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Rock’n’Roll Stars

Enough with the sad songs and the sick horses posts. I figured I was in the mood for doing something completely different, so here we go. My go to world, the world of music. I grew up with the Beatles, … Continue reading

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Can’t Get To Me

You got to be complete to be broken You got to be whole to shatter You got to be warm to turn cold You got to feel to become numb You got to believe to lose faith But I’m still … Continue reading

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First Snow Of The Year

First real snow of the year. My boys did not freak out like usual. No playing in the snow. I am guessing it is because Legacy is no longer amongst us and because Apocalipse is lame. My little boys just … Continue reading

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Still Burning

I dowsed the fire in you Clamed the flames that was Eating away your soul Cause no matter how hard I try You’re still burning, still burning I turned down the midnight lamp Left the flame flickering on the torch … Continue reading

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Hoof Injury And New Home Update

Okay, so first off, Apocalipse is doing better. Here is a shot of his hoof injury from yesterday. Looking way better now. My vet was by (again!) a few days ago, to look over his strange new limp. The hoof … Continue reading

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Ain’t A One Way Game

I wrote this song years ago, like so many times before, it’s about the one person closest to my heart. The one that could always get to me. Poseidon.  Like a wild animal, caught, trapped and tied down Like a … Continue reading

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On this cemetery, so far away from all you loved Is your last sanctuary, so far away from life Such beauty frozen and in deaths name preserved The wind is stealing away the tears from my eyes In this cemetery, … Continue reading

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