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The Spirit Behind The Hand Of Fate

Today, 14 years ago, my first love left this world. Pikant was 18 years old and had led a cruel life before he came to me and grew old. In fairness, he should have grown much older, but his spine … Continue reading

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Get The Hand Of Fate- It’s Free Tomorrow And All Weekend!

Yeah, I’m setting up my e-book, the Hand of Fate, for free one LAST time, tomorrow, Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. It will be in honor of my first love, Pikant, who died on August 31, 14 years ago, … Continue reading

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Bad News, The Movie Project And The Hand Of Fate

And in other news… My vet called me yesterday, to say that she did not have the qualifications yet, to do the examination on Apollon we would need now. She advised me to drive him to a local hoplital, because … Continue reading

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Harry Potter And the Prisoner of Azkaban- Movie

The third in the series and I know I say this every time, but I love this one. It’s almost my favorite but I think I’ve said that about both the second and the fourth as well, so I won’t … Continue reading

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Our First “Field Trip”

I am going to do some serious picture spamming here. I apologize beforehand. But, Saleem and I had our first “field trip” today, all alone, only followed by the camera man and of course watched by the gang who incidentally … Continue reading

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My new back ground picture. Just had to post it, because it looks so crazy…. Almost a shame it’s so hard to see behind my writing… Thanks to Aston Merlin from Dark Mare Pictures,  for the nice editing.

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Photoshop And Sunset By The Beach Pictures

I am going to be annoying and make a totally ”crime-lab” post. Why? Because I think it’s quite amazing what you can do with Photoshop, if you know what you’re doing. I don’t. My boyfriend does. Thanks sweetheart, for putting … Continue reading

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