A True Love Story

I think I have mostly written sad stories about horses on this blog. So let me tell you a little love story.

My friend, A, met this horse, named Tornado, when we were young, all of us. Tor, as he was called for short, was a bit of a poor kind of horse, looking a bit misserable and hard to feed so he gained weight.

I have to admit, I didn’t pay much attention to him, but I did know that A fell deeply in love with the horse. Once the owner and A started training the horse, he turned out to have a leg issue. The horse was then moved away and A lost contact with him.

What happened to Tor, is hard to say. A moved to England and stayed there for years. I lost contact with her as well.

Through face book we reconnected many years later. We exchanged phone numbers and she called me up. We spoke for hours. So many things had changed, so much catching up to do, but one thing had not changed at all. Poseidon and Apollon were still with me.

A mentioned Tor, wondering what happened to him. Clearly he was the one- that- got -away for her. I started doing some searching for him. I remembered most of his pedigree because he was the brother of our other friend Line’s horse Chili. Even if I had not really noticed Tor back then, I had noticed Chili, mostly because she had a Heartbeat-foal one year, which is show jumping blood, and so I did take a look at her pedigree.

So, finding Tor did take a bit of time, but I managed. It turned out that the ones that owned him wanted to sell him as well. I sent A a link.

I remember the phone call I got after she had been to see him for the first time in ten years. She was over ecstatic. Tor looked like hell, thin, lame and miserable, 16 years old and worn out, and still she considered buying him, just to make the story have a happy ending.

I told her to think about it. Really think about it. She could be buying a horse that would cost her a lot of money in vet bills as he grew old, and she might even be buying a horse that was permanently damaged, since that leg he was lame on now, was the same leg he had had a problem with when he had been young.

I told her too, to go with her heart. If this was her horse, if she could feel it in her bones that she had to own that horse, then it would outweigh any issues she might come to face with him. Sometimes, fighting destiny is just a bad thing.

She brought him home. She has had him for two years now. He is 18 and I have never seen that horse look so good, so happy, so beautiful.

Thor horse

This is a true love story. Tor does have arthritis and is retired, but he is happy, loved and finally home. It has been a long journey, but some hearts are just meant to be together.


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10 Responses to A True Love Story

  1. Anne says:

    …and its all thanks to you my love!!!! ❤ ❤

  2. LHK says:

    What a lovely story, and what a lovely horse…

  3. Wonderful story with a lovely ending which sadly, where animals are concerned seems to be a rare thing these days.

  4. zanzanaglob says:

    This is wonderful…and she took the right decision, even if it was the most difficult option.

  5. Anne says:

    Many thanks 🙂 Actually it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. That horse meant so much to me, and I spend 10 years in London thinking about what happened to him. The fact that he was still alive and up for sale was just perfect. I’ll treasure him forever 😉

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