A Space Ship?

As some of you might have noticed, I have had a bit of a hard time, letting go of the world of The Starstone Series, after I finished writing book five, the last in the series.

I wondered for a while, if I should write a prequel to The Hand of Fate, which I could easily do, and I might still do it, but… Maybe the story is better left untold? I mean, we get a lot of background story throughout the series, and I am not sure if I would be doing my world a favor if I actually sat down and started writing the story of King Limmean, if I explained in detail, how he came to be the first king of the elves, and what happened to him in the end…

Of course, I know all of it, you can’t write a story based on a king of old, if you, as the writer, do not know the details,  and I could easily write it down, but it would take away some of the magic of his life, some of the beauty of the legend that was the elven king. I am really not sure it would be a good idea to write that story.

So what to do then, if I am too much of a coward to walk away from my world? Or no, scratch that, it was never about the world, it is about the characters. I am having a really hard time letting them go.

My boyfriend is calling me Moffat… As in, Steven Moffat, the guy that wrote most of the new Doctor Who series, and managed to side track them completely, by keeping Amy and Rory on the show for far too long, for killing them too many times and bringing them back to life and most of all, by not replacing them once they became a hindrance to the story.

So, in other words, he is saying that I am a coward, and that I should leave my characters alone now. Five books, those lucky survivors I do have, should be left alone. I should walk away.

I know. But still… I could work with them… I could spin a new story off around them… I could totally take away the beauty of how the Starstone Series ends, if I am not careful.

So, completely unrelated, I am going to be thinking in a very new direction now, and ask a question you never thought I would ask. What’s a cool space ship like?

I mean, shape, size, color, stuff like that? What would be an awesome shape for a space ship?

My boyfriend is saying that I should make it pink and fluffy and call it Amy…  Any other, better, ideas?


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7 Responses to A Space Ship?

  1. LHK says:

    I was thinking pink glitter and heart shaped… But fluffy is cool too… 😛

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