Doctor Who From 1963- Series

Soo… Since we ran out of Doctor Who seasons to watch and I am still refusing to pick up the last season of Torchwood, deeply traumatized as I was by the third season, my boyfriend thought he could ambush me yet again, this time with the very, very first Doctor Who season.

You see, Doctor Who has been running since 1963. So the seasons 1,2,3,4 and so on I have watched are actually not the first seasons 1,2,3,4… Oh no… That is just when the series were picked up again.

I must admit I was a bit curious about what Doctor Who would be like back in the 60ties, and I found that it lived up to all of my expectations. It is downright horrible most of the time.

I mean, the acting it BAD, except for the guy who plays the Doctor, everyone else falls short time and time again. None of them are believable. None of their lines are delivered in a way that ring true.

The women are annoying, stuck between the 50ties helpless girls and the 60ties woman who can handle herself, which means that both Susan and Barbara becomes strange in-between-characters, and you never quite know what you can expect them to handle or not. For instance, when someone has to go pick up a radiation drug, Susan ends up having to go alone, and she screams and cries all the way through the jungle back to the Tardis, being terrified of… nothing. Oh please don’t. That was just stupid. And annoyingly overplayed and far too long.

Barbara is just the same, insisting on going, and completely unable to even walk through a swamp without Ian to hold her arm and support her because she keeps falling and needs to be rescued. Toughen up already, you’re not on a bloody picnic.

Ian is just as annoying, because he is trying to be the leader of the team most of the time, and he is just… Okay, I really hate him. He is too much of a nice boy, trying to be tough, once again his entire character does not ring true.

Susan is the Doctor’s granddaughter. I was a bit intrigued by that, because that means that she will die someday, simply because the Doctor have no one in the series I have seen. Getting to know Susan I am so looking forward to watching her die, hopefully very slowly and painfully…

I was cheering when the Daleks showed up, but they are not Darleks… Not yet… these ones speak to each other, they reason, they do things other than “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate….” That’s a bit odd, but not a deal breaker. After all, the Daleks have not met the Doctor yet so maybe they weren’t all that evil yet… And they can’t fly yet…

By now you will have figured out that I am only half way through the season, and I can’t watch the rest. I just can’t. It’s killing me. I actually like the Doctor, even as an old man, but everything else is just… mind numbly boring and annoying.

Also, I discovered, I do not see well in black and white. Really. That’s strange. But most of the time I just can’t make out what goes on in the picture and I have to ask my boyfriend what just happened. Clearly, I have taken a bit too many blows to the head over time, my eyes are a bit worse off than I first imagined…

And I understand that back in 1963 when this was first aired, this was an amazing, groundbreaking series, full of special effects and top class actors. I’m sorry. I guess I am a child of my time after all. I just can’t make it through this season.


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2 Responses to Doctor Who From 1963- Series

  1. fifi leigh says:

    i have never watched this old tv show. but some old stuff are interesting, even though it is in black and white, like The Birds, Psycho, I Love Lucy sitcoms, and i can’t remember the rest.

    • Starstone says:

      hehe yeah… I guess… It’s just really hard when I can’t make out what happens half the time 😉 but you should give this one a chance if you like doctor who and have no problem with watching black and white stuff 🙂

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