It has been a good day for a change. The girls from my band and I actually met today and played music… Wow, what do you know… the last times we have met we have mostly worked on a new song, because my boyfriend is starting up his film making firm- Dark Mare Pictures- and wants to make a music video, so we thought we’d help him out and write him a song.

Thing is, we haven’t really played together in, I don’t know how many years, life seem to keep getting in the way, but today we met up, despite my sick horse and anything else that might cancel us, and we played all our old songs.

It was awesome. Mostly to find that we still kind of got it. We actually remembered all our old parts, all of our old second and third voices and most of our melodies. Granted, some of it might have sounded a bit rusty, but it is a very special feeling to meet up with two of your oldest friends like that and share something as intense and intimate as music and realize that our songs made just as deep an impact on the others as they did on me once upon a time. We didn’t forget.

Now, I do have a sick horse, and I was not about to let him go unattended just because I needed to take some time off from sitting in the stable, watching him, trying to make him eat a little every hour. So, I set my boyfriend on the task of feeding the horses this morning, and I instructed him to call me if Apocalipse wasn’t eating today. It would be an entire week then, and I would have to at least talk to the vet about him before the weekend if he didn’t seem to be recovering.

As my band, ‘Whatever’ is our name, by the way, were playing, I texted my boyfriend about a thousand times, asking how Apocalipse was doing, because I simply can’t just take time off when I know that my little angel is sick. He didn’t text me back.

Now, there can be many reasons for that. One being that he is a guy and well, men are not that good at checking their phone every second to answer any random message they might get during the day. Second, and the most likely, that he simply forgot his phone at home. Or third, Marble might have killed him…

So, trying not to freak out, the girls and I wrapped up our music by midday before D’s kids came home and I left for the stable, rather nervous about what I might find.

It turned out that my boyfriend had forgotten his phone back home. Because sure, go take care of a sick horse, with no means of calling me or the vet, please do, who needs a phone anyway? Men…

I was trying my best not to act like a rabid dragon when I met him, and I think I did pretty well… Not sure he agrees…

Anyway, Apocalipse was MUCH better today, eating hay and even eating his food as well, as long as I didn’t mix vitamins or minerals in it… that is a huge progress. He didn’t lie down and sleep either. The last week he has been lying down most of the day, only getting up to fiddle about with the hay and drink a bit of water, but today he remained standing and even though he looked a bit tired, there was light in his eyes again, and he ATE!

I have been singing all day, literally. Even when Tardis managed to tear a huge hole in Marble’s clothes and I spent an hour in the blistering cold, sewing it up. I couldn’t care less, because first of all, Apocalipse was eating, and second, Whatever got to play again. We even set a sort-of-date for when we are meeting up the next time. For us, that is huge…

And did I mention, Apocalipse is eating?

Tomorrow, my dear friend LHK and I are going to buy him some please-gain-15-kg-quickly-food, and hopefully he will eat that and be back to normal shortly. He lost a lot of weight from not eating for five days, so he looks rather miserable at the moment, my beautiful two year old, but as long as he is recovering, I can change that. As long as he is eating.

Really, I don’t think I set the expectations too high, do I? All I want from my horses is that they are happy, healthy and that they please, eat their food… I could think of a lot of horses that wouldn’t think that was too much to ask for, but clearly, I keep overestimating mine…

But now, I better return to my world of fantasy, and start the final edit of The Twins, the second book in the Starstone Series, so it can be out as soon as possible. The cover is almost in place, so what we are really waiting for now is me, being satisfied with the story and every single one of the words in it…

It may take some time, but I promise, I’ll be as quick as I possibly can. Fingers crossed that I won’t have any more sick horses, to get in the way either. That is not exactly speeding up the process…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to He Is EATING!

  1. jen says:

    SO GLAD to hear he’s coming around! I only get in to check my blog and others’ about once a week, and I always hate it when I see that one of your horses is sick. I’m crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery!

    • Starstone says:

      Thank you, Apocalipse has been back to normal today, eating LOT and being happy and full of energy again, so I almost dare say that we are through what ever it was 🙂

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