New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks to my loyal readers for the year that passed. Thanks to everyone who has commented and taken part in my life, even from behind a computer screen half way across the world.

So, New Years Eve drowned in rain.  Just endless, pouring rain, and an ice cold wind, howling across the world as 2012 died.

Luckily, I am not the kind that spends bucket loads of money on fireworks, in fact I have never bought as much as a sparkler in my life. My friends do not go for that either, I think that is a “horse-girl” thing. You do not spend money on something that is just going to burn. Who can afford that anyway?

So, I spend New Year’s Eve with two of my friends and my boyfriend. Very quiet, very relaxed. We ended up watching Disney’s “Up,” – awesome movie by the way. None of us paid any attention to the Queen’s New Year’s speech, we completely missed the prime ministers speech and well…

As midnight approached, we left for my stable.

I am just that much of a mother-hen at the moment. All the previous years I have trusted Poseidon, Apollon and Amalia to get the little ones through New Year’s Eve, safe and sound, without stressing too much. This year though, Saleem is my eldest and he was very jumpy because of the rain and the storm, there was no way I was letting them be alone at midnight as people started shooting off fireworks all around.

So I spent the first hour of the new year, in the pouring rain, watching fireworks with my little horses. They did great. And followed me around like lost sheep. At one point I walked across their pasture, just to see how close the neighbors were shooting off, some of the fireworks seemed a bit too close for my liking, and my four little horses just followed me. That was pretty awesome. They actually walked closer to the danger, just to be near me…

So I took them back of course, to their house, which they refuse to be inside when something strange is going on, and fed them lots of hay and waited for people to get tired of shooting money into the air in the pouring rain.

It was a great way to celebrate the new year though. Just me, my horses, the dark and the never ending rain. The perfect ending, to a truly horrible year.

I rode Saleem today, first ride of the new year, and he was jumpy and spooked a bit more than usually, quite possibly because it has been raining and he hasn’t slept as much as he would have wanted, but he was in high spirits and the three little ones didn’t kick up a storm about being home alone.

So, two days into 2013 and I must say. It’s already a better year than 2012. I have not spoken to the vet since Apollon was euthanized. That is –almost- a month now. How are they going to pass the time…

Now, not to tempt faith or dare karma or anything, but it is really nice. No offence to my vet’s, they have been amazing, but they are just the kind of friends, you don’t want to see too often… Mostly because when you do see them, it’s because you have a sick horse.

I could really, really do without a sick horse for the next many years. But so far, I am just happy that I have gone the first two days of 2013 without any problems, other than the rain.

Could things be looking up? Or am I tempting some vindictive Hand of Fate by just thinking that? If so, I hope it won’t read my blog….


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2 Responses to New Year

  1. The weather was filthy on NYE wasn’t it; luckily, they don’t really go in for fireworks round here so our horses were ok… so lovely you were there with yours and that they trust you so much.
    Happy new year and I hope it is much better for you and you don’t have to see any vets 🙂

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