Street Teams And Computers

I am an idiot when it comes to computers, I’ll admit that happily. As some may know, some of my friends and I are busy running the Official Street Team Denmark for HIM, and as of a few days ago, we started up the Official Scandinavian Street Team for Face of God as well.

I must admit, I was a bit reluctant at first, this whole street team idea seemed a bit daunting to me, mostly because I feel like I have more than enough on my plate as it is, with writing and promoting my own books, but when Elisabeth ( ) asked me to help her out with the HIM street team I could not say no.

First of all, because I love working with her. We make a great team. Secondly, because HIM has been around since 1999 and no one in Denmark bothered promote them before and all the Danish live venues are refusing to hire them because they believe the interest isn’t there. So, someone had to do it, and it might as well be us.

Then Elisabeth called me up a few days ago and asked how I felt about another street team for Face of God. I said yes immediately. Sure, I am so in. Why not. FOG is a small, relatively unknown band yet, and I must admit, I think it’s great to be there from the get go. It is going to be an interesting journey.

So, we sat down and worked on the street team blog here on word press today. That proved to be a LOT of fun. Elisabeth had set it up, and not really had the time to work on it, making it feel like a “real” blog yet.

I had a very hard time figuring out how to log onto the page. She ended up calling me up and we spend about an hour talking on the phone, explaining passwords and usernames, and setting up the blog. It was hilarious. We ended up logged in on the blog both of us at the same time, changing back ground color behind each other’s backs, messing with the set up, desperately trying to find out how to change that little bit of writing at the top of the page, beside the page name. Both of us had done it before, on our own blogs, and none of us remembered how and where we had managed to do so.

In the midst of us confusing each other over the phone and on screen, my boyfriend turned on his computer behind me and it made a “no go” sound. You know, the well known, stop doing what you’re doing, this is not allowed ding-dong sound. I don’t think I have ever snatched my hands off the keyboard so quickly before in my life, staring at my computer I tried to figure out what I had done now, to make it make that noise.

And completely without thinking, I turned to my boyfriend, still on the phone with Elisabeth, still looking for the magic place where we could change the writing, and said, “Was that my computer?”

He rolled on the floor laughing. You see, my computer does not have any loud speakers, so no it wasn’t mine. No matter what I might have done, it couldn’t have made that sound without any loudspeakers. As he said, it would have to be very, very angry with me, for it to be able to shout at me without a sound system…

Men… they always know better…

Oh well, so it wasn’t my brightest moment. But it was kind of funny and it displays very well how a lot of the women I know feel about their computers. It is a strange machine, that has a life of its own, it never fails to surprise you, and most of the time it is out to get you.

We did get the blog up and running though.

Face of God Street Team Scandinavian:

So far so good. Now we just need to start filling out the little things that is still missing.

For good measure I will throw in a link to the HIM Street Team Denmark as well:

And I’ll need to sit down and write down email addresses, pass words and a million other things that I keep forgetting, because honestly, that is the hardest part of all of this.

It’s a lot to keep track off. But we won’t mess it up. At least not anymore than we already did, and I dare say, in spite it all, we did pretty well…

Now I just need the time to move all of my horse pictures off my computer and on to another hard drive so I can get a photo shop program installed and start working on some flyers and stuff… Come to think if it, that may not be such a bad idea for my books either… I must say, I am learning a lot about promotion from being part of these Street Teams.

And a few things about computers as well. They need loudspeakers for you to hear their warning signals… yes I get that… my boyfriend is still laughing…


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15 Responses to Street Teams And Computers

  1. Haha, that was a good one.. Computers are evil… Most of the times.. I’ve find a boyfriend who’s even worse than me with computers, so we’re screwed 😉

    • Starstone says:

      oh I could not imagine that 🙂 I keep screaming for my boyfriend to come and make it stop when its doing things it’s not supposed to, I would die (or have to grow up) without him 😛

  2. My boyfriend is screaming for me, when the computer does evil things, and he believes I can fix it. Hahahahahaha how naive can you be LOL

  3. I bet you were.
    By the way, when it comes to the street teams, I loved the idea of a HIM street team, and wanted to do it with you, I am glad we get some help From Sylvia. 😉
    But when it comes to FOG, he asked nicely and who could say no to that, And I like to work with street teams it is fun. And we wouldn´t have gotten that interview, If it wasn´t for the HIM team. 🙂

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