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My Dressage Star

Apollon and I have been trying out our talent with the double bit. I tried it on him a few times last summer and then put it away for a year, since he have hardly worked all winter because of … Continue reading

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The Trailer And The Cows

Have you ever seen a horse crawl? Allow me to show you then. Poseidon, sneaking up on his old nemesis, the trailer. He is honestly terrified, but this horse is so honest, he would walk through the fires of hell … Continue reading

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Still Going Strong

Okay, since my last post was once more singing the praise of my three ”young” boys, I figured it prudent that this post should be about the two old ones. Poseidon, age 16, retired for six years, due to an … Continue reading

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Three Awesome Boys

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to cheat with pictures? For instance, I could post a picture like this: And say, “look how far we have got!” But the truth is, I don’t want my four year old … Continue reading

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A Change In The dynamic

During the last week or so, Apollon has been rather hard on Saleem and it took me a while to figure out just why. With Apollon, when he becomes aggressive, it is always a bad sign. I have been wondering … Continue reading

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Dragon Lance- The Second Generation- Book

By Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I remember reading this book years ago, freshly crying over the ending of Dragon Lance Legends. I thought then, that this book was a strange assembly of fractioned stories. It still is, although I … Continue reading

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Apollon- Once More

I have always had my periods with Apollon, where I desperately wanted out. I mean, times where I could hardly stand to look at him, because he was always more trouble than he was worth. In the last few years, … Continue reading

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