Gishwhes And William Shatner

My life is a little shaky right now. I realize that one of the things that once was be great about this blog, was how honest I used to write about my life. I will get back to that. Right now, I’m just playing things a little close to the west. So, here is another Gishwhes Post. I’ll wrap them up soon, promise.

William Shatner usually participates in Gishwhes. This year he didn’t, and of course Misha had to set up an item to bother him about it. Long story short, we were told to send him three post cards, picturing how much fun we were having doing Gishwhes. Just so he knew that he was missing out, you know. And, of course, we were supposed to tweet Mr. Shatner and ask for his address.

I am not sure who started bothering who, but I have had a great lot of fun watching Misha and Shatner harass each other on twitter. It’s a thing they do. I happily signed up for that item. I love harassing people on twitter.

Mr. Shatner was totally on to us though. He instantly posted “his” address and even made it his cover picture. So helpful. I was disappointed at first, that he gave up so easily, but then I noticed that he had kinda asked the mail to be sent to M/C.

I was snickering to myself about that for a while, and two days later, we got an email from Misha, telling us not to be fooled. Shatner had in fact, given us the Gishwhes mailing address. That escalated on twitter, as Shatner got his hands on that email and asked the Supernatural producer to make his actors stop harassing him… Social media is so entertaining sometimes… Anyway…

It’s not that hard to find a mailing address for William Shatner, if you have a minimum of stalking skills, and here are our submissions. The funniest part about this item was, hands down, watching twitter implode.




I’m sure Shatner totally regrets missing out on that this year…. Let’s face it, he would have made a great pokemon…

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My Little Pony- Game


My band mates and fellow My Little Pony fanatic’s has been playing My Little Pony on their phones for a long time. When I got my Nokia, it did not support the game. Of course. But then, I got my hands on the Dark Mare phone, which supports both My Little Pony and PokemonGo.

I’ve been playing the My Little pony game for a while now. Shyly. I haven’t really committed to it. I stopped by once in a while, played with a pony, smiled at the cute animations, and left again. Why? Because I knew instantly that this is the kind of game I would get lost it.

I made the mistake the other day, of letting the boyfriend see the game. And I was snickering to myself when I realized that he signed up for it one evening. My Little Pony rocks. Anyone who comes across it, will get sucked in one way or another…


I had my smug smile wiped clean off my face the next morning, when I realized that he had managed to play it all night and reach the same level as me in no time. Oh, hell no! That is war! I mean, great… Maybe I should take a closer look at that game…

And here we are. I’m utterly lost. Even PokemonGo has been at a stand still lately. I have only been claiming the local gyms when it has been convenient and when no ponies has been up for playing…

So, the game. It is brilliant. Like all things, when My Little Pony is involved, it appeals to grownups as well as children. If you are a child, it has a ton of mini games you can easily play, like playing ball with Twilight, or go applebucking with Applejack. (Try that with Applebloom or any of the baby ponies, that is much harder than it looks…)

As an adult, the more you play with your ponies, the more stars they get, and the more stars they have, the more you can make them work and earn money for you.

I feel like the evil Catrina from generation one, capturing ponies and using them as slaves… You can even send them into the mines… Muahahaha! *cough*

Okay. Evil aside, you can visit your friends cities. Which means that I have my two band mates and my boyfriend, and I can go to their cities, and leave them little crystal hearts. That is so sweet.

And I can dance with their ponies, earning them crystal hearts.

Friendship is magic, indeed. I love that part of the game.

Another thing I truly adore is the animations. When you are not playing with your ponies, they run around the cities, playing with each other, gathering in groups, watching the theater, you name it. They are always doing something extremely adorable.

And the game follows the story line of the series. In Canterlot, there are changelings. I was laughing when I saw the first one. It was so awesome. All of a sudden, Pinkie Pie was playing cat and mouse with a cupcake, and she was so cute, I stopped everything and just looked at her. And then I realized that there were two Pinkie’s. There was another Pinkie, playing with the other ponies. So I clicked the cupcake Pinkie and she turned into a changeling. I love that. I love how you can’t even trust your ponies.

