The Pony And An Old Friend Of Mine

My friend, the Evil Icequeen, brought this young mare home last week. Naturally she have to find some kind of company for the little mare, so we have been looking at horses, ponies and even a few odd sized animals that I am not sure falls under the “horse” category… Anyway, it turns out to be rather difficult to find the perfect pony.

It must be nice, so as to not eat her family when they come to pet it. It must be healthy, so it hopefully won’t be too big a problem. What she needs is a pony that can play with her mare all day and won’t take up much of her time when she is there to tend them. Of course the pony will be loved and groomed and stuff like that, but the little mare she already has needs a LOT of attention and a lot of training, so it wouldn’t do to bring home yet another possible problem.

We went to meet this little fellow yesterday.

pons 031

Well, I already knew him, and I knew that he could be what she was looking for, except for one thing, and it is a huge thing. He is SO fat. The little mare my friend has is thin, she needs free access to hay all day, and it would be a shame to restrict her from the grass. This pony would die instantly if he was let loose in the environment the little mare has now, because he is this fat already.

pons 025

On the plus side, he is a very nice pony. He is gentle, high spirited, and the perfect pony that would not scare off her boyfriend or kill her family. If we could somehow manage to make him lose weight, he could be just what she is looking for.

I knew this pony, from a few years ago, when I trained the Friesian Titan for the owner. She still has Titan. And she is not riding him.

A few months after I stopped riding him, he “lost” her and, well, Titan has been out of business since. She did try and send him in professional training, but after they had had him for a few months, he came home, still unridden.

I got to say, I am a bit astounded by this. In my world, Titan was not a problem horse. He is highly sensitive, but that is not a bad thing if you can handle it, and he does have a bit of a tendency to throw tantrums if things does not work out for him, but no, I would have never classified him as a problem horse. After all I rode him about two-three days a week for two seasons. I just don’t get what happened and it is killing me to see this gentle giant being labeled “trouble.”


I never really liked Friesian’s, they are so not my kind of horses, they are huge, heavy, and not designed for show jumping or high speed in anyway. Titan did sneak under my skin when I worked with him though. He is such a trusting horse, one has to fall in love with him. Meeting him again yesterday, he instantly knew me. I was a bit surprised to see how much he has actually grown since I left off with him. Back then, he was five. Now, he must be turning seven right?

Anyway, his owner said that she would try and train him from the ground for this next season and if it didn’t work out, she might try and find the right home for him, by handing him over to a trainer of some sorts that would be able to handle him and find him interesting.


I was kind of biting my tongue, so hard I was tasting blood, so prevent myself from offering to take him.

First off, I could never afford to buy him off her. This is a pure bread Friesian. I would never be able to find that kind of money.


Second, he would be HUGE on my small pasture, and in my tiny house, and what if he bullied Saleem?

I mean, I could fix the house, I could build him a new house, one where he could raise his head without hitting the roof, because Titan is just that by now- a Titan. His neck and head, when raised is about a half time as tall as I am, standing next to him.

And the pasture, I could get around that as well… But no, just no. I have a foal on the way, a beautiful little Arabian foal, I will have five horses again soon, and I cannot afford to bring home one more. Besides, it is the Arabians and the Thoroughbreds I want to ride, that is my kind of horse. Small, fast, slender, hot tempered, and preferably with show jumping ability.

Still, I can’t help but look at the pictures of Titan and me and wonder. If I had all the money in the world, would I have bought him?


I am pretty sure I would have bought him, years ago, when I stopped riding him, if I could have. Back then, it was out of the question, because I had Poseidon and Apollon and they would have killed Titan. But now, they are both gone. In my little world of fantasy, I am sure Titan and Saleem could learn to get along, right?

And stopping myself right here again. Not going to happen. I just don’t get why this horse is such a huge problem and it is killing me that he is. What if I am the only person to not see him in that way? What if I was his one chance and I walked away?


I guess that is why I get Titan. I am overly sensitive too… I respond too strongly and I worry.

Like my friend Jen, from Word Press, would say, “I am a chronic reactor.”

Must stop that. Note to self.


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12 Responses to The Pony And An Old Friend Of Mine

  1. He is beautiful, just the kind of horse I always wanted, I love those big heavy horse. But no I can´t I just sold Next because of my back and knee issue….

  2. Carina says:

    Titan is not a problem horse in my eyes…nor was he in the eyes of the trainer, he just left. Never ever have I said that. If anyone is a problem it’s me for not getting him a lot of the time. I’m still gonna fight for this horse and improve my own skills, so one day soon I hopefully get him. If he should ever leave me, it would not be because I think he is trouble, but because he would be better of with another owner than me. But he has been mine since he was 1 year, and yes, turning 7 this june, and I’m still willing to try.

    Carina. owner of Titan.

    • Starstone says:

      Hats off to that, I really do believe that the two of you can work it out 🙂 And I don’t think he could find someone he would better off with, as long as you love him for who he is, I am sure he is happy…

      You just sound so frustrated sometimes 😉 But I know how that feels 😉

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