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Living With ME/CFS

There are just those days when I can’t wake up in the morning. As soon as my phone rings to wake me, using the scrubs theme song, “I’m no superman,” I start negotiating with my self. I can sleep half … Continue reading

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This Is Who You Are

Damn those people who did this to you. Damn me for thinking that we were finally through. Damn you for being so easily lost, even after all these years. Of everyone that depends on me, you are the one I … Continue reading

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Face Book, tests, Who Am I?

It is a little uncanny what you can learn about yourself on those stupid tests…. Really, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, or should I say, I am a huge fan of the Dark Lord and I must admit … Continue reading

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Monstrous Legacy

Monstrous Legacy is my latest project. I met him when he was four years old and had been tossed around a lot. He had been sold four times in four years, changing hands and not really cared for. The current … Continue reading

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The Birth Of Apocalipse

Enough of the sob stories. So, two years ago my boyfriend and I decided to go looking for a stallion to get our mare pregnant before she got too old. Long story short, we ended up buying the perfect little … Continue reading

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A Face From The Past

Like a face from the past, a painful memory of innocent youth, I have changed in so many ways, yet to you I must still seem the same A reminder of something that once was, by now forgotten Brought back … Continue reading

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Left Behind

I remember as if it was yesterday. I woke up one morning to find a text message on my phone from one of my friends, saying simply: I thought you should know that Janis killed herself last night. I did … Continue reading

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