The Eye Of Sauron?

I am going to be annoying here, so if you are a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings MOVIES, do not read this…

It’s just, my boyfriend and I was talking about giving the Hobbit a chance and actually seeing it, in spite of how disappointing the LOTR movies had been. Then by chance, our TV network aired the LOTR movies and we came across the Return of the King the other day.

So I got to do this post. I am sorry, but as sad as this movie is, as little as it has to do with the book, as much as I would love to pick it apart scene by scene, I won’t be doing that. I just have to comment on the Eye of Sauron.

Who ever thought it would be a great idea to display it like this? I mean, come on, the all-seeing eye in the sky… A huge ball of fire, stuck to the top of the tower?

sauron 4

I was actually laughing to see it again. It is so amazingly stupid, I find it hard to describe in words. Such a bad guy he is, stuck to his tower like that, unable to see in the dark apparently. Because once he starts looking for Frodo, he can’t see him, once Frodo hides behind a rock.

sauron3 jpg

The all-seeing eye, in his own land, displayed as an eye that needs some sort of spot light to see anything. The way the eye acts like a flashlight most of the time, lighting up the area it’s looking at… I mean, come on. When they were writing those scenes, why weren’t anyone laughing? It’s not scary, it’s just stupid. That’s not an all-seeing eye, that’s a very limited, very sad existence and one you hardly have to fear because just stay out of the light and he won’t see you.

sauron 2

Really, you can simply walk into Mordor, as long as you keep an eye on the flashlight and avoid it. Tolkien must be rolling over in his grave. He created the perfect bad guy in Sauron and now he has been reduced to a very physical eye on the top of a tower and a flashlight. If LOTR had been my book, I would rise from my grave and haunt whatever cinematographer thought that was a cool idea and anyone who did not object to it.

What it really does, is kill the seriousness of the story. It turns it into just another children’s fantasy movie and that is a shame, because LOTR was always so much more.

Trouble is, if the bad guy makes you laugh, it’s very hard to feel for Frodo and Sam as they suffer through Mordor. Frodo and Sam are a very strong part of the movie, their relationship, their journey and the love that binds them together. It is actually beautifully described. It COULD have worked. It just doesn’t, for a million different reasons, and one of them sure is the fact that the Eye of Sauron is just ridiculous.

Someone else thinks so… thanks to who ever made this picture…


I’m still laughing. And no, I am not going to see the Hobbit. This is one of the reasons why. I guess I love the books too much.


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2 Responses to The Eye Of Sauron?

  1. jen says:

    Okay, I love LOTR, but I read this post anyway. If you hated the LOTR movies, definitely don’t go see the Hobbit…they took some liberties with it (and whatever you do, don’t take a six-year-old to see it…I made that mistake). My daughter and I are actually going back and re-reading the book to see what really happened. I didn’t mind the LOTR movies and wasn’t as bothered by the eye in the sky as you were. But I think they crossed a line with the Hobbit, adding extra gore and extra fight scenes that didn’t exist in the book.

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