Almost There

So lets do another pregnant ladies post, shall we?

First up, my own Tardis. She is growing really huge, considering that she does not have her due date until midst May. I doubt she will go that long.

tardis 017

Mostly, I doubt it, because her –is it called “udder” in English? That’s a strange word- well her breasts are growing. Ever so slowly I know, and compared to my friend’s horse, Louvre, it’s not big at all. Only trouble is, you can’t really compare them.

tardis 023

Louvre is 13 years old this year, and she has had five foals previously. Her breasts are bound to be bigger than Tardis, who has never had a foal before and who is only turning 4 next month.

Anyway, hysterical as I am, I am going to take snap shots of Tardis from now on, not to worry, I won’t be posting them all, but they help me decide if her breasts are really growing or if I am just making it up in my head. So here goes, and I know it’s hardly a swelling, but on a first time mare, this IS a swelling. Something is working inside her, getting ready for the foal to arrive.

tardis 011

I keep looking at the snow and keep my fingers crossed that it will stay in there for at least 6 more weeks…

Louvre, on the other hand, is about ready to pop. Her due date is April 7th, but she won’t go that long. This picture is about 14 days old.

louvre 1

Oh yeah, back then, we thought spring might be on its way… oh how wrong we were…

Here are a picture of her breasts from yesterday, showing a clear wax plug- is that what it’s called in English too?- in the left side.

tardis 029

Yes, she is huge. My Amalia never got that big when she had Apocalipse. I guess it differs from mare to mare. Quite a lot. Which is why we only know one thing for sure. Louvre is about to deliver her baby. Tardis will follow shortly, how shortly we can’t possibly tell.

So, we still wait and watch. Hopefully I’ll be able to show pictures of the first foal soon, and hopefully it will be Louvre’s…


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2 Responses to Almost There

  1. LHK says:

    She has wax in both tits today, her tail is itching, and se seem swollon back “there” – if you know what I mean… And she isn’t eating right now either… So I think we are getting there… 😉

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