Street “Team”

With the upcoming release of HIM’s new album, Tears on Tape, which is available in preorder here:

The Street Teams have been working over time.

Sounds good right? Busy promoting the band, making sure that the world knows that the album is soon to be released?

Wrong. Oh, no, you couldn’t be more wrong. Why would a street team promote the band? No, what they are doing, is their very best at preventing the music from being heard.

Yes, I get it, it is a matter of copyright. But come on…

For instance, the other day one of the songs from the new album, All lips go blue, were played on a radio show. A three hour long radio show. No one knew when the new song would be played. I am sorry, I am a fan, but I am not listening to a three hour show just to hear one song. I do have other things to do…

Once the show was over, someone ripped it and posted it on face book. For a lazy fan like me, who didn’t hear the show, (in all honestly I didn’t know of the show until it was over, that is one of the problems with time difference…) I was quite happy that I got the chance to hear the song anyway.

And sure, it’s illegal. Shame on me, for listening to it. How dare I.

I’ll tell you how. I ALWAYS buy the album. I have everything they have ever released, bought and paid for, because I am an artist myself and I get that the band has to make money if they are to be able to continue to make music.

The thing is, HIM is a rather small band, like it or not, they need all the promotion they can get. Their last two albums have not sold well. Now that I am part of a street team, I am beginning to see why. Boy, their promotion sure is lacking.

So, the way I see it, the band chose to release the song to the radio. It got ripped off, and of course the street teams cannot condone that, because it is illegal, but come on girls, turn a blind eye. The more people hear the song, the more people will know of the band and thus, the more people are likely to actually buy the album. It’s all about raising awareness. If no one, other than the few diehard fans, know the band exists, (and let’s face it, half of them are downloading it…) the album will not sell.

The band doesn’t even have a web site at the moment, well, not really, their got closed when they lost their previous record company. They are slowly running it again, but at the moment, it is just displaying… nothing, unless you are a diehard fan and knows what to do with that image:

So once again, HIM is about to release a new album with absolutely no online promotion. Awesome. That’s going to fly.

Add to that, the tone in the street teams are so… tough, I find that I tire of it rather quickly. Granted, I don’t like to be told what to do, by anyone, and I do not like to be censured on my private wall, under the threat that our team will lose its official status.

That kind of management is so unfair, so old school, so much like a dictatorship, I must rebel against it.

First off, the street teams are UNPAID, volunteers, using their OWN time trying to promote a band they love. Would it kill the leader to say “thanks, you are doing a great job guys,” once in a while?

And no, I didn’t join a team looking for gratitude, but I sure as hell didn’t join a team to be told what not to do all the time, to constantly have to watch my back, watch who I talk to, what I say, what links I like, under the threat that if I mess up my entire team is going to suffer from it.

Second, stop asking the teams to back- stab each other, that is unprofessional, childish and in every possible way, creating a bad atmosphere amongst us. Everybody is getting terrible paranoid, and everybody feels that we are living under the threat of becoming unofficial again. You know what?

I had a much better time promoting the band before I was part of an official team. Back then, I was actually promoting the band, instead of making sure it died in silence, like we are doing now.

Oh and don’t tell me who I can be friends with either.

And by the way, if anyone should read this and think that I am saying things that I am not allowed to say, because heaven forbid free speech, feel free to remove me from the team, but do NOT take it out on the entire team. They cannot, nor will they ever be, in control of me, or the entire world, no matter how much some of you are trying.

One last thought. This is 2013. Once a song is out, it is going to be played, the digital media is so easy. How about releasing the song on HIM’s official youtube channel then, providing us with a legal link, for those of us who still wish to promote the band?

After all, that is what the teams are about, isn’t it?

The sad thing is, I would never dare suggest anything like that to anyone in the teams, because anyone who doesn’t just say  “yes please” may become unofficial in a heartbeat. You never know. So, no, I am keeping my mouth shut, at least on face book, and I’ll just bitch about it here, on MY blog, where I sure hope I am still allowed to say what I want…


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