Christmas Offer on My Books

Almost last chance to get my books as a special Christmas offer at 10% off…


The Hand of Fate as a paperback at 15.70 £:

For those of you who do not know, The Hand of Fate is a fantasy book, the first in a series of six, the Starstone Series, the second of which will be released at the beginning of the new year.

A catching story of love, ambition and vengeance unfolds as the twin girls from the elven kingdom, Cazal and Lien, grow up in a time of war. Playing their parts as only women can, with cunning and stealth, they end up on opposite sides as the war moves closer to home.

The Hand of Fate is about to be attacked and stand to lose unless humans and elves unite against the mighty force of the dragons.

All over the world, people have to ask themselves; do they want to fight to preserve the Hand of Fate that has until now, guided their lives or do they want the freedom to make mistakes and walk away from what was supposed to be their destiny?

As the story takes an unexpected turn that brings the ancient artefact, the Starstone in play, Cazal and Lien find that they have grown apart and cannot put their differences aside once they come to face each other, while the world around them falls apart.

It is a story about growing up, finding your place in life and choosing your battles that most teens as well as adults will passionately relate to.

This Song as a paperback at 8.99£:

This Song is my poetry collection, heartfelt, songs and poetry, written for my friends, my loved ones and for anyone else really, who ever loved and lost someone. It is not a romantic book, it is sad, beautiful, lonely and filled with love.

And the Danish version of the Hand of Fate,

Skæbnens Hånd at 15.29£:

For jer der ikke ved det, så er Skæbnens Hånd en fantasy bog, den første I en serie på seks, Stjernestenen. Nummer to vil blive udgivet først i det nye år.

En gribende historie om kærlighed, ambitioner og hævn udspiller sig mens tvillingerne Cazal og Lien, fra elvernes kongerige vokser op i krigstid. De spiller deres kort som kun kvinder kan, med intriger og list, men ender på hver deres side da krigen flytter tættere på deres hjem.

Skæbnens Hånd er under angreb og står til at tabe, med mindre elvere og mennesker forener sig imod dragehærens mægtige styrke.

Historien tager en uforudset drejning, der bringer det gamle relikvie ”Stjernestenen” i spil. Cazal og Lien opdager at de er vokset fra hinanden og umuligt kan se bort fra deres forskelle og arbejde sammen, når de mødes igen mens verden som de kender den falder fra hinanden omkring dem.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy the books.

For those who prefer e-books, here is the Hand of Fate as an E-book, and no you don’t need a kindle, just the free kindle app on the page.

The prize is 5.74 £

This Song is an e-book as well, at 5.74 £

That is as much Christmas spirit as I can muster at the moment, so I hope that will do. Still working hard on the editing of the second book in the Starstone Series, and trying to get “back in the game” after the death of my horse Apollon last week, but I find it very hard to write anything at the moment. Some of you may have noticed that I have not been updating this blog too much lately either.

I will do better, I promise. I find myself slowly starting to miss my writing. I take that as a good sign. No matter what life throws at me, I always have my writing and my very own little world.


So, I’ll stop now, and not ruin anyone’s Christmas spirit by my gloomy mood. I’ll get better. I always do. Thank you very much, each and every one of you who have asked how I am doing over the last period. Fact is, I am doing better than I should, so not to worry. I’ll bounce back.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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