Danish translation at the bottom,  by http://elisabethberg.wordpress.com/
Thanks to HIM Denmark Street Team and Elisabeth Berg.


Jussi: Back in business, full of energy, did you get stressed right away like oh fucking hell, record labels look at the promo schedules and now you should start touring and Seppo’s nagging that you haven’t been to Brazil yet…

Ville: *laughs* Have you spoken with Seppo? That sounded just like him, but yeah we’re doing a new album, it’s not completely finished, but isn’t the most important thing that we’re doing the album and if there are some promo stuff then that’s next week.

Jussi: I was kind of mirroring myself here, when a new album comes out I’m excited about it and it feels great but at the same time you have a zillion emails and you’ll notice that the next free day is in December 2014 and then you’re like fucking hell I can’t do this.

Ville: We have exactly the same schedules, pdf files fly…

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  1. You are welcome….
    I did my best with what I had to work with,

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