of them, but who would he have to sell, without my income? And since we would be in the same car, what if we both died… How would my mom ever handle taking care of the horses until they could find new homes?

See, that’s how fast I go from, “It could be fun, but maybe a little expensive,” to “I’ll never see my horses again and they will be sold and beaten and broken in uncaring hands…”

I know. I should not think like that. But I do. So, the question is, could I survive a weekend away, mentally or am I just too crazy to go?

(I am not afraid to die, please don’t misunderstand. But I am terrified to leave my horses behind.)

I know that you all probably think that it would be good for me to go. You know, to learn. To let go, to live, and to separate myself from my horses… Unhealthy obsession and all that, I know. I call it love. And that, I will not compromise or separate myself from.

And the way I am fixing this problem? Easy. The way I always do. I stall, I think about it, I drag my feet, until suddenly all the spots are taken and we can’t sign up anymore. Which, of course, means that the boyfriend, who is waiting for me to say yes, is not going either…

And that is hardly fair, is it?

I hate my mind sometimes. Perhaps if Applejack goes with me, I could make it?

unnamed (1)

But… What about the cat? Won’t she be lonely without us?

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Those Shoes…

I’ve been doing some crazy stuff lately. I hardly dare say it out loud. Everything I was taught as I grew up in the equestrian world, is going against what I am doing now, and yet, it suddenly feels right somehow.

I think it snuck up on me, as I was watching Apocalipse grow up. Apocalipse’s mother, Amalia, had the worst hooves you could possibly imagine. We fought her entire life, to keep her shoes on, and if she lost a shoe, she became instantly lame. As in, needs-painkiller-lame, until the Ferrier could show up and fix her. I still have nightmares, when he is on vacation, dreaming that Amalia has lost a shoe, and I wake up in a state of panic.

Then there is Apocalipse’s father, Saleem. Saleem has some serious flaws in the way his legs are positioned and he got his first shoes as a one and a half year old, (much against my Ferrier’s will, but ordered by the vet, since we simply couldn’t help him enough without shoes,) and he has been wearing shoes ever since. He is turning 8 this year and the last four years, he has been wearing fourpoint shoes, just to straighten his legs out.

Saleem has some very tender soles and even if he hasn’t lost his shoes much, when he has once in a while, he has been instantly lame.

So, back to Saleem and Amalia’s son, Apocalipse.

Apocalipse is turning five this summer. He isn’t wearing shoes yet. My Ferrier kept telling me for years, every time I felt that he was too tender in his hooves, (mostly at winter when the grounds froze,) that he was too young yet. He had to be at least four, before he got his first shoes, because otherwise we would damage the growth of the hoof. So, I waited patiently for Apocalipse to grow up, so I could get those shoes on him, so he would walk easier on frozen ground…

And then, this winter came and I realized that Apocalipse had turned four and that he was going on five and I just did not feel like getting shoes on him. Looking at his hooves, and how they were working out perfectly in 90% of the weather we have in Denmark, I suddenly felt that giving him shoes, would start an endless cycle of pain and stress, and heartache, for both of us, because the nails would weaken the hoof wall and what if he was his mother’s son, or his father’s son, instantly becoming lame, if he lost a shoe? Would I want us to go through that? (Make no mistake, I suffer just as much as my horses do, when they are lame…)

I guess that is when I started questioning the way I was raised for the first time. Everything inside me revolted against Apocalipse, wearing shoes.

If there is anything I have learned in my time in the equestrian world, it is to listen to my gut instincts. If it doesn’t feel right for Apocalipse to wear shoes, then why should he?

Looking at Tardis and Ablaze, who both has hooves as hard as Adamantium, I realized that I was never planning on getting shoes on them. Why then, on Apocalipse and Marble? Because they are tender, once in a while?

Marble has a tendency to become flat and annoying in her hooves, but with her temper, I have no idea how we were ever going to calm her down long enough to actually get shoes on her. I realize that being a hysterical mare is hardly an excuse, but it is a reason to not force it on her, unless absolutely necessary.

Over the winter, my Ferrier was kind of tired of mud and wet horses, (as much as he loves us, he clearly prefers horses in ordinary stables, and I have full respect for that,) and as such, I took up trimming the little ones myself for the first time, over the winter, sparing the Ferrier the mud and the rain, and keeping an eye on their hooves myself. I find that trimming them is working out better than I dared hope for. I always imagined that I would have him trim them again, come spring, or at least once or twice a year, to keep an eye on my work, and maybe I will.