So far, I’m only level 42, (I was 16 two days ago, before the boyfriend joined us,) and I’ve only uncovered some of the elements of harmony, beaten a few changelings, explored a bit of the Everfree Forest, and made a lot of ponies work for me… And after playing this game intensively, for 48 hours, (sleep is overrated) I am in the top 50 world wide, in the dancing game event. I knew I should have stayed away from this game…

Oh well, I’m in it now. Might as well go for it. Wait… 43, I just got a level while writing this… Uhu, now I can build DJ Pony! Wup Wup!

I will say that this is a game that wants you to spend real money on it. Like, the gems are almost impossible to gain fast enough, without buying them. I still need 35 to get Rainbow Dash, and 20 for Sweetie Belle… The truth is though, that if I stick with this game, and keep loving it, I am not opposed to buying stuff in it.

I already did… Lily Valley was for sale.. I had to get her… *Innocent Whistle*

But I’m pretty broke this month, so Rainbow Dash will have to wait until the next paycheck… Unless I can gain 35 levels in the next ten days… Working on it…

So, should you play it?

No. It will drag you in, and keep you from anything else. You will spend hours playing with ponies, smiling at how cute Applejack is when she is bucking around on the map, and driving yourself insane, trying to make it through the mines.

If you are up for that though, then HELL YES! Go for it! And let me know, so we can be friends. I dance a LOT to stay on top of the event. If anypony wants crystal hearts…

This is Hasbro when they are best. This game is the best game I have played in a long time. It is versatile, funny, cute, frustrating, adorable, insanely impossible and you will be singing the songs fiveever. Yes. Fiveever. That’s even longer than forever. Don’t ask. Just watch the show. And join the herd… I mean, the game.. I promise, you will regret it.

But you will do so with a huge smile on your lips.


So I have nothing else to add, except; well played Hasbro. As always. Well Played. We are still waiting for the “PokemonGo” version, that will get us off our asses and outside, but until then, I’ll just stay in my bed, dancing with my friends ponies… Without ever seeing a living soul. Perfect…

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Gishwhes And Linked In

One of the dumbest things I signed up for during Gishwhes was the Linked In item. I have a Linked In account. The item read something like, get your lazy pet a job, by getting him a profile on Linked In and get ten people to recommend him. I figured that it was a pretty easy task.

I mean, writing a profile for Saleem was fun. But then I had to figure out how that recommendation system worked on Linked In.

Truth be told, I did not suspect that it would be a problem. I mean, this page is designed for people without a job, who is looking for networking, to get a job, right? Recommendations must be top priority on a page like that, and easy for everyone to figure out? Right?

First off, you can’t sign up on Linked In, unless you belong to a company. So already there, I was wrong. It is not for unemployed people. It is for people with a job, who wants to… what?

Not recommend each other, that is for sure. I had to google how to do it. And three hours later, and a billion misleading pages and answers later, I figured it out well enough to start bugging my friends about it.

The next thing was, that you have to be connected on Linked In, to recommend someone. Which meant that suddenly I was stuck in front of the computer, sending out connection invites and waiting for people to reply, so I could explain how to recommend Saleem. Over and over and over…

And half of the people I got on the hook, ended up bailing because it was too difficult, even with my guidance. A few didn’t think it was funny, because Linked In is a serious place and a horse had no business there. (Serious? Really? Seriously useless, is more like it…) Some swore that they had sent the recommendation, but it never got through. And some, just could not connect to Saleem.

My friend from France, May, tried to connect with Saleem. We sent each other invites for a whole hour, and they never got through. When one of my invites finally reached her, and she accepted, Linked In told her that we could not connect because we had nothing in common.

