The Ark- Music

I just realized, I have not written about The Ark. Shame on me. Actually this came about because we went and met my friend’s new horse this weekend and as we were driving home through a blizzard, doing 60km ph on the freeway, the radio suddenly started playing “One of Us is Gonna Die Young.” We both instantly sang along.

Once the song was half way over, I had to ask though. “Who is this? I should know this band…” My friend said, “Oh well, this is embracing. It’s Ola Salo, what’s the name of the band again?”

Okay so not our sharpest hour. I was only mortified that I had not been able to place the Ark in my head. Then we spent a good while singing the Ark songs, over the radio playing random pop, trying to get home through the snow, because fact is, we know a lot of their songs by heart, at least the ones from “We are the Ark,” and “In Lust we trust.”

In our defence, “One of us is gonna die young,” is from “State of the Ark,” a CD none of us has been able to get our hands on yet. I know that in this day and age, it’s a bad excuse that it’s not sold in the stores, because well, you can get anything online.

So, the band. Very simple, really. Glam rock from Sweden. The band consists of Ola Salo, Mikael Jepson, Lasse Ljungberg, Martin Axén, Sylvester Schlegel and Jens Andersson.

They have released five albums’s,

We are the Ark,

we are the ark...

In lust we trust,

in lust we trust pg

State of the Ark,

state of the ark

Prayer for the weekend,


In full Regalia


And their closing, best off album, Arkeology.


Wow, what do I know, I didn’t know about the two last ones… I am such a bad fan…

But, the music.

I first met the Ark way back in 2000, when Apollon was young and Poseidon was a utterly insane. These are the songs I grew up with, that along with HIM, kept me sane.  And just because I said that, I will now add the first song I ever heard by the Ark, one that remains to this day, one of the best songs ever written.

The Ark, It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane, from We are the Ark.

Watch it, listen, and sing along. This song is a song everyone should know.

One of us is gonna die young, of course, the cause for this post,

I love the video. It may not be a stroke of brilliance, but it’s a good glam rock pop song.

Tell me this Night is over, from In Lust we Trust.

“Tell me this night is over
I want to start living my life, before I get much older…”

Now this song IS a stroke of genius. So much longing, passion, sadness… I adore it.

Now, we can’t have a post about the Ark without bringing up one of their most political songs,

The Father of a Son, from In Lust we Trust.

Brilliant song, lots of word play, lots of attitude, (gay attitude, be warned,) since it’s about homosexual’s and their right to have children.

“And you can legislate and oppress
and you can make my life a mess
But you can’t change the way I feel
Or convince me that my wish is unreal
And you can strike me down
and fence me
And you can claim
that there’s opinion against me
But I’ll still win over You, Sir
cause if you fight Love,
you’re always a looser”

Well, watch it. Brilliant.

Now I am afraid that my friend will kill me if I don’t include this one,

Let your Body Decide, from We are the Ark.

It was never one of my favorites, it’s a bit too much the same all the way through, but it’s a good song, just not… that fabulous.

This one, on the other hand,

Joy Surrender, from We are the Ark,

I always loved that one, but then again, it’s the words that get me.

“I was born to start a revolution
It would be my contribution
to a worldwide resurrection
I was born to start a million fires
The joy of men’s desires
was laid in my hand

But I was born a weak and worried thinker
with an eagerness to know myself
that throws it all away”

Very easily relatable for someone like me.

Absolutely No Decorum, from Prayer for the Weekend.

Isn’t he adorable? Sorry, that was unprofessional of me. This song is from their Grand Prix in 2007.

I’ll end this post with the song they ended their carrier with,

The Apocalypse is over, from the Arkeology album.

Beautiful. I must say, I didn’t name my foal after this song, but I did giggle a little bit when I found out that this song was released in 2010, the year my Apocalipse was born, especially since as my friend and I was making our way home through the blizzard, we also considered names for her new mare and we did consider naming her Echo… Mostly as a joke, but imagine this, having a horse named after the Ark’s Echo Chamber?

Now I have to throw in a link for that one too… darn…

It could be so funny, calling for that horse on the pasture, shouting, echo, echo, echo…

And really, this is what the Ark is. A band that manages to be deadly serious, with a smile. That is a dangerous combination, and a bit of a tight rope ride to walk. They do it perfectly.

ola 262

I absolutely love those guys. Do not cheat yourself of getting to know them. I know I’ll be spending the rest of the day online, trying to get my dirty hands on the last CD’s I don’t have… Shame on me…


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