The thing is though, he keeps doing things I don’t exactly agree with, like filing at the outside of the hoof, because it looks nicer. I have asked him about it more than once, and he always says that it just looks better, so that’s why he does it. I just think that taking off the top layer of the hoof like that, is making it weaker…

Please don’t get me wrong, I adore the guy and he is a brilliant, brilliant Ferrier. He is as skilled as they come in Denmark, and watching him work on my horses every sixth weeks, for twenty years, I dare say, I learned from the best. I just feel like trying out something else now, because ordinary hoof care isn’t quite working for me. Not that it is letting me down, like it did with Amalia, but still… it doesn’t feel quite right anymore, either.

And then, while trimming the little ones, I started looking at Saleem and how he is developing arthritis in his one hind leg already, no doubt from his bad let position, and I wondered if I removed his shoes, could I support his hind legs better? With regular trimming, perhaps every third week, minor adjustments all the time, rather than major adjustments and shoes every sixth to eight weeks? Wouldn’t that maybe be healthier on his joints and tendons?

I realize that people wear shoes on their horses, because they want to ride all year. I don’t have any problems with not riding when the ground is frozen for instance, if that is what it takes for my horses to function better, most of the time. I was watching Saleem this winter, and in all honesty, shoes or no shoes, he wasn’t walking that much better than any of the shoeless ones, when the ground froze up.

I had his hind shoes removed by the Ferrier a little less than two months ago. The world did not implode. He did not become lame. He isn’t tender while we ride on the road… In fact, I haven’t been able to feel it on him at all, but I have been able to trim his hind hooves twice, while his front hooves has been growing in their shoes.

And then I realized how it bothered me that he was wearing those shoes on his front legs. I mean sure, if he needs shoes, to not be in pain, he is getting shoes, like he did when he was young, but what if, all our years of correcting his legs, has paid off? What if, he doesn’t need the shoes anymore?

Saleem has been growing increasingly impatient with my Ferrier as well, and I am not sure why. He is usually the most kind hearted and gentle spirit imaginable, but the last two or three times he has had new shoes on, he has been kind of a pest about it. It may be a coincidence, but it has had me thinking. I can trim him with no issues. I can have his leg for hours and he never loses patience with me. Why put him through the stress then, of being shoed, if he doesn’t have to?

And even more radical, what if, it might be better for his hooves to be without those shoes?

I hardly dare say it. I was taught not to. It is not in my blood, to have horses without shoes. Yet, it feels right at the moment.

So, two days ago, I removed his front shoes. I did it myself, not daring to ask my Ferrier to do it, because I am sure he wouldn’t like the idea. And because I didn’t want him trimmed that much. I have noticed that when Ferrier’s remove shoes, they trim the hoof, quite a lot. For a horse like Saleem, with soft soles, removing the shoes and trimming him at the same time, feels like suicide.

No, I have a game plan. Removing the shoes, trimming him just a little, keeping his leg position correct, and leaving the sole alone for a while. Then, in a week or two, once his sole (hopefully,) will have hardened up a little, I can perhaps trim him a little more. The main issue now, is to keep him walking without pain in the transit period. Let there be no mistake, Saleem’s hooves has been greatly weakened by wearing shoes at such a young age. I don’t regret doing it then, because I don’t think he would have been alive today without the shoes, but now… No need to hang on to the past, is there, if one no longer needs it?

Saleem has been without shoes for two days now, and he is happy, playing, and walking like he always does. I spot no difference in his movement, whatsoever. No indications of soreness…

So, yes, I have been doing crazy stuff lately. Learning about hoof care myself… The idea is insane, I know. And removing Saleem’s shoes feels impossible… and yet here we are, and no one has died yet. I still feel like a despicable human being, for even saying it out loud, and at the same time, every time I watch Saleem walk these days, my heart sings. At long last, he may be shoeless and who knows, maybe I can restore his hooves somewhat, over time, to make up for the damage that was done to them when he had to correct his legs when he was a colt.

I think that what I am so happy about now, is that the future is finally uncertain. I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t know how it is going to work out. But there is a possibility that it might be better for him, than what we have been doing so far, is.  After all, isn’t that worth a try?

