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Really, it’s been a quiet week. Snow, storm, stressed out horses, not much to do except feed them, make sure their clothes are warm enough and feed them some more. Add to that, I have not spoken much to Noel Heart, http://noelheartpoet.wordpress.com/ my online friend that usually keeps me up at night, because we have both been sick and none of us have been online much.

Actually, turning off the computer while I had a fever, kind of felt a bit like a relief. No messages on face book, no notifications on my blog, at least not many, because I haven’t been reading much of what others have been writing- sorry, I will catch up soon- only the ever annoying email inbox have with filling up every day. Yes, it has been quiet, and I’ve liked it. I did mention that I am not a social person, right, and even online company is sometimes too much for me?

Anyway, Noel came back online last night, and so did I, mostly because I was editing the Danish version of The Twins and I find myself looking a lot of words up on Google Translate, not so much because I don’t know what they mean, but mostly because I need other ways to translate them, and my mind just goes blank and screams the English word in my face… Yep, I am having a really hard time thinking in two languages, but well, here I was, back online, and we caught up.

First off, it never stops being amusing with the HIM management and the street teams. I mean, seriously.

Is it two days ago? Anyway, some new pictures were released of Ville Valo. Awesome, all the HIM street teamers jumped on them, spread them around and tried their very best to promote the band.  Then the official message came from management that the pictures needed to be erased, because they were not meant to be released in this manner. I was almost rolling on the floor laughing when I saw it.

I mean, come on. Really? Do you think that you can recall online photos? Forget it guys, they are OUT, everyone is sharing them, copying them, saving them. Everyone that is, except the street teams. We deleted them, like the good little fans we are.

Then Noel and I came to talking about fans and Ville’s girl friend and had a really good time with that. There are so many rumors at the moment, and really, everyone is waiting for Ville to declare where he stands. If I had been management, I would have made sure he did, because it could easily spin out of hand at some point.

You see, most of the HIM fans are teenage girls and they do not like it that Ville has a girl friend. I mean, how dare he, doesn’t he know that he was supposed to marry every single one of them, once they grew up? Some of them are openly declaring that they don’t like her and that they won’t buy the new album as long as he is with her.

I love that kind of reasoning. Well, don’t then. Buhu.

And at the same time, my wicked little mind are working over time, slapping my hands off the keyboard, not to point out that Ville has not said once that they are actually dating, and that if you look him up online, you can find the first ten pictures (and videos) of him kissing other men, but not one single snap shot of him and a woman. I’m not saying that he is gay, really, but Noel and I had a good time discussing that as well, last night, mostly because if all of the teenage fans are freaking out that he might have a girl friend, how on earth would they respond then, if he was gay?

By kicking and screaming online and not buying the album?

As funny as it is, and it really is, at least when you are sitting up at three am, messaging back and forth on face book, it is mostly just sad. For me, HIM was always about the music. I was a teenage girl as well, when I first became a fan, way back in 1999, but back then, Ville had an official girl friend, and well… It never mattered to me.

Since when did idols lose their right to a personal life? Or is it only amongst the HIM’sters? Because if it is, I might be too old to be one of them by now. No, wait, I think I was born too old for that kind of drama. That’s why I prefer horses, I guess. Really, they don’t care if I buy Tears on Tape once it’s released, no matter who Ville is currently sleeping with.

Okay, I didn’t mean for this post to go this way. What I keep getting impressed by is how much I miss talking to Noel when we go offline for a while. How much I miss our crazy little conversations and the way her mind works, always at the same wavelength as me. I guess I might be a bit more social than I thought I was…

I must mention that I have not been completely signed out even if I was sick lately. I have almost edited my way through the Danish version of The Twins now, missing about ten pages. I am teaching my sister to watch Doctor Who- mostly by introducing her to Capitan Jack Harkness, the easiest way ever to get any girl to watch anything, and she is now very busy watching Torchwood. I am so proud of her. And I have been wasting a lot of hours, watching Battlestar Galatica, because my boyfriend thought I should learn a bit more about Sci-fi if I was going to write in that genre next. I am still considering it.

I mean, I have to write something, I am going crazy without my stories, without the private world in my head I can always escape to whenever I have a free second, so why not Sci-fi? That would be new and challenging for me, that should keep my mind busy for a while right? So far I am not blown away by Battlestar though, but I am learning a lot. A lot of what I won’t be doing in my story. I guess that has value to.

Anyway, sort of pointless post, sorry, what I am really doing is avoiding my bike and the snow storm for a little while longer, by writing this… I am sure the horses have not eaten all their hay yet… I can stay in for a little while longer…

Won’t spring ever come? Say please?


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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6 Responses to About The Music

  1. What do you mean TEENAGERS, no no, it is women in their beat age 25- too whatever, that is freaking out that he might or might not date someone, it is so funny… 😉
    Sweetie I miss you like hell as well, I love our conversations, and the way our minds work the same way, it is really special in so many ways.;)
    HIM is about the music, remember how you learn me the names on every member a few years back? I mean i have been fan since 1999, and I never cared about their names. Indeed Ville is cute as hell, but as we talked about last night, it is the artist we like, which n´makes me wonder,would we think he is so darn cute, if he didn´t were he who he is now, I mean if he were a carpenter? I am kind of impressed about, how some of the new album come close to my work I did last year, A tittle a line. I guess I have been fan for so long now, and they really inspires me in many ways. 😉
    And for tears on tape, I will buy it no matter who he sleep with or not sleep with, I really don´t care. And for him kissing guys, you know what I think so I wont say, I don´t say he is gay, just think about it 😉
    I think spring have forgotten about us, it is so cold and snowy. 😉

    • Starstone says:

      oh My Ville, you’re right… I keep forgetting that they are grown women… my bad… most of them act like pre-teens though 😛
      Haha yeah, I guess I was a bit more of an internet stalker than you were, I had actually learned their names and their birthdays… Pretty sure I’ve forgotten their birthdays by now… But I knew them back them, just like I knew every single date in Jim Morrison’s life… I’ve always been good at being a fan, but it never bothered me who they were sleeping with… 😛

      and you know what, I am that shallow, if Ville had looked like he did in “join me” or in “in joy and sorrow” he could be anything in the world, I would be drawn to him… but the thing is, he wouldn’t look like that, without being who he is… no matter the make up, the clothes, the hair, it is always the artist that shines through, and that is, yes, who we gather around… Like moth to the flame 😛

      • I have always sucked big time on being a fan. I missed out on a few albums because I was busy having kids and stuff, but it is ok, never made me love them less though.
        I think we all are that shallow, but no matter what he is the type, that make my head turns LOL

      • Starstone says:

        oh well, long hair, make up, top hat, leather…. I mean, who wouldn’t look? Especially the feather boa.. 😛 lol

        No, I’d have loved the music no matter what they had looked like… but it doesn’t hurt that Ville is adorable… 😉

      • even without all that i would look LOL
        Love the music, and he is, or at least when I found out he was not a girl LOL

      • Starstone says:

        hahaha if he had been a girl, he would have been a pretty one 😛
        Honestly, when I first saw Jonne Aaron, I didn’t believe that he was a man… I mean, yes his voice is kind of deep, but so is mine, so that wasn’t enough… I had to find a video of him where he was shirtless, and see for myself that he was flat chested before I believed it 😛 But I never thought of Ville as a girl… 😛 well, okay, maybe a little, but not as female…. and I’ll stop talking now 😛

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