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Poseidon 2005

It’s been a long day. I only just returned from the stable and it is past midnight. We just meant to cut the long grass on my pasture, since my horses are too lazy to eat it when it gets … Continue reading

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Laelia- The Pink Lady

This just hit me the other day. I was looking for a pen name for myself, and I contemplated using Amalia, as a tribute to my old and beloved horse. Looking up her name online, I realized that it is … Continue reading

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Imagine Life Without Horses

Imagine your life without horses… well, for most of you, I’m sure that’s not a problem, since most of you never had horses. So how are your lives? What makes you smile? What do you do for exercise? What do … Continue reading

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About The Hand of Fate And The Starstone Series

I have not been writing much lately. The thing is, that between my sick horses and working on releasing my book, the Hand of Fate, as a “real” book, not just as an e-book, I haven’t had much spare time. … Continue reading

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Midsummer’s Eve

In Denmark we have a tradition for Midsummer’s Eve. As an old tribute, if you can call it that, to the barbaric witch hunts in the medieval times, we gather on June the 23th and start a huge fire, burning … Continue reading

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The Mystery Continues

Time for another update on my horses I guess. The vet was by again yesterday and Apollon is clean- everywhere. He passed the flexion test with flying colors, and we did x-rays of his hind legs all the way up … Continue reading

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Life, I Guess

I’ve been off line, more or less for a few days now- I apologize. I feel rather distant these days. I know it’s a very bad move to release a book and then drop off the face of the earth, … Continue reading

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