If Apocalipse can not wear shoes, with his parents and genetic makeup, then why not Saleem too? Fingers crossed.

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The horses has been very bored lately. They have taken to gnawing at my houses, and even worse, gnawing at the house that belongs to the guy that owns the stable. According to him, we fix that problem by smearing motor oil on the wood… that ought to teach them, right?

unnamed (91)

I know, we all saw my head explode there. So, no that did not happen.

It is one thing that they are eating the paint already on the wood, but I am not adding to it… So, what to do when your horses, as a group, decides to eat the roof from over their heads?

Give them something they CAN gnaw at. Like a tree.

unnamed (92)

Apocalipse and Tardis approve. I would like to add that they are rather fat, all of them, at the moment, and they are getting more hay than they can eat, mostly using it for sleeping in and in general just throwing it away, when they get tired of eating it, so it is not because they are hungry. Not even a little bit. But clearly, they would love some wood at the moment…

unnamed (93)

Since we are at it, with showing lousy cell phone pictures, I would love to show off Apocalipse on the road. Alone. And not freaking out.. My big boy.

unnamed (88)2

I know, he is wearing a bridle and he hates it. I just can’t trust that he stays with me if a tractor comes by, if I have him in a halter, and he hates wearing a halter just as much as the bridle, because of the pressure across his nose. Yes, I am still trying to figure this horse out. But he sure is beautiful. My wonderful, wonderful young man.

unnamed (89)

And to end this silly post, a sleeping foal selfie.

unnamed (87)

Okay, Ablaze is almost two years old, so not exactly a foal anymore, but who cares. He is MY foal, just like Apocalipse. And yes, his eyes are running. You will note the eye treatment I have in my hand in the picture.

Sometimes it feels a little strange, to have horses like Ablaze and Apocalipse, who I can sneak up on when they sleep and treat their eyes, without them even bothering to get up. That is the ultimate kind of trust, isn’t it? They let me do evil stuff to them, while they are lying down…

unnamed (90)

And at the same time, none of them are all that trusting once we leave the safety of home. I guess that will be my next challenge, for both of them. Extending our trust to the world outside the fence. And figuring out how to train Apocalipse, outside the fence, without anything on his face…

There is always something new to learn when you have horses…

unnamed (94)

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X – Wing Store Championship

I was at my first X-Wing tournament yesterday. Having played the game for about a month and a half, I was kind of curious to see how the boyfriend and I would hold up against the others, who had been playing for much longer.

Still, going to a tournament like this, isn’t just going and spending ten hours moving space ships around on a board, for me, it is getting up at sunrise and taking care of the horses before going, spending the entire day, looking at the sun outside, wondering if I will be able to make it back to the stable before dark, and when I realize that I won’t, wondering how angry Apocalipse and Ablaze is going to be when I show up too late…

So yes, as much fun as a game like this is, I am ever easily distracted, once we reach the end of the day.

I won’t have any pictures from the tournament itself, since I was busy playing, and couldn’t really play with a camera as well, but I showed up with my dual Decimator listing. I won’t lie, I adore the Decimators… Especially one of them, who can cause damage by flying into the other ships… He really suits the brutish side of me, reminding me ever so slightly of my dear Apollon, who never found an obstacle he could not move if he rammed straight into it, me included. Playing with my two Decimators, one whose strongest force is crashing into people and one, who is a dead eye shot, (especially with predator,) actually seems like the story of my life. The fact that they have no defence either, and just takes the shots, if they get fired at, fits quite well too… I didn’t even think of it, until this morning, how I seem to have found the two space ships in this game, that matches my two old horses the very best… The brute and the predator. Oh, well.


Anyway, I was seated against a swarm in the very first game. For my dual Decimators, a swarm of small ships is the absolute worst scenario, because they have no defence, and if a whole gang of ships starts firing at them, they just die.

Add to that, the guy flying them, was talking to the others, and I overheard him telling the others that he had made it into the top four at the last regional championship. Nice. Worst, worst possible scenario. I am going to lost the first game, which means I probably won’t make it into the finals…

Already, part of me was thinking, “oh well, I can escape and make it to the stable before dark then…” And then, my competitive side kicked in.


