Tardis And The Belly

So the world didn’t end, which means I will have to pay my vet bills… darn… and find a name for Tardis’ foal of course.

Since Tardis’ real name is Bahiyya, it will have to be something beginning with a “B” or, if I want to name it after the father, Aparan, something beginning with an “A.” Suggestions are welcome.

Other than that, I keep looking at her and wondering. Isn’t she getting big around that belly?




I mean, when Amalia were pregnant, we could hardly see it on her, but Tardis is huge already and she is only 6 months along. Should I worry that the due date is wrong or that there might be twins?

Tardis have not had an ultrasound, so technically we don’t really know anything except that she is pregnant and when she was last mated.

I know, this is so me. Always finding something to fuss over. This is good right? That means that my kids are doing fine, if all I can find to worry over is the size of the belly of my pregnant mare?

A little info though, Tardis is 3 years old, and an Arabian pony, and the stallion is an Arabian horse, which means that he is a bit bigger than her. Tardis are clearly not done growing up herself yet, which could mean that she looks bigger around the belly than a fully grown horse, couldn’t it?

I mean, a child having a child is bound to look bigger than a grown up having a child?

And yeah, I still think that 3 years are too young to go through all of this, and I am pretty worried that she have not had the ultrasound, but as far as I know it is too late to do one now, because the foal will be too big…

I am guessing that there is nothing for it, other than wait and watch her and keep my fingers crossed that everything will be alright and that my pretty little girl will have a nice little foal come May. It would be rather bad if she delivered in the middle of winter. That would be very cold for the foal… and it would be even worse if it were twins, because horses are not meant to have twins and most of them don’t survive when that happens, which is why I have been told over and over again to always do an ultrasound… but well, when I bought the mare she was too far along already… so I guess I chose that gamble, knowing that it was too late to check, but I had not expected her belly to grow so fast…

So, everybody, please tell me that she looks like a perfectly normal, 6 months pregnant, 3 year old Arabian mare. I am sure she does. She does. Of course she does. So let me rephrase that. Any ideas for names?


I do have one, but I won’t tell just yet, for fear that I might jinx something. But I would love to hear your ideas.


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2 Responses to Tardis And The Belly

  1. jen says:

    Tardis will be fine! You’ll be extra vigilant in case there are problems. My friend, D, bought a mare who had been bred to a stud quite a bit larger than her (I don’t know why). Her belly was HUGE…seriously huge…for several months. I wish I had pictures to show you. She ended up giving birth to a beautiful, big, strong foal….with a little help from D, who was on birth watch around the clock, because she was rightly concerned about the foal’s possible size. Both mama and colt have done wonderfully well.

    Here’s a name idea if it’s a boy – Armageddon.

    • Starstone says:

      Thank you 🙂
      And yes, I had thought of Armageddon, just because it would fit Apocalipse, but it will have to be a foal with a special kind of temper and carisma to carry that name 😉 lol 😀

      We will se when its born, (by the way, until anything else is proven, it’s a girl,) if it has the right atitude 🙂

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