Sooooo… this page, designed to help people network… Is actively preventing you from networking? Well, that is just fantastic.

I ended up sending her an email, from Saleem’s email, (which is my work email,) writing something along the lines of “fuck you Misha” and then, Linked In accepted that we were friends. Great.

All in all, getting ten recommendations on Linked In was one of them most frustrating experiences I have suffered through, and only because my team was amazing, and fought with me, did I make it through that one. Otherwise I would have so quit that task.

Now, I am just waiting for the Gishwhes judges to review it all, so I can delete Saleem again. And, I really want to take down my own profile as well, since I never use it (with good reason,) but Dark Mare is not a huge fan of me deleting myself. I’ll have to weasel out of that somehow…

The one thing I learned from this is that Linked In is a complete waste of time, and half of the connection invites you are sent from people, never go through. So thanks for that, Misha. I’ve had that profile for years. Now I know why I shouldn’t have it.

Anyway, here is the result of our blood, sweat and tears. And cursing Misha’s name. Go team GishwhesVirgins.


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Gishwhes And The Significant Other

The first task on the Gishwhes list this year, was a fairly simple one. Or so I thought. It read something like; You used to do something for your significant other, back when you first met, that used to make them smile. You haven’t done it in years. Do it now.

I figured that would be pretty easy, right? Aston and I have been together for 10 years, there must be something I forgot to do?

So, dumb as I am, I signed up for that. And then I started thinking. Back when we first met, what did we use to do? What would make him smile?

After driving myself insane over it for a while, I actually asked him. The only thing we both came up with, was Heroes of Might and Magic. We used to play that all the time. These days, we play Pokemon and X Wing. Mostly because the online place where we bought Heroes, to make it compatible with Windows ten, still haven’t fixed the bug that makes the game crash at random. That gets tiresome…

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how to get a picture of us, playing Heroes. Also, it felt a little odd. I mean, ten years, and the only thing we stopped doing, was playing a computer game? Haven’t we changed a bit?

And then it hit me. There was one thing we used to do. Back when Amalia and Apollon and Poseidon was alive. We used to ride together. That always made him smile.

So, I called on my face book friends, asking for a photographer with patience and without fear of horses, who might help us take a picture on short notice. That’s the thing about Gishwhes. There is no, “I’m free next week.” It has to be now, or it won’t do. My super awesome friend and band mate, volunteered again. I knew she wasn’t afraid of the horses, but she is dead allergic, so I felt kinda bad about making her do it. But, well… she offered… Thanks😉


The patience part was required, as the horses we have now, are hardly broken in and truth be told, I knew it would take a while to get a picture that could be used. I had this old picture of Poseidon and Amalia and Aston and me, I wanted to redo. (Preferably without the insane ISO setting…)

Billede 051e

But how to make Tardis and Saleem walk side by side? They are not exactly the best of friends, and Aston has hardly ridden since Amalia died. Also, the kids got a hold of his helmet, and destroyed it, so he no longer has one, which always gets me panicky, because riding without a helmet is just dumb.

But, taking a deep breath, I picked up my Saleem and settled for doing the best I could to make the picture happen, while Tardis walked in any direction she wanted… (Yes, we are both wearing My Little Pony T-Shirts.)


The kids were very helpful as well, making sure to be everywhere at all times.


And then, to my great surprise, Saleem got caught up in the chaos and decided to ignore me as well.


My Saleem… Imagine that… But the one thing I have to say, we got from this chaos, was that it sure did make Aston smile, like I haven’t seen him smile in a very long time.


I really should take him riding more often. And just embrace the crazy that is our wild and untamed Arabians. Who would have thought. Poseidon, the horse that didn’t like humans, was actually insanely well schooled, compared to this gang. Even if I am good at creating  a picture, to make it look like we totally got this under control.

