Girls Night Out

The girls and I haven’t done this in about… is it 7 years by now? Ever since D got pregnant with the first kid I believe? Anyway, we haven’t hung out together for a long time, we sure haven’t been let lose in town for almost a decade and in fact, we have hardly seen each other for years.

D, N and I used to play together, in our very own band, called Whatever. Music always tied us together and so, when N asked if we wanted to go see the Metallica jam and the Rammstein jam play at a local venue, we said yes, figuring that it was a real great idea.

Granted, Metallica were never my cup of tea, but Rammstein is usually kind of funny, and even though it would only be copy bands, because no original bands ever comes to Denmark, it could still be interesting. And first and foremost, a way for Whatever to meet up again.

So we met at a pub first, incidentally the pub where my boyfriends sister works. She came around and we joked about us having been “let out for a change.” Really, that is how it felt. Like we had been granted a night out, just the three of us, no boyfriends, no husbands, no children, no horses… Just Whatever, the way we used to be, ten years ago.

That is the funny thing about these girls. We can go years and not talk, not text, not see each other and once we do meet up, it is like no time has passed at all.

So, the bands. Metallica Jam played first. Honestly, they were loud, too loud for the small room, the guitar made too much “white noise” at all times. The singer’s microphone were too weak, you could not hear a word he was saying and the bloody double drum pedal just gets… tiresome half way through the first number.

I said I never liked Metallica much and I will stick to that. These guys did nothing to win me over. They were a mess, half of the time it felt like they were not even playing together and all of them were drinking beer on stage.

That always turns me off. That is unprofessional in my eyes. People come to hear them play, to see their show, this is their work, and they drink their way through it… nah, I was not impressed.

Rammstein Jam was far better. All of them drinking water on stage and it showed. They were tight, they had a choreographed show, they paid attention to each other and you could tell, they knew exactly what the others were doing at all times.

As we were watching Rammstein Jam play their second encore, the lead singer from the Metallica Jam walked up to N, and said “I don’t know what to say to you.”

Oh well, world’s best pick up line ever…

He proceeded to tell her that she looked darn hot, (who can blame the man, she does,) and that if she changed her mind about him, he would be outside smoking a joint and she was welcome to join him.

D and I, trying very hard not to laugh, watched N send him off. Really, does that work on anyone? What kind of girls do you pick up like that? Just because you are the lead singer in a copy band, really, it doesn’t make it that easy… at least not when the girl you are accidentally hitting on is past 30 and has seen her share of idiots already… I honestly hope it doesn’t work on anyone else either…

So, we went back to the pub where my boyfriend’s sister works and she told me that she had begun reading my book, the Hand of Fate, and even though she doesn’t really like fantasy, it is making her rethink that. Maybe she does like fantasy after all. She said that she had brought it for her birthday getaway with some of her friends and that she had found herself having a very hard time putting it down once she had started reading in it. So be warned, my book might make you anti-social…

It was nice to hear though, it is always a bit scary to have friends and family read it, mostly because if they say nothing, I figure they don’t like it and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, so I never ask. But she told me on her own accord that she liked it. I take that as an honest feedback…

So, girls night out ended quietly, we even had D’s dad pick us up and drive us home, feeling all teenager- like again.

So girls, thanks for a nice night, it’s always great to see you and I know we keep saying this, but we really should start playing again… 😉


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