Picture Of The Year

So I was thinking that it was time to make a ”picture of the year” post. As some of you might have noticed, we take a lot of pictures of the horses and once in a while, we come across one that is just outstanding.

So, I can’t choose, I love them all. These are some of the best pictures of year 2012.

Saleem, looking all Arabian, carrying himself completely wrong, I know, and still, this picture captures the essence of this young man so perfectly, it always makes me smile.


Apollon by the sea.


Apollon and Knut and my friend LHK in the water, Knut diving under, Apollon sticking his tongue out and me, laughing like a crazy person.


Tardis in the dark with the full moon behind her.


Apollon sleeping soundly.


Apocalipse fake sleeping. He is really trying not to wake up, which was one of his mothers best tricks, just lying down and pretending to sleep, but he just can’t help but sneak peaking.


Apocalipse and Marble, me and my sister, and my book, the Hand of Fate. I love this shot.


Apollon, acting up, throwing his weight around, and his red coat positively glowing in the sun.


Apocalipse beating up Saleem.


Apocalipse beating up Saleem.


My boyfriend and Apocalipse.


Sunset by the water.

IMG_3895 - Water & Flames - Small

And the cover picture I used for my poetry collection, This song. Sorry, I don’t have it without writing on it, but it is still an awesome picture of snow and magical crystals in the air.

Cover Small - this songIMG_8240

And last but not least, this crazy picture, blurred and out of focus, of Saleem bucking, having no contact with the ground at all. I love this picture. It looks so much like a comic-book-horse and still, it is so much my dear Saleem.


So, take a pick anyone, if you can. These are my contenders for “picture of the year.” I am not going to choose.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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6 Responses to Picture Of The Year

  1. Maureen moe Paccione says:

    Apollon by the sea, I love to paint & this photo has everything I look for, strength, power, motion & beauty!

  2. zanzanaglob says:

    The one with the four of you “reading”! Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. rontuaru says:

    Apollon by the sea gets my first vote. Saleem looking very Arabian, second. But they are all good! And my deepest condolences on your recent loss of Apollon. I’ve been very remiss in my reading and didn’t realize he was gone. It made my heart ache to read that … such a wonderful, beautiful red boy. I hope the young ones are helping you stay busy and upbeat and let’s hope the new year brings good health to you and your herd!

    • Starstone says:

      I haven’t been keeping up much myself, I haven’t really had the energy for it, with everything that was going on with Apollon lately… I hope to do better soon 😉

      Thank you, I really hope so too… and the kids know how to keep me busy so that’s a good thing 😉 Not sure how I would have got through this without them…
      Happy New Year to you 🙂

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