Stallion Of The Year

Usually at the end of every stallion performance testing, one stallion is chosen to be the ”Stallion of the year.” Here they are, the respective stallions that has won through the times:

Of course it’s kind of easy to guess who wins, it’s based on how well the stallion has performed in the  sport and how well his offspring has been performing. It could hardly be any other than Heartbeat this year:

Amazing horse, and one of those you can spot at a distance. You are never in doubt if one of his “foals” show up, no matter how old, or how young, you can tell a “Heartbeat” a mile away.

Still, he is not my kind of horse. I mean, sure, can jump. He is fantastic. And he is huge and heavy. Not my type at all.

Looking through the stable at Herning, I am still in love with one horse only. Zonyx OX.

zonyx face

Not because of his remarkable talent for dressage, or his amazing ability to compete with the big horses or because he, as the only OX Arabian has been permitted to mix bloodlines with the Danish Warmbloods, which in itself is quite an achievement. No, I adore this horse because of his mind.

Walking through the stable at Herning, a show stable, full of stallions, old as young, half of them were hiding at the back of their stalls, clearly trying to shut the world out, and the other half were hanging in the bars, snarling at the passersby.

Of course that’s not fair, to generalize like this, but it is the impression you get from walking through the stable. Tired, stressed out horses all over. Except one.

zonyx 2

Zonyx, at six years old, have a calm and a confidence that I find in none of the others. I was a bit curious to see him again this year. Last year he impressed everyone by his gentle temper and by being the child attraction, licking people’s hands as they walked by. When I saw him last year he was surrounded by toddlers, left unsupervised next to a breeding stallion. That is unheard of. He loved it.

I was relieved to see that Zonyx still had his charm, and his confidence. He still wanted to talk and lick my hands as I walked up to him. He still looked like he loved his life. A year in the spotlight had not changed him at all.

I am so in love with that horse. Such an amazing temper. Such a beautiful face.

Zonyx-ox.1 jpg

Looking at my mares at home, I could breed any kind of foal on Marble, she is going to be huge one day when she grows up, I could use any stallion for her. I still adore Cavall Ask, and I am sure that before Marble grows up, there will be others show jumpers around.  (Hopefully Clifton Ask will be back in the game- hint guys!)

Still, I keep coming back to Zonyx. Marble is what you call XX, meaning a thoroughbred. Almost identical to my old mare, Amalia. Let’s be honest, Marble is a bit flat so far, in her gaits. Of course that can change when she grows up, she has had a lot of leg issues last summer so it’s a bit hard to evaluate her yet.

Still, if Marble remains a bit flat, I would still get a foal like Apocalipse if I mixed her with Zonyx.

Why? Because If Marble is not as good as Amalia was, then Zonyx is better than Saleem, Apocalipses father. I am pretty sure they would weigh each other out. Not to speak ill of Saleem, he is my perfect little Arabian, but Zonyx IS a bit better.

So, really, I keep coming back to Zonyx as the only stallion I would really want to be the father of Marble’s foal one day. He is just amazing. And if the foal ended up half as perfect as Apocalipse did, then it would be a great match.

Then of course, I have Tardis… I am sure she could have a beautiful foal by Zonyx as well. Only trouble is, Tardis is an OX, meaning that the prize is going to be twice that of Marble. OX mares will get a pure foal by Zonyx, so of course it’s going to cost more. And, I am not sure if Zonyx maybe too big for Tardis…

But that is all in the future. Just speculations. What this post is really about is that even though I keep saying that I want to compete in show jumping, that I want that kind of horses, I keep coming back to the OX Arabians. I already have two (and a half,) of them myself, and a foal on the way. Why? What am I going to use them for?

They make me smile. Clearly I value that above all else.

Saleem never fail to paint a smile on my lips, simply because you can’t look at him and not feel happy. So I guess that walking through the stable at Herning, that is really what I am falling for in Zonyx. You can’t look at his pretty face and not feel like smiling.

So my personal stallion of the year is Zonyx, two years on a row. It’s going to take something extraordinary to change that for me.


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  1. He is really beautiful 😉

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