I have come to know this girl quite well, through word press and face book, or so I thought… Brilliant writer, and boy, did she scare me with this post 😉

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There are five people in the world whom I don’t want to disappoint- mom, my sports coach, God, my best friend, and me. In that order.

Mom I have lived with all my fifteen years. She’s the person I know, and who knows me. never once, for as long as I can remember, has she been wrong, and that’s why I blindly trust her. And to disappoint her would mean to do wrong.

My sports coach just has one simple motto, his answer for everything sports and otherwise- “When in doubt, always tackle.” It gets pretty weird defining “tackle” in badminton (who do I attack- the shuttlecock??) but pretty much all my school life I avoided being bullied because of that singular sentence. To disappoint him would mean to give in to the bullies after all.

God. Well they say God forgives… But I don’t even wanna imagine what pot…

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