Heroes of Might and Magic VI- Shades of Darkenss

Uhu… Wait a second… I came across my dashboard just now and realized that I had about 740 views on my Heroes of Might and Magic VI review post.


Quite stunned, I had to check out why. Shamefully I must admit that I have not been keeping up… Google is ever your friend though.

But it turns out, the expansion is ready for preorder now and will be released on Feb. 28! Now, this is the long awaited Dark Elves, so naturally I had to sneak peak on the trailer, here it is:

Looks awesome. I must admit, elves are cool. As disappointed as I was with most of VI I still have high hopes for the expansion. After all, is there anything that is so bad it can’t be saved by a little dark elven magic?

On a side note, my boyfriend and I are a little bitchy about the fact that there are- for the first time ever- no wood elves and that this expansion does not include them either. Really, it’s just not Heroes of Might and Magic without tiny elves in tights, shooting arrows left and right and killing anything in sight. They were sooo great in V…

We miss them now! We really, really do!

But, for now, I must be content it seems, with looking forward to the release of the Shades of Darkenss and the Dark Elven fraction of the game. After all, that could work out for the best for me. I always play the dark side, truth be told, I was getting a little bored with having my boyfriend and his wood elves kill me off time and time again, so maybe it’s a good thing that we have no elves this time…

Fingers crossed that Shades of Darkenss will even out the game a little though, because as it were, Sanctuary just had too huge an advantage compared to any of the other fractions, with its amphibian skill.

Hopefully Shades of Darkness will be prettier than the rest of the game as well, because like it or not, looks do matter, in a game like this, which you play as much for the cute animations as for the battle strategy.

So far, it looks pretty cool. We wait with bated breath…


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