Welcome Home

My baby sister just came home after having spent the last 5 months in New Zealand. (I am of course very disappointed that she did not go see the Shire and does not have a thousand pictures of Bagend and of her chasing Peter Jackson with a pitchfork for ruining the Hobbit, but I guess you can’t have it all, so I must settle for just being happy that she is once again, home.)

Naturally, she had to be forced to show up at the stable as soon as possible, and meet Tardis.

Five months may not seem like a lot, and still quite a few things have changed since she left. For me, Apollon died, and Tardis arrived on my pasture. At the stable where she worked until she left, two horses have died, one of them being the old stallion, and a lot of the young horses have been sold.

Everyday life may seem to go by relatively unnoticed, but looking back on the time she has been away, one must say, there are no two days alike after all.

So, Apocalipse was ever ready and willing to pose for the camera and welcome her home. He has grown up a lot since she left, but he is still Apocalipse. His gentle spirit and open mind never changes.

charlotte 024

So, welcome home girlfriend, I am so happy that you are back and that you still bother to spend one of your first, jetlagged days back in DK, with me and my gang in the freezing cold Danish winter. I know there may be funnier things to do, than hang at a frozen stable all day, but it means a lot to me that you got to meet Tardis, now that Apollon was not there to welcome you home anymore.


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