Dr. Who- Season 2,3 & 4- Series

My boyfriend and I accidentally came across the ”library” episode on BBC a few years back. I got to be honest, it scared me quite a bit and while he got caught and bought the box set, I made sure he watched it when I was not at home and I’ve been kicking and screaming every time he has tried to make me watch it.

The one time I gave him the chance to introduce me to the world of Dr. Who again, he chose the “Midnight” episode. What a bloody idiot. That is just such a guy thing, they have no idea what is totally terrifying for a woman and the Midnight episode is one of the most spooky ones, because, like the Library episodes, it plays with your mind and your basic fears of the unknown and what is lurking in the dark.

I’m not good at movies like that, my boyfriend should know that, but no…

Anyway, our little TV has been the battle ground between Scrubs and Dr. Who for years now, and I got to say, Scrubs won out more times that the Doctor. And then we went to see that new vampire movie, Fright Night, with David Tennant in it and I had to admit that he was quite cute and a really good actor. And then I found this page on Face Book:


With its constant jokes about the Darleks and its good natured banter of the Doctor as well, I must admit I was intrigued. Maybe the series were not all about crazy flesh eating shadows and aliens that stole your voice…

So I finally sat down and watch it. Oh well, some of it. Seasons 2-4, because well, that’s David Tennant….

For those of you who, like me, had no idea what Dr. Who is, I’ll try and explain. It’s a TV series about a man with two hearts, the last of the time lords, who travels in time. He is simply called “the Doctor” and has no other name. Whenever he is killed, he regenerates and lives a new, very often changing his face and a lot of his personality, thus allowing BBC to change the actor once in a while.

The Doctor has a blue telephone box, the Tardis, in which he travels in time and space. Now that might sound utterly stupid, but it’s really not. You quickly get to love the Tardis as a person of its own, as another player in every story, simply because that little blue box is always the life line, always the way back, the way out and the episodes where it becomes lost are quite terrifying.

The Doctor always travels with a companion and for some reason, it is always a human girl. Not sure why. I mean, if you had the entire universe to choose from, time and space, different planets and such, why always a human girl? And no, it’s not like he is having sex with them… Oh no, not the Doctor. He is a time lord. The last of his kind.

That’s a funny thing. Maybe I should have watched the first season, maybe I will, but it does not make much sense to me. I mean, clearly, the Doctor can not die, he always regenerates and still, he claims that all of his kind died in a horrible war with the Darleks. How?

No, back to the human girls. Rose, who is the pretty blonde girl in season two, is well, just that. The pretty blonde girl. My boyfriend loves her. I guess that is another guy thing. I find her annoying. Rose is so in love with the Doctor, that she lets her own personality disappear and becomes the person she thinks he wants her to be. I always hated girls like that.

There is an episode where the Tardis is lost, and the Doctor starts freaking out over having to settle down and live an ordinary life, getting a house and paying mortgage… Rose instantly says that they can share a house. He ignores her of course, utterly ignorant as he is, but that is quite a nice scene because it allows Rose to become human, not just a reflection of the man she loves, which is what she is throughout the rest of the series.

Rose is lost, trapped in a parallel world, by the end of season two and as it turns out, even the Doctor clearly did love her, even though he never says it or really admits to it. Mostly it shows by season three when he picks up Martha and spends most of this season being a bitchy little boy, clearly using Martha as a rebound girl. It is quite funny actually. And again, completely nonsexual.

Martha is quite awesome though. I like her way better than Rose. She is tough, she takes everything in stride and she puts up with the Doctor and his mood swings, quite often forcing him to do things her way just by being stubborn. She does fall in love with him too, but she is not a fool. She knows he will never love her and by the end of season three she leaves him, telling him honestly that she can’t spend her life pining away after a guy that doesn’t love her.

