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Don’t Kick the Guy With the Knife

So, as some of you might know, I had my beautiful little Apocalipse castrated a few days ago. I called the vet in the morning because when we had agreed on the day, I had forgotten to ask him about … Continue reading

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Nevermore- Book

By Harold Schechter. Okay, I found this book amongst my boyfriend’s collection of books that did not get sold when his commix bookstore closed. There are a lot of books there, which moved in with him. I love that. I … Continue reading

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My Last Stallion

So, one of my girlfriends has been working her way through my book, patiently editing every page with red ink, marking all the typing errors she has found and stuff like that. My cousin has agreed to read it through … Continue reading

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You Can’t Do Without Me

You know, I get it honey You are wild at heart All our years together I have played my part You’d do so much better In another time and place If I had the option I’d step out of your … Continue reading

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Still Crazy- Movie

Uhu, I adore this film. Having played in quite a few bands my self, this is the perfect movie. Why are all rock bands like this? Why do they always consist of huge egos and people with addictive personalities? Well, … Continue reading

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Happy Horses

Okay, about a week back when I showed up at the stable, some of the girls had set up obstacles on our training grounds and were jumping their horses. Poseidon and Amalia were staring at them across the fence and … Continue reading

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Internet Stalking

Is SO much easier with Face Book. I can not believe it took me so long to join in. I mean really, here I was, spending all of my free time searching You Tube, and so forth and all … Continue reading

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