The Kiss, The Dragon And The Werewolf- Rainbow And Glitter

As some of you might know, my friend Elisabeth ( ) and I are writing a book together. It came together by chance, inspired the very awesome picture of David Tennant and John Barrowman kissing each other. I am still not sure what insane path led us from that picture to writing a fantasy book, but as it happened, we were online both of us, and the story just shaped before our eyes.

Elisabeth and I hardly know each other in “real” life, we met once and spoke on the phone once before we started writing this book. We are what I would call online best friends. I have come to rely on her quite a lot to keep me sane. We have so much in common. We met through our shared affection for the band HIM and here we are, two years later, starting up the Dansih Street Team for HIM and the Scandinavian Street Team for Face of God, along with a lot of our other online friends.

Elisabeth turns out to be a great person to work with. I never thought I could go along with someone that smoothly, I usually want to be in charge of everything to make sure it gets done right, but with her, I never question that she knows what she is doing.

As for the writing, I have said it before and I will say it again, it is a very new experience for me to have to share a story line with someone, to never know what she comes up with, or which way the book is going. We take turns writing on it, emailing it back and forth between us, so once you send the story away, you sit around and wait for it to come back, wondering what she is going to do now, how she is going to handle the things you made happen in the story and what on earth you are going to do if she writes something you had not anticipated at all.

This is the best way to grow as a writer I have ever come across. I have learned so much, I have had to deal with so many characters I never would have imagined on my own, and to piece together a story I am not in charge of.

We have a singing cow in our story. I think he came about because one of Elisabeth’s children wanted a singing cow. Or was it zombies he wanted? Or both? My memory is like a black hole sometimes, but I am pretty sure that the singing cow was her kid’s idea. We just picked him up and ran with him. He turned out to be one of our most amusing persons, playing up against our alcoholic unicorn most of the time.

So yes, you might have realized by now, this is a bit of a comic book. We write it mostly to have fun and to give each other a good laugh and a challenge, but we both fell instantly in love with it just the same.

This book forced me to write a new kind of “poetry,” something funny. I am always the gloomy kind of writer, but our singing cow cannot go around singing about loss, and death , and snow and tears. No, he can be serious once in a while, but I had better give it a try and write him something I had never written before. A silly little song, that was meant to be amusing.

And now I’m actually terrified of posting it, because this is so not me. Still here goes anyway. I may rewrite it before the book is published but for now, this is how it sounds, my first happy song…

Rainbow and Glitter

“Rainbow and glitter

It’s you I love

If I had a twitter

I’d make you all sob


White hair and horn

Smooth and strong

My very own unicorn

Listen to this song


Top hat and signs in the sky

Elven wings shimmer in the sunlight

I’m not that high

But I know when to hide


Dragons breath burns

As the werewolf hauls

The shape shifter learns

Away the shadow crawls


Fire and ice

You and I had to see

The Evil Icequeen arise

You never turned to flee


Rainbow and glitter

You are my hero

If I had a twitter

I’d make the world see you…”


One could argue that it is much funnier if you know the story. Of course the unicorn referred to, is the alcoholic one I mentioned earlier, the dragon and the werewolf are the main characters in the book and the rainbow and glitter part… oh well, you have to know the story. So maybe this is not funny at all, except for the two of us. In that case, I apologize.

What I am really saying is this; We are still writing on the Kiss, the Dragon and the Werewolf, and we are still loving it. I have no idea when it will be released, but hopefully, once it is out, sometime in the future, it will make a lot of you smile.

I am still giggling by the thought of the last person Elisabeth introduced to the story. I never saw her coming and I have no idea how to handle her, but I guess I will have to figure it out, unless I am just going to write around her for the rest of the book. Time to sink or swim I guess.


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9 Responses to The Kiss, The Dragon And The Werewolf- Rainbow And Glitter

  1. When Rasmus was in daycare, he had a toy cow that was singing and dancing, and the zombies was because I told that we were writing a book, and he ask if there were any zombies in it, I said no, he told me we had to have some zombies to make a good story.
    I am loving the story with all of my heart, it will be amazing.
    You will learn to handle her, or I just have to tell you more about her…

  2. Reblogged this on Elisabeth Berg and commented:
    AddWhen Rasmus was in daycare, he had a toy cow that was singing and dancing, and the zombies was because I told that we were writing a book, and he ask if there were any zombies in it, I said no, he told me we had to have some zombies to make a good story.

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