My Chemical Romance- Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Okay, I am going to do a completely unserious review here and I apologize before hand. I fell in love with My Chemical Romance with their single “the ghost of you” a long time ago. The song, the video, still gives me chills although I did not like the album just as much. I mean, it’s good, but not great. There are a few songs, like “thank you for the venom” and “I am not okay, I promise” which are truly amazing, but on the whole, I have not heard it much.

Then the Black Parade came and I knew I was a fan. That album is amazing. I have heard it so much and it never fails to make me smile.

So, Danger days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, is their fourth studio album and released as the follow up to the Black Parade, I did not have too high hopes for it. I mean, who can follow an album like that?

The first single released was Na Na Na. I was not impressed. The title alone. Come on boys, you can do better. I found the video amusing though and Gerard Way was suddenly looking HOT. I mean, really… that red hair.

I found myself watching that video a lot and to my surprise, I realized that the song was growing on me. A lot.

Releasing the single “Sing” next, I knew I was still a fan and that I had to buy the CD. Gerard still looked amazing and well, Sing is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time.

I have to speak a little about the videos and here I must warn you. I am not a fan who has researched how, why, when and what. I just watch the videos and hear the music. So this is completely what I get from watching them, and probably not what the band intended.

There is a theme to the videos.

There is a kid our boys are trying to save from some dirty vampires. Here I am laughing because I am thinking “Twilight” right away. Vampires are SO fashionable these days. Then there is the bad guy, who looks remarkably like Voldemort from Harry Potter. Does it get more adorable than that?

The answer is yes. In Na Na Na, which is the first, our boys get shot and are left lying in the dessert, losing the kid to the bad guys. Our heroes are not dead though, just defeated. And Gerard is so hot, lying there… anyway…

In Sing, our heroes try to spring the kid from where the bad guys are keeping it and they do manage to get it away from them, but they all die in this video, one by one, giving their lives for something they clearly find more important. It actually show Gerard shot at point blank range, execution style. My hero… Not to mention the similarity between the scene from Harry Potter where Voldemort asks Harry “Why do you live?”

Okay, this is my crazy head, I know. But well… it is hard to miss, and I find it hard to believe that it was unintentional.

So, the rest of the CD. “Bulletproof Heart” is brilliant, “Planetary (Go!)” is a bit annoying, “The only hope for me is you” is sweet, and well, so forth. I was not blown away when I first heard it. Again, it was a bit disappointing as a follow up to the Black Parade.

That said, I love this album. I don’t know why. I have found myself playing in none stop since I got it. I bet that by now my boyfriend is even wishing that HIM soon would release a new album so I would start hearing something else. And that is saying a lot, since he doesn’t like HIM.

I think, what I really like is the concept of the album. The hero vs. evil, the fight for what you believe in and go out in a blaze, if you must go.

So feel free to watch the videos and tell me if I am way off base here. What do you think when you see them?

And if anyone was in doubt, what I really wanted with this post was a chance to post pictures of Gerard and his red hair…

Don’t forget, you were warned, this would not be a serious review, because let’s face it, the songs speak for themselves, as do the videos and I see no need to go into detail about every song. That is what is cool about music; everyone gets to form their own opinion and the same song can mean different things to different people.

If you liked the other CD’s by My Chemical Romance, there is a good chance that you will like this one as well. Not that it’s the same, every CD has its own sound, but the underlying mood is there. One thing I can always count on is that these guys make me smile and sing, without it being plain. This is a serious band with a point to convey, even if I have missed it completely, I am not in doubt that they have something to say. Check it out and remember, killjoys, make some noise!


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7 Responses to My Chemical Romance- Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

  1. LHK says:

    Okay, really NOT my kind of music… Sorry sweety on that point we were never much alike…. 😉

  2. stenfalk says:

    I did not think you would like it… I asked what you got from the videos, not the music 😉

    and if you dont like Sing, just a little, I must have failed you big time…

  3. LHK says:

    Okay, Sing I can stand to listen to… Its okay, but I dont like it, like it…
    I dont see the conection with HP though… more with James Bond… 😉

  4. stenfalk says:

    I did not say conection 😉 just… really? you dont see voldemort pushing Harry up against a wall and finally killing him, like a REAL bad guy would have done? Maybe that is just me, wishing the books had ended that way… hehe

    either way, I made you listen to MCR! Muahahaha Even if you did not like them, I am spreading my evil…. just give me a few more years… 😛

  5. LHK says:

    Yes, honestly I dont see it… at all…
    Yes you did… but luckely I allready forgot everything… 😉

  6. stenfalk says:

    haha shame on you, where is your imagination 😉

  7. LHK says:

    Somewhere else aparently… 😉

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