The Cat

When I came home from the stable today, I parked my bike as always in our driveway. As I did that, I heard a cat somewhere, sounding very unhappy. Now, we have a lot of cats in the neighborhood so at first I didn’t think much of it. Usually it is just the cat next door and some other cat from down the block, that is having a showdown, snarling at each other at a distance.

Still, something about this particular cat sounded wrong, so moron as I am, I had to check it out. I came across a tiny little cat, hiding in the bushes in our driveway, all curled up in a tight ball of long fur, hiding its eyes and head under its paws. As it were lying there, it continued to sound very miserable.

I tried calling for it, trying to get its attention, and it looked up briefly, and hid its head again, continuing to moan… So, I had to do something, It could have been hit by a car, and be bleeding out. Clearly, something was amiss with the little thing, so I went inside the house and told my mom,

“Hey, we have got a sick cat in out hedge. I am going to try and feed it.”

She wasn’t too happy about that. We all know that once you feed a cat, it will most likely come back to stay. But she followed me outside, unable to not help a poor little animal in need. I get that from her. I really do. Blame my soft heart on her…

Placing food in front of the little thing, it poked its head out and ate a bit, continuing to moan and complain. I realized then, just how bad shape it was in.

Running my hand down its spine, and across its hips, I don’t think I’ve ever felt an animal that was this drained, dehydrated, and thin. I picked it up and took it inside. We have winter in Denmark, it is freezing outside. It would die if I left it. If not from starvation, then at least from the cold.

It has spent the evening in my boyfriend’s work room, lying on a chair in front of the radiator, and just looking at the world. It doesn’t really sleep. It isn’t tired, it’s drained. It can hardly stand on its hind legs; there is no strength in the poor thing at all.

It’s a nice cat tough. It purrs instantly when you pet it, and it didn’t make a fuss when I sneak attacked it with a water -syringe, making sure it got some fluid even though it refused to drink.

So, if we feed it once every half hour, it eats a little and lies down again, simply getting completely drained from the effort of having to eat something.

I am not sure what to do about a cat like that, other than feed it and hope it recovers. I don’t know what a vet could do, I don’t think it’s sick, “just” starved and in any way, I only have my bike and I am not going to put that little bugger in a basket on a bike tonight, now that it is finally getting the heat back, so I guess we are just going to hope that it will make it through the night.

One day at a time.

What else is there to do?

Here it is, by the way,

cat 002

Bear in mind the LONG winter fur and imagine just how skinny it really is underneath that. I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, either. Somehow that does not seem to matter much, next to trying to save its life.

cat 001

So, fingers crossed that it will live. It has been drinking a little on its own accord now, so that is a good sign. It’s a fighter. Let’s hope that’s enough to pull it through.


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2 Responses to The Cat

  1. Juliette says:

    Keep us posted on the cat. You’re such a good soul to take it in.

    • Starstone says:

      I couldn’t just leave it to die…. 😉 she is trying to walk a little today, and is a lot happier… still not eating much, and very tired, but it’s going to take time…

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