The guy playing the swarm was amazing. I really wish I had had some pictures of his flying, because he was insanely skilled at flying formation and not hitting asteroids or other space ships. I had a moment there, when I was thinking, “snap. I am so dead.” And then I realized that he wasn’t expecting me to go around him.

I learned long ago, that playing with Decimators, you do not face a swarm head on. If possible, you do not face anyone head on. You circle the smaller ships, those who can only fire in one direction, and you spend all of your game, doing your very best to escape their firing arch, all the while shooting them in the back… Again, looooove the Decimators…


Anyway, much to my surprise, I won that game.

I was then seated against another guy who had won his first game as well. He flew another Decimator and a Lambda shuttle. He had a lot of crazy modifications on his ships, so they could do stuff I did not expect, (I am pretty new to the game and I usually need to see the cards in play, to fully understand what it is that they do,) but aside from that, I wasn’t too worried about the Lambda.

It is an awesome ship, I would LOVE to see the Lambda work out, but truth is, it is an insanely difficult ship to fly. So my two boys did their sneaky trick and flew behind the Lambda, concentrating their fire on the enemy Decimator.


In all fairness, the enemy Decimator was quite a problem. I lost one of my boys, before I finally got it shot down, but once it was gone, it was just Lambda chasing for the rest of the game, because I was behind it and it cannot turn fast enough to fire at me. So, I won my second game as well.

The boyfriend had, by then, won his two first games as well, which meant that we were both undefeated and had to face each other before the finals. For me, that was even worse than the swarm…

The boyfriend flies with the Millennium Falcon, which is a big, annoying ship, nearly impossible to shoot  down, and three small ships. Since we had been training at home, I knew that my Decimators could not handle this list, and I knew that the boyfriend would not let me get behind his small ships. He is so on to me, the bastard…

The thing is, normally I would focus on shooting down his Millennium Falcon, because it is the biggest ship, and as such, the one that costs most points and if time runs out, I need his Falcon to be dead, for me to win the game. If I lose a Decimator, shooting down his three little ships, won’t cost him points enough to win me the game.


The trouble is, if I focus on the Millennium Falcon, going for the kill on that one, his three little ships will spend the time, shooting me down, as I don’t have any defence and any hit, rolled on the dice, is a hit on my Decimators.

So, against my better judgement, I decided on a desperate tactic yesterday, and had to go for an all out kill, shooting down his three little ships first, (so they wouldn’t kill me,) and then, hopefully surviving long enough, to have my two Decimators focus their fire on the Millennium Falcon, once they was no longer being shot down from behind…

Knowing full well, that if shooting down the three little ships lost me just one of my Decimators, I would not have firepower enough to take down the Millennium Falcon with all of his upgrades.

Which was exactly what happened.

So, I lost game number three, about which time the others started talking about how the boyfriend had never lost a game at this store yet. He had played the Hordes and War machines tournament last year and won every single game, and now, he wasn’t losing either. Please add a little pressure here… Now, once people start talking like this, it would seem even worse for him to lose, tarnishing his perfect record.

Still, we both made it into the top four, and once again, I was seated against the worst possible opponent. I would have given a lot, for playing against the two Millennium Falcons the boyfriend faced, rather than the guy I had to play against, for a lot of reasons.

First off, the guy I was seated against, had a swarm like list as well, which is always annoying with my list, and second, he was really arrogant.

I had been wondering what it would be like, showing up in an environment like this one, as the sole girl, but until I met this guy, the others had been fantastic. This guy though, started out by asking the boyfriends opponent to lose, so he could face the boyfriend again in the finals, because he really wanted a rematch. Making me sit opposite to him thinking, “prick. You have not fucking beaten me yet. You probably will, but I did make it to the semi finals, would you act like I wasn’t air?”

I know I might be a little sensitive here, but it was quite clear that he wasn’t going to handle losing a game to a girl. In fact, he was hardly going to acknowledge me as an opponent. He had a friend too, who came by from time to time, cheering him on, telling him that he had flown so well today, he deserved to win. Which is kind of annoying too, because at this time, we were four people who had flown very well. Only the boyfriend was undefeated, the other three had lost one game. So, no offence, but fuck you…

Okay, it was late in the day, and I was tired and my migraine had caused me to drug up on painkillers, making me rather unfocused and quite easily annoyed. I even forgot some quite important skills, like how my predator can re-roll not one, but two dice against his entire list, and he was kind enough to not remind me.

