I Will Be The End Of You

Helldone. Yeah, I’m not going. I am such a bad HIM’ster.

I know a few who are going, including fellow writer Elisabeth Berg, http://elisabethberg.wordpress.com/ and I can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets home. I’ll be expecting a detailed description of everything…

Until then, here is a new song, called I will be the End of You.

Credits to: Lisa Lindberg


Seems to fit my mood so well these days. HIM never fails me… Apologies for the rather shabby sound and  picture.

I still love the setting of Helldone. Such a huge band, playing such a small stage in their home land. I think that’s cute.

Ville should not speak Finnish though, even at Helldone, simply because most of their fans are coming from countries all over the world for this event. I think it’s sweet that he does not realize how few in that audience understands a word he is saying…

Can’t wait for Tears on Tape to be released next year. That’s the new album, by the way. That’s the kind of fan I am. I wait and watch and internet stalk as much as possible. Since they are not coming to Denmark… Shame guys, shame… We even have an official Danish street team now… http://himdenmarkstreetteam.wordpress.com/

Anyway, enjoy the song, and rest assured it won’t be the last you will hear of Tears on Tape on this blog, because well, HIM has always been a passion of mine. It is so good to see that Gas recovered and that all of them are looking happy and healthy these days. Ville even looks like he has put on weight again. *Applauds*

And by the way, love the “Dirty Hippie Look” … hehe It kind of had me by surprise once I realized that the different looks of Ville Valo has been named by his fans online. I never thought of doing that… but it is a little amusing…

I dare not post the link to the song on the Street Team page, because they have a thousand rules of what is official or not, but no one can stop me from posting it on my own blog, so scroll back up and watch it again… Now.

It’s HIM. Do I need to say more?


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