Starstone- The Twins- Paperback Out Now!

At long last, the paperback, The Twins, now available:

Cover - The Twins

“The Twins is the second book in the Starstone Series. It is a catching, heartwarming, cruel and intriguing follow -up to The Hand of Fate, that will leave you spell bound, right from the start.

In the aftermath of the war of the Crystal Valley, Cazal and Lien find themselves on the run, desperately trying to escape the reach of the dark wizard, Thalid, and the mysterious Shadow Cat, that seem intent on claiming the Starstone.

The human kingdom is on the brink of civil war, placing Hanadrim and Lien, in midst of a scheme to overthrow the young King Chale of RoyAndor.

Cazal finds no peace, even as she takes refuge in the elven kingdom of Leaffall, forever haunted by her past. Can she find a way to be redeemed, or are some things just unforgivable?”

The e-book will be out shortly.

The Danish version will be out in a couple of months.

For now, The Hand of Fate, and the Danish translation Skæbnens Hånd, are at a 10% discount as a celebration of the release of The Twins.

My poetry collection, This Song are at a 10% discount as well.

The Hand of Fate:

Cover Final Small

Skæbnens Hånd:

Cover DK Small

This Song:

Cover Small - this songIMG_8240



About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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3 Responses to Starstone- The Twins- Paperback Out Now!

  1. dirtyvampire says:

    Must buy, must buy, must buy. 😉

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