Head Shots

So, introducing new and updated head shots of the gang. They grow up so fast… Remember this little fellow?


Apocalipse might not have been the world’s most beautiful foal, but he had charm and charisma, right from the get go and I dare say, he has grown up to be just drop dead gorgeous. Here he is, a brand new shot from yesterday, two and a half years old.

head shots 233

Saleem, Apocalipse’s father, wasn’t the prettiest foal either, but once again, the charm was unmistakable. Photo by Cautzar Arabians.


The dark red is Saleem. Photo by Cautzar Arabians.


Here he is now, five and a half years old. I still find it amusing how much fur he gets every winter. My vets had a hard time believing that he was actually a pure bred Arabian until they saw his papers… I get where they are coming from, most of the time he looks like a yeti….

head shots 086

I don’t have any baby pictures of Marble, so what I can show you is a picture of her from last summer.


Here she is now, almost two years old. I am sure this picture will be funny to look at in a few years from now, as she grows up…

head shots 131

I don’t have any baby pictures of Tardis either, but I have one of her as a two year old. Photo by Anne Wejlemand.

tardis two years old

Here she is, my new top model, almost four years old. She sure knows how to pose for the camera.

head shots 062

Soon we will have baby pictures of her foal instead.

Apocalipse and Saleem together. See the likeness?

head shots 025

Saleem and Marble.

head shots 315

The gang.

head shots 012

Beautiful, beautiful babies. What you can’t see are the scary humans walking across the field next to the pasture, which is why they agreed to line up like this…


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