I know, my mistake, but that is kind of bad gamesmanship. If you can see that your opponent is not playing as he should, forgetting to use his abilities, I always point it out, simply because it feels like cheating to me, if I don’t. I don’t want to win, simply because my opponent forgot a technicality.

I am not saying that it could have won me the game, if I had remembered how many dice I could re-roll, it probably wouldn’t, but truth is, I could have potentially done so, simply because with every ship he lost, there would have been one ship less left to fire at me. I will be kicking myself over that for a while now…

Another thing that really threw me about his list, was how he was able to fit his ships into spaces on the board, that was clearly too small. I have a very good eye for distance and size, I am grew up riding show jumping, if there is anything my eye is trained for, it is estimating distance, down to the last millimeter. It took me a while to figure out why he seemed to be able to dodge asteroids and even my ships, when he should have flown straight into me.

He was using some soft padding underneath his base, to make his ships have a better grip on the board. In theory, that is a really great idea, because the board was really hard to play on, with its smooth surface. In reality, it is kind of cheating, because it raised his ships, list a little, above mine, and sometimes even above the asteroids as well, making him get a lot of actions he shouldn’t have had, because if he had not had that padding, he would have landed on the asteroids, and even worse for me, every time he would have flown straight into me, he instead, got to shoot at me at range one.

Add to that, he kept his maneuver dials on his side of the table, the entire game, making it impossible for me to see if he was actually playing fair. He could have sent his ships anywhere, and just modified it once he saw that it wasn’t going to work out. I am not saying he did, I don’t think he did, but I had no way of telling, and that kind of pisses me off as well. I could have asked for him to not do that, but then again… it hardly mattered. Clearly it was more important to him, to beat me, than it was to me, to beat him. With the boyfriend undefeated, I wasn’t going to win the tournament anyway, because I still can’t take down his list…


All of this aside, I didn’t play a good game against this guy, I made a lot of mistakes, and he won, going up against the boyfriend again, in the final round. Knowing the boyfriend, he wasn’t going to lose the tournament to a guy he had beaten once already, so I settled down, watching the guy I had just played against get creamed.  That is the thing about the boyfriend. If he had a hard time playing against this guy the first time he met his list, he didn’t really the second time. His mind is kind of Sherlock Holmes like, he figures out the problem and handles it in a way that leaves most of us behind. You can learn a lot, from watching him play, if you pay attention.

The guy with the two Millennium Falcons, who lost to the boyfriend in the semi finals, chose not to want to play for third and fourth place, (again giving me the distinct impression that he did not want to lose to a girl, since he didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted the game, he just packed up his things, never even looking my way,) landing me, I believe on a third place, because of how they figure out the scores… Not sure, but I am pretty happy with making it into the top four, (out of twelve,) and especially beating the swarm in the first game. That was totally awesome, and so much fun.

Oh, and yes, the boyfriend won the store tournament, of course, and remains undefeated. Wup, wup!

By then, it had gotten completely dark and I had to run off to feed the horses.

I keep forgetting that they are not Poseidon and Apollon. The guys I have now, they don’t get upset that I am late. They just go to sleep, or go play, or you know, pass time. They don’t lay in wait, hanging of the ceiling, throwing hissing fits if I am two seconds late. That is really nice. I just have to stop living in the past, feeling horribly guilty about not following the usual schedule. My little kiddos, they really don’t mind, as long as I do feed them at some point. They are always happy to see me and I never have to apologise with them.

So, my first X- Wing tournament. It was pretty awesome. I like the environment and most of the people who play those games. It was a long day though, and it has cost me the last month of training for it. I haven’t written a word on my books all of February, or March. That is not good. Time to get back to normal for a while, I guess, and should I play another tournament in the future, I am hoping I won’t need that much training beforehand. As much fun as it is, I am not sure it is quite worth that much of my time, and is sure isn’t worth compromising my writing. Still, once in a while, breaking habits is a good thing, I guess. Learning new stuff. Like flying space ships.

That is always nice to be able to do. Thanks Dragons Lair, for a great day!

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Friday The 13th

It’s a little funny, actually, when you think about it. The boyfriend keeps telling me that Friday the 13th isn’t an unlucky date, unless you are a Christian. Really, he isn’t superstitious at all.

Which maybe he should be, living with me.

