Apollon, Marble And A Little Dressage

I know that nothing can compete with the pictures of Apollon and Knut by the sea, but I would like to show a few dressage pictures of my fat little boy as well. These ones are taken the day before we went to the beach, on a burning hot morning. Marble was on us instantly. Annoying as I am, I began touching her with the whip, since she insisted on being in the way. She did not mind. Dare I say it, she is going to be as trusting and as easy as Apocalipse, just wait…

Anyway, take into account that the weather was hot and that Apollon is fat. I think he is a brave little trooper.

As pretty as he looks, what I really jump for joy about are pictures like this one:

This is Apollon, as I know him. And apparently having him looked over by the vet and chiropractor did not remove his need to jump around once in a while.

Got to love that horse. Fat or not, he is beautiful. No wonder Marble adores him.


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7 Responses to Apollon, Marble And A Little Dressage

  1. They are all really amazing

  2. Marble is just so adorable.. :-) And Apollon is really beautiful, the pictures looks great.. I hope that the two of you can come out and compete soon :-)

  3. somethingabouthorses says:

    He looks so shiny and handsome!

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