Starstone- The Twins

A quick update. I just got The Twins, book two in the Starstone Series, back from my editor yesterday, but between Apocalipse being sick and writing the ending of book five, I haven’t had the time to open it yet. Hopefully I will get to it today, unless my little horse is in too bad shape.

Fingers crossed he will be eating again today, and be happy and healthy and… well. The fever broke yesterday, but he still wasn’t eating much. I, of course, talked to my vet, for the third day in a row, and we agreed to hang in there as long as he was eating a bit of hay, it was progress. Not much the vet’s can do anyway.

I spoke to my illustrator about the cover for The Twins as well. That’s going to be a challenge, since we set the standard with the Hand of Fate. White, simple, drawing style… I want the books to have a cover that fits them individually, but still, they should match each other. It is a series. They should look alike, and yet be able to stand alone. Just like the writing inside. Part of a greater scheme, but they can be read apart from each other.

Tomorrow, at dawn, my band is meeting again, for the first time in, I don’t know how long. I bet we are the only band in history that would ever set up to meet at that ghastly morning hour, but between my four horses, D’s three kids and N’s full time job, I guess it’s the best we can do. I’m actually quite excited about us, finally getting together again. I miss our music, I miss the girls and I bet that with a lot of coffee we can make it work…

So, I will read through The Twins as soon as possible, and hopefully have it ready for publishing sometime next month. (Yeah I want to check it after it has been through editing, just to make sure that nothing important has been edited or misunderstood…) I will be as fast about it as I can, and for all of you who keep asking for it, I am so grateful! It really means the world to me! Thank you guys, I will have it out as soon as life will allow me to sit down and go through it one last time.

I’ll keep you updated. But now I better run, and check in on my little Apocalipse once again.

I really hope he is better now…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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