Anyway, I am a bit surprised by how I missed his smile and never even knew it. I guess that sometimes it takes something like a silly scavenger hunt to realize what used to make you good together. Somehow, over the years, everything just got “everyday chores.” Feeding the horses, cleaning hooves, mucking out, filling up water… And we forgot the one thing that used to make us, us.

Being wild and free and untamed. With Poseidon and Amalia, we had wings. They were fast as lightning, Poseidon was spooky and nervous, Amalia had a killer instinct when it came to running, and together, they were lethal. Still, nothing ever came as close to freedom, as the four of us on the road. I should remember that.

Saleem and Tardis are nothing like them. And they shouldn’t be. Life goes on, for those of us left behind. It has to. And I’ll be sure to get him a helmet and see that smile more often…


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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child – Book


Let me start by saying that I LOVE Harry Potter. Unconditionally. I am, hands down, a huge fan, to the point where I have been willing to overlook inconsistencies and slightly less thought through plot lines. I know I have been driving my boyfriend crazy with my unwavering devotion to these books, and even to the movies.

When people started tweeting about the Cursed Child, with the hashtag #NoSpoilers, I was going crazy, because I was never going to be able to afford going to England to see the play, so please; do spoil! I wanna know what happens!

And then, the play was released as a ebook. Right in the middle of Gishwhes. Imagine the torture, having this book, and not having time to read it. Damn you, Misha. I feel like I said that a lot, that week…

Anyway, I did finally read it. Actually, its a while ago by now. I’m just having trouble figuring out what to say.


First off, the “book” is written as a script for the theater. At first, I thought that was a funny idea, you know, for those of us unable to go. Now we got to read it, and imagine what it would be like, right?

Well, to be honest, it feels rough, unedited, and just… second hand. All the way through.

It takes a lot for me to say that something feels unedited, but this script has words missing in more than one place, and it completely fails to build up any real emotion.

Harry is conveniently hysterical, when needed, and easily says dumb things to his teenage son, to kick start the story. If it had only been that, I could have over looked a weak foundation, but the rest of the story is just as… I struggle to find any other word than this; pointless.

It’s a time travel story. Now, most writers have a hard time handling time travel. Doctor Who, under Russel T. Davis, did a great job. My Little Pony and their “future Twilight” episode, did a great job. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, manages to be a complete waste of time.

Why? Because it is a time travel story, where Albus and his friend Scorpius, goes back in time to save Cedric. You know, the boy who died at the cemetery at the end of book four.

I had issues with that, right from the get go. Amos Diggory, Cedric’s dad, asks Harry to go back in time and save his son, because he heard that the Ministry for Magic has discovered a time turner. And yes, we know, they were all destroyed, but well… Let it slide… You know, I could have accepted that story, and how one survived, or was reinvented, or whatever. But for Amos to know that Voldemort called Cedric “the spare”… Now THAT bugs me. How did he know that?

Did he, perhaps, read the books?

I mean, there was ONLY Harry there, and Voldemort’s men. Who would have told Amos? Even if Harry told Dumbledore in a vulnerable moment, who would have been so cruel as to tell Amos?

Again, I would have let that slide too, if it wasn’t mentioned again, and again, and again… Once more, it felt like the story was build on a foundation that… should not exist. That only existed, because the writer made it so, with complete disregard for the universe of the books.

Anyway, the two boys go back in time, mess up, and everything changes. Hermione and Ron are no longer married, their kids don’t exist, and so forth. Ron does have a child though, with someone else. Which should raise some serious questions, about reversing the story, shouldn’t it?

I mean, sure, Rose and Hugo was born in the first world, but as time changed and this new child was born instead, is it okay to choose that his life is worth less than the two others, who never existed now? Just saying. No reversing time now, without undoing someone…

But we do, without a moments hesitation. Aaaaaand make it even worse, by killing Harry, so that his children are never born and Voldemort is never defeated. By which point I was yawning, seriously wondering if I wanted to waste more time reading this book. I mean, come on. That is just pointless. That is a story line we KNOW is going to be reversed and erased, because J. K. Rowling has proved unable to actually kill off Harry. Writing something like that isn’t the slightest bit interesting, it just makes you want to skip to the part where Scorpius figures out how to reverse it, so the story – was there a story?- can move along again.

