We Have Been Waiting…. To Make Your Life Hell

I’m a terrible person. I keep looking at horses for sale online. Not that I am thinking of buying any, it’s just… interesting to see what people try to sell sometimes. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to dream of what you would buy if you one day became a millionaire right?

But, thing is, a friend of mine, the Evil Icequeen, lost her horse in 2011, the wonderful Lise, who lived with my gang for 8 years. Lise had cancer in her ovaries and there was no fighting that. The Evil Icequeen have not been too busy trying to find a replacement, not sure if she wanted to start a family instead with the boyfriend she met the day after Lise died.

Still, I came across one little mare in a sales add the other day, a one year old, red mare, who incidentally shared the Evil Icequeen’s real name. Yes, she has a human name, the Evil Icequeen is just her wordpress profile, which is why I call her that. That way she can disown me and claim that it is so not her I am talking about in real life, if she so chooses…

So, how often do you come across a horse that shares your name? Naturally I had to send her a link. Add to that, the horse is so cheap it’s almost laughable. It is probably going to cost her more to transport if home than to buy it…  Anyway, how could she pass that up? So now we are set to go see the little thing on Sunday and I’m actually thrilled about it.

Not sure why. I mean, I’m not buying it. And still I am jumping for joy at the thought of meeting this little horse, that will hopefully become a part of our “family” and stay within our small circle of friends for many years to come. Maybe I nurse a small hope that it can even help her past some of the grief she still feels about losing Lise… Not that the little mare will ever replace Lise, but it could at least, be a reason to smile again… Wouldn’t that be nice?

Already I am sure the Evil Icequeen is regretting it. It turns out that the little mare does not have a passport or any of the papers it needs, which means, we can’t drive it without risking a huge fine if we get caught. So now she has to call the federation that registers horses in Denmark and plead her case, even before she has seen the horse, to find out if we can bring it home or not.

I am silently sniggering here. Good luck with that. Welcome back to the world of horses, we have been waiting to make your life hell again. My best bet is that the federation is going to be of no help at all, and quite possibly make sure to get in the way as much as possible. I have had a lot of dealings with them when the new rules for registration was legalized, and I have not once, had a good experience with them.

So, between finding transport for the horse, arranging for us to go see it, and having to work out some sort of solution about the paperwork on the horse so she can bring it home if it turns out it is a good little horse, this has to be a rather frustrating return to the world of horses. But then again, aren’t they worth it all, in the end?

I guess we will see about that, come Sunday.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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