For someone like me, that makes me clap my small hands and applaud her, and it also makes me want to kick him. I mean, come on, get over yourself Doctor. Why is it that a time lord cannot love a human until she is gone like Rose? Because humans age and die and buhu… he will have to live forever… So better to live forever alone, than to love someone for 50 years at the time… sure… moron…

Anyway, Kylie Minouge plays his sidekick in the Titanic episode and she was quite surprising. A way better actor than she is a singer, or maybe that is just because I never liked her music…

Donna Noble becomes his girl in the fourth season and even though she likes and adores him, she does not fall in love with him. That is quite nice since you know by now that it wouldn’t go anywhere anyway. Donna is awesome. She is as hot tempered as he needs her to be, she is the first to really work as a perfect companion for the Doctor. They complement each other so well.

Okay, before this gets out of hand, I must mention some of the bad guys as well. The Daleks, the old enemy of the time lords. Honestly, they are stupid little aliens, flying around the world saying “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate” in a very annoying metallic voice. As much as I found them silly and stupid at first, I have to admit, they grow on you. Their “exterminate” becomes a catch phrase. They are so silly, you got to love them. Especially in the last episode of season four when they start saying “Maximum exterminate” and you must wonder… is there any other kind? Honestly, the Daleks are sure to make you laugh at some point, and for that you must forgive them their annoying factor.

The Cyber men are… Okay you should know, I am not really into science fiction, and so I might be a bit hard to impress, but they are not funny or interesting or anything… they just go around saying “delete, delete, delete,” and it’s not a good word or funny in anyway. They are a pale reflection of the Daleks, and much less threatening because they are much easier to kill.

Those are the two returning bad guys through the three series I have watched and yes, whenever the Daleks show up with their “exterminate” I laughed, but whenever the Cyber men showed up I was thinking, no not again… die already…

The weeping angels are quite an interesting enemy. Statues you must look at, because they move when you look away. Don’t blink. They will get you. Now that is a real enemy, a terrifying one, because once again, it messes with your head.

What am I missing? Most likely a lot but I think I should end the post here, before it gets too long. There are a lot of episodes that deserves mentioning, a lot of cruel and very touching scenes, a lot of chilling moments when you slowly discover the terrifying man behind the silly Doctor, and a lot of times where history becomes real. They meet Shakespeare and Agatha Christy, they sink the Titanic in the shape of a huge space ship, and even the concentration camps of world war two is displayed in a mind numbingly beautiful scene between Donna’s father and the black man from next door.

This is a good series. There, I said it. And my boyfriend will never let me live that down. But it is. And it’s not all creepy, scary, sneaking statues and living shadows. Honestly, not all of the episodes are interesting, but most of them are, and some of them are, in the Doctor’s own word, brilliant.

I am afraid I am going to have to watch season five a well, even though they are changing the Doctor, skipping David Tennant, which means that he is going to die soon… Not sure I like that idea…

I mean, of course I do… Bad Wolf… Who cares about the Doctor anyway, it’s just a TV series… It’s not like I’m becoming a whovian or anything. Never.


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4 Responses to Dr. Who- Season 2,3 & 4- Series

  1. jen says:

    We’re quickly running through every Sci-Fi series we can find….Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. We’ll have to check out Doctor Who. I remember coming across it on late night TV and not being very impressed, but maybe I’ll change my mind if I give it a chance.

    • Starstone says:

      hehe just… go for the ones with David tennant, he is an amazing actor… and they are the only ones I have seen, because well, I wasn’t that impressed at first either, but it IS a good series… darn, now I said it twice… but it doesn’t matter, my boyfriend says he won’t read this post anyway because I’m being mean to Rose, so he will never know 😉 hehe

  2. syd says:

    They are called the Daleks, first of all. And they are pretty much a joke. Not scary at all. The Cybermen are far worse. They take you and subtract all the emotions from you and if you ever get even a hint of emotion, you’ll explode because it’s too much. The Weeping angels are scary as hell and they send you back in time and let you live to death surrounded by people you don’t know and they are the lonliest creatures in the universe. And I cannot believe you skipped the Ninth Doctor. You could never hate Rose if you didn’t skip around. She was amazing and the Doctor loved her more than anything. Don’t skip Nine.

    • Starstone says:

      honestly, I love the daleks by now…

      and you’re right, once you have met nine, which i have now, and which i admitted in my post about it, you like Rose much better…

      but no, the cybermen will never get to me… maybe I am just not that afraid to be upgraded and never feel anything ever again…

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