And then we have to kill off Hermione, and Ron, and Snape, (again,) in a vague attempt to create an emotional scene, but nobody cares, since we know it is going to be undone.

Once Scorpius manages to get everything back to normal, we discover that Voldemort had a daughter.


Yes, you read that right.


A child. Voldemort.

Hang on. I’ll just go jump out the window, if that’s okay with everyone?

I mean, come on. This emotionally crippled man, with a body resurrected from a hand of a servant and the blood of his enemy…. And a soul, torn into 8 pieces. Are you telling me that he… had sex?

Are we talking about the same Dark Lord here? Because last time I checked, he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to even remotely have those kinds of desires. And Bellatrix is the mother? Sure. Okay. What?

In all of the Harry Potter universe, was there NOTHING else that could have spawned a story? ANYTHING else? I mean, the possibilities are endless, why go with a time travel story that leads no where, and could have easily been left out, (yes, 3/4 of this book is undone and could have been just not written,) and the child of the most unlikely person to ever procreate?

Anyway, moving on. This girl wants to stop Voldemort from trying to kill baby Harry, thus preventing him from ever losing his powers, so she gets her hands on the time turner and takes Albus and Scorpius with her, (not sure why, it must be so they can stop her,) back in time.

And just like that, we are right back to the story being uninteresting again, because we know that J.K. Rowling is not going to erase all 7 Harry Potter books. Could have been fun is she had dared, but no…

All in all, The Cursed Child is a status quo story. It starts and stops at the same spot. It has very little character development, even Scorpius and Albus who grow up during the book, feels like they are a strange mix of children and grown ups, depending on what the situation calls for, all the way through.

I have to say, I kind of wish I had not read it. I loved the Harry Potter universe. It kick started me, as a fantasy writer. I always felt at home, opening one of those books, or kicking back with my popcorn, watching one of those movies.

Now, I don’t know. I’ll always know how it ends. And it is killing the story for me. They might as well have dared erase all 7 books and let Voldemort never try to kill baby Harry.

That would have been better. That would have been tragic. Something. Anything. Just not this… pointless, indifferent ending.

Anyone think I’m being too mean? Just remember, I WANTED to love this book, more than anything. It is just utterly, utterly disappointing.

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Gishwhes And The Stormtrooper(s)

An item I’ve been told there always is in Gishwhes, includes Stormtroopers. Yeah, you read that right. I honestly don’t know why. I mean, I get the whole Misha and the Queen of England thing, but Star Wars? Nah, nevermind. The point is, we knew we would need a Stormtrooper, so even before Gishwhes was kicked off this year, we started looking for one.

My super awesome friend instantly volunteered her kids. Once Gishwhes started, someone else from my team, signed up for the Stormtrooper task, so I had to tell her that I was sorry, but it wasn’t happening. And then the team member who had signed up, backed down.

So, with a day left, I texted my friend in the middle of the night and said, “if you guys still wanna do it, I’ll jump on it.” They did, so the next day, we set about solving the task.

We needed a Stormtrooper to fit into a society before, you know, electricity and stuff. I don’t remember the exact wording of the task anymore. Bottom line, we have some really great medieval villages in Denmark, and my friend is an active viking, so we did the set up fairly easy. She packed all her stuff, and we went to take a picture of, not one, but two little Stormtroopers, growing up as vikings.


I do think there should be special bonus points for making three kids pose for the camera like that, at the same time…


Not to mention, getting me in a dress, pretending to be the mother in the family…


The things you do for Gishwhes… I did contemplate having the youngest child, in her viking dress, kick the Stormtrooper’s asses, because that could have been fun, but it was really warm wearing all that clothes, and I didn’t want to press my luck. Or make the kids tired of jumping through hoops for me.