I woke up this morning, to discover that my phone company had once again, messed up my bill. I changed to them in November and for some unimaginable reason, they haven’t been able to make the payments and the bill match up yet. This time, they decided to send me a bill for four months at once. Here you go, pay up. Bet you didn’t see that coming?

Truth be told, I can’t just pay a bill like that, when it is coming out of nowhere, and I never asked for them to make me pay ahead, so I called them and asked them to change it. Half an hour later, and a lot of waiting and listening to stupid waiting music, the woman at the company arrived at the conclusion that she could not change my bill. Oh no, it could not be done. I would just have to pay it and then they would change it in the future.

Thing is, if I pay it, I am pretty sure I won’t have a future as I will surely starve to death… those people answering the phones at those kinds of companies, have no sense of humour… or of reality. If I COULD pay it, do you think I would be here, calling you, wasting hours of my life?

Loooooong story short, I hung up, and called in again, and got another person answering and he fixed it within minutes… Great way to start the day. That ought to set the mood…

Last week, I ordered a set of hoof knives, online. Needless to say, they should have been delivered this week. Monday, actually, since the Danish post office prides themselves of day to day service on parcels. Since Saleem have a hoof abscess at the moment, I could really use those knives, and looking up the track and trace number on the post office’s page, I could see that the parcel had not moved since Monday. It was just lying in wait, not being distributed. So, I had to call them as well.

Now, if one think that the Danish post office is good at losing mail, and slow at delivering mail, one should try and call them. They set new standards for “slow” when it comes to answering their phone.

Forty five minutes, on the line, listening to brain-dead rap music and their “skip the waiting, just look up your parcel online,” jingles, had me nearly jumping out the window when they finally answered the phone.

It turned out, they had no idea where the parcel was and why it had not been delivered, despite the track and trace. So, all I got from that hour of my life was that they promised to look into it. Well great. Thanks.

Finally, going to the stable, Saleem seems to be on the mend. I am pretty sure I did find the abscess, even without the new tools and got it opened a few days ago, but with Saleem’s hooves you never really know.

I discovered the reason why Tardis is losing her tail today. Or, not the reason, but… Okay, Tardis has been slowly losing her tail over the last two months. At first I thought that she might have been sleeping and that somepony might have stepped on it, pulling it off her, because it looked pulled off, not cut for instance, or scratched. Then I started to suspect Ablaze of eating her tail, simply because I was pretty sure he had a parasite problem, because of his lasting eye infection. So I got him treated for parasites and kind of expected Tardis to stop losing her tail then.


She didn’t. Today, I found great chunks of skin, coming off her tail, taking the hair with it. She doesn’t bleed, there is no wound, the skin is dry and nice looking, and she isn’t particularly itchy. I won’t lie, I am pretty stumped. So, of course, I sent a picture to my vets…






They have a few ideas, but we are going to have to run some tests on her. Wup wup, vet bills, please come my way… got to love this day…

And so, while I was busy bathing Tardis’ tail, sterilizing it, (Ablaze helping me, by trying to drink from the bucket, biting my hand when I pushed him away, or simply sticking his face in between Tardis’ tail and me, so I was washing her blindly, being unable to see anything but him,) the guy who owns the stable showed up and asked me to open the fence to my pasture.

I won’t lie, I was pretty cranky at the moment, but I followed him, only snarling a little. Turns out, his tractor had broken a wheel clean off and was stuck on the field next to my pasture, nearly falling over without the wheel.

Snarling a little less, I helped him roll the wheel through my pasture and back into the courtyard…

So far, so good.

Remember how my scooter broke down for the 666th time, last week? That is a bit of a long story, but to make it short, the factory is recalling it, and I am getting a new one, at a very low prize. I had to go to the shop today, to get the paperwork in order, to set things in motion.

Wondering what could go wrong here, I arrived at the shop to find that their printer had broken down, so well, we could not get the paperwork in order. Not really. Luckily, the guys there are very imaginative, so we worked around that. Who needs my signature on anything anyway?

Feeling rather sorry for myself, I will admit, I stopped by the local toy shop and bought a rainbowfied (20% cooler) Rainbow Dash, blind bag pony. I guess that was the best part of this day. And now, I am staying in bed for the remainder of the day, letting the boyfriend tug in the horses for the night.


He is not superstitious, so as long as I don’t move, nothing else will go wrong, right?

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