Battlestar Galactica- Season 1 & 2- Series


Okay two seasons later and I can honestly say, this series has its moments.

What moments, that’s the question, right? Well it has some good moments. It really does. It has some really bad moments as well. I am a bit torn about how to review this, because the story has so much potential. Most of the time though, the script writers fail to use the potential of their characters, or they simply kill them off before they ever get to play a part that could have been interesting.

The story itself are not that interesting, this is Sci-fi, the human race has created a race of robots, the Cylons, to work for them, but the Cylons rebelled and now they are killing off mankind. Caprica, the planet they used to live on are overtaken and a small fleet escapes on space ships, led by the military Wessel the Battlestar Galactica.

battlestar galactica

This is the entire human race, on the run, in a small fleet of ships. Okay, cool enough. I like that idea. It appeals to the grim reaper in me… Still, it gets a bit boring, how the Cylons keep hunting them, how whenever there are a slow period, you can always pull a few Cylons out of the hat to liven things up a bit.

battlestar galactica_03_1024x768

The Cylons have evolved though, and have created models that look just like humans. I mean really look just like humans. They breathe, they bleed, they can get pregnant… at which point I am thinking, okay, so no longer a machine then?

Again this story could be fantastic if it played on the difference, on the fear between the races, on the misunderstandings and the intolerance, because what we really have here, are two races, set on killing each other for no other reason than their racial differences.

It could be beautiful, it could be cruel, it could leave you thinking about what kind of a world you really want to live in. It just doesn’t, really, because most of the time, it paints a picture of the humans as the wronged, as the ones who are rightfully defending themselves, as the ones who have every right to decide that the Cylons must die.

Most of the time it is very black and white, very boring and very unfair.

It does have its moments though,  a few bright moments, like the scene where Sharon and Adama are talking and she asks him why he thinks that the human race deserves to survive?

It has a few of those moments. But all in all it tries much too hard to be an action series and to avoid telling any kind of serious story.

The whole storyline on Caprica, with Helo and Sharon…. Oh my God, it was so boring, so pointless, so never ending, it felt like a commercial break most of the time. And I am saying this, being a huge fan of Sharon.

To be honest, I usually don’t watch anything without a cute guy in it. This series completely fails to live up to that standard, but it has a handful of women that make up for that. I don’t think I have ever said that before.


The president may not be strong at all times, but most of the time, she is a COOL female character.

battlestar laura

She is manipulating, charming, enduring, and she is never afraid to fight for what she believes in. The fact that she is dying from terminal breast cancer just makes her that much more real, that much more lovable, because on top of this personal tragedy, she still manages to take charge of the fleet.

Sharon, the Cylon, well, I love her.

battlestar sharon

She is a woman, she is tough, she knows how to get by in a man’s world and she will stop at nothing to fight for the people she loves. At the same time, she is as dangerous as any woman should be, because you never really know which way she will jump, especially not to protect the child she carries.

Starbuck, well, I know, in the original series, she was a man, and now she is a woman, how dare they.

battlestar kara thrace

Honestly, she could have been a man most of the time, except for the parts where she is sleeping with someone. (In my world she still could have been a man, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Apollo had been gay?) Okay, I’ll be good now.

Anyway, Starbuck is utterly crazy, and the absolute best pilot they have got in the fleet. She has to be disabled for Apollo to ever get a chance to prove himself because she just outshines him with her skill and her insanity at all times.

Apollo is a pale character.

battlestar apollo

He is allowed to be a man every once in a while, when he makes completely rash decisions like pulling a gun on his superior officers… Because of course, he is that irrational. Apollo is a man who is supposed to fight for what he believes in, but you never really know what he believes in and he is kept in the darkest shadow of his father at all times.

Adama, the leader of the Battlestar Galatica, and Apollo’s father.

battlestar adama

He is cool. One of the best actors on the set. I almost stopped watching the series when he was shot at the end of season one, but at least they saved him. Usually I think it’s cowardly to kill off someone and then, not do it, but this time, they really couldn’t have. We need Adama, we need the actor to make the series just a little bit, for lack of a better word, realistic.


battlestar Gaius

Well, he could have been the potential pretty boy of the series, but oh my… His story line gets so long, so ridiculous, so annoying, it rivals the storyline on Caprica. Most of it could have easily been written out.

The way he keep seeing the Cylon girlfriend he used to have, the way he talks to her openly, the way he seems utterly insane at all times, and not in a good way, one must wonder, why he is not locked up quickly. I mean, seriously. Do you want a scientist, a vise president and at the end of season two, a president, who are ruled by his own obvious psychoses? Why does no one pick up on it?

He does have a few good scenes though, which leaves me gritting my teeth through most of the series because when he is not having sex with his imaginary self in a red dress, he is actually quite brilliant. You just get so tired of him, in the very first episode, and he does only develop in the wrong direction through the series.

I am sure I am forgetting someone, but I’ll stop now. My boyfriend dared me to write this review, challenging me to make it clear how bad it is, this series, once in a while. Most of the time. I won’t be doing that, because honesty I have seen worse. At least this series had potential, even if they never used it. And to be fair, I don’t know if they are going to use the potential of this series, after all there are two more seasons.

I won’t be watching them though, at least I don’t think so. Two seasons are long enough to chose which way to take the series and it’s too action, too battling evil aliens for me.

So should you watch it? Well, maybe. I would say, if you like Sci-fi and strong female characters, then yes, give it a go. It’s really not a bad series. But it has its moments.


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4 Responses to Battlestar Galactica- Season 1 & 2- Series

  1. jen says:

    I dressed up as Starbuck for Halloween a couple years back! Originally, I loved the series, but after watching Firefly, I now realize that Battlestar Galactica was only so-so. The story line got so weird and meandering….they kept adding more and more human-looking cylons….and we really hated the way the series ended.

    • Starstone says:

      Firefly? Must check that out, is it a series?

      • jen says:

        Yeah…it was a Joss Whedon series that got canceled in its first season, but had a huge cult following. It was set in the future, after the earth was used up. Humans terra-formed a new galaxy, with some planets being very modernized and some not so much. Only series I know that has both spaceships and horses! There’s also a movie called Serenity that was made a few years later…it kind of tied up all the loose ends.

      • Starstone says:

        cool 🙂 sounds like something I must try 🙂

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