So, thanks again Ditte🙂 These are the awesomest Stormtroopers I have ever seen. Just saying🙂


And I’m pretty sure that growing up as vikings, will only improve their aim…

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Gishwhes And Representing Denmark

During Gishwhes, we had to take team photos, meaning that we all had to take a picture of our selves, and then one person from the team would put them together. The picture should represent our country or region.

Signe and I, who were fortunate enough to live close enough to each other, to actually work together, set about discussing how best to represent Denmark. The first thing that came up, was finding some refugees and stealing their valuables… We are pretty known world wide for that, right?

Thinking that maybe we should go with a more positive spin, we jumped to the next thing we are known for; H.C. Andersen. You know, the writer.

Fun fact. I grew up being force fed his stories at school, staring at ugly statues of him, (not because he was ugly, but some of those “artists…”) seeing his work on the theater, having streets and airports and everything named after him. Where we live, we are VERY proud of this dude. One would even say, we are milking it, for the tourists, to the point where us locals, get really tired of it all… The point is, I thought I knew everything about H.C. Andersen, but the one thing I had to go to BBC and QI to find out, was that he was gay. Somehow, that never came up. At all.

Anyway, Signe and I debated for a while which one of his stories to bring to life, but we couldn’t really settle on one. Truth be told, they are kinda hard to reenact, if you don’t have a duckling costume, or a fishtail…

So Signe suggested that we got married instead. Because, you know, Denmark was the first country to allow gays to marry.

Well, you can’t ask me that twice. Sure thing, when and where and you wear the dress?!

As soon as I agreed to marrying her, she posted this picture; Photocredits, Signe Johanne Bonde


Okay, so she had a Gishwhes item where she was making a robot baby, but come on. That felt like a trap, huh? So not only was I getting a wife, but a robot baby too? And she named him Misha… At least I’m okay with that…

Aaaaaaanyway. Ironically enough, she chose the church, right next to the farm where Poseidon, Apollon, Amalia and I grew up. Imagine that. Of all the churches in the world. I was coming home, to get married, for Gishwhes.


Aren’t we a cute couple?


The guy that worked there, taking care of the church, was totally awesome, and let us in. Ordinarily, Danish churches are closed for the public, because of vandalism. Sadly.


He even asked me how long it had taken to dye my hair like that. Snort. Thanks. It’s a wig. My hair doesn’t grow that long anymore. If it did, I would totally love to dye it like this, but well…


He kept asking what we were doing, because he really didn’t understand the whole “Gishwhes” explanation. Once we got tired of explaining that, we just told him that we were getting married. That turned him silent.


Yeah, I’m wearing heels. I blame May, another of our teammates. She said I should.


I actually love these pictures. And I love that before Gishwhes, Signe and I had met once before. This is the thing about Gishwhes, I guess. Making friends, and jumping on any chance to help them out.

I had planned on using one of those pictures for my own representing Denmark picture, but once Signe chose hers, I kinda thought it would be boring to have two similar pictures on our team picture. And, OMD just rose from the dead.

OMD is Odense Medieval Days, which is basically a medieval festival, that had a huge impact in my life, 15 years ago, when it was an annual thing, but it was canceled due to lack of funding and management.

This year, it was back on, for the first time. And one of my band mates and her family were there. I’d be a bit of an idiot, to pass that up.

So, for my representing Denmark, I got to do a Danish Viking shot.


She even put me in her actual wedding dress, which she doesn’t fit into anymore, because she is pregnant. That was so sweet of her. All in all, I’ve been surprised by how many of my friends has rallied around me this week and helped me out, no questions asked.

Maybe they are used to me, doing crazy stuff. Maybe they just thought it was out of character for me, to actually ask for help. Who knows. I just know, it has been awesome. So, thank you for that guys! Each and everyone of you!

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