Kids In The Snow

It’s been a good day. I actually trained the kids a little today. I must admit, I have not been working too much with them since Apollon died, and I’ve been really good at coming up with excuses, like rain and snow…

But today I figured I’d give it a try and see how Saleem handled the snow. I remember a time in a distant past where iron shoes and snow were no problem at all, but somehow I have become a chicken over the years. I guess it’s time to reclaim the brave heart I once had and start over. So, bravely, I trained Saleem from the ground, making sure to wrap his legs up in boots, just in case he would trip and fall and you know… hurt himself. I really don’t want him to hurt himself. I might be a slight bit over protective at the moment… Anyway…

The kids didn’t think I should train Saleem. Once I placed a rope and a halter on Saleem, they gathered around us, Tardis cantering in circles, Apocalipse biting Saleem and Marble snarling at me. Clearly, I was so wrong, thinking that Saleem and I could just work a little at the back of the pasture… like we have done all summer…

So, I removed the rope from Saleem, afraid that the kids might run past me and get tangled up in it. Saleem is really good though, we don’t need the rope much.


Apocalipse is extraordinary as well.




I ended up having to release Saleem and work with Apocalipse first and then Marble.

Tardis went back to the hay when I picked up Saleem again, and this time the little ones allowed me to work with him. Note to self, if I want peace and space for Saleem and me, I need to play with the babies first.



Because otherwise you end up like this, the rope getting eaten…


Or four kids just running around for the sake of it.





Things sure were quieter with Poseidon and Apollon. Still, this was a great day. These little ones are so attentive, so easy, and so… happy, to work with, you can’t help but smile.

And I must say, Saleem is not done growing up just yet. He might turn 6 this year, but looking at him next to his son, they are both very young and very beautiful and very much undeveloped.


I am really happy that I have not worked him to hard yet. It would seem that he needs yet another growing -up -year still.


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