Tears On Tape, Waiting And Going- A Little- Crazy

I must share this, in the middle of everything else. I know, I’ve been off line a lot lately, and I promise it is going to change as soon as… well… the foal is born and my mare has gained some weight.

Tardis is losing weight rapidly at the moment, which won’t do because as soon as the foal is born, she is going to lactate, and that is going to drain her just as much as having a foal growing inside her. So at the moment, I spend half of the day on my bike, going back and forth, between home and the stable, feeding horses at all hours of the day, making sure to show up when they least expect it to check on Tardis when she thinks she is on her own.

I am still not sure about when that foal is going to arrive. Luckily her udder seem to have stopped growing again, fingers crossed that is a good sign and the foal will be so good as to wait in there for a month and a half, like it is supposed to.

But this was not meant to be a horse post, really. I just came across this video. Eeeeep!

Ville Valo (HIM), on their new album Tears on Tape:

I am kind of laughing to myself here. “A history lesson for the kids.” Yeah, because let’s be honest, most of their fans really have never seen a tape… And remind me, if I ever get to meet that guy, one must make sure to play “Paranoid” for him….

Anyway, can’t wait for the album to be released. All this biking sure is wearing down my The Rasmus and The Ark albums, which are the ones that linger on my mp3 at the moment, along with HIM’s last album, Screamworks… with a little luck, Tardis won’t deliver until midst May, and Tears on Tape will be out when I have to move in at my hay loft in order to spy on her every hour of every day… I might not be going crazy then, with a new album to keep me entertained. Wouldn’t that be nice…

Okay I almost pulled it off right? Making you all believe that I could go crazy, and that I am not already insane? Worth a shot… Still, watch the video, if for nothing else, than his beautiful smile and his lovely sense of humor…

I could have shared this one of course,

Oh wait, I just did… So yes, this is what I spend my time on these days… Horses- surprise- and online stalking of my heroes…

Nope, not getting any writing done lately… And my band is on ice again… I really could use some more hours every day… but first things first… make Tardis gain weight, keep an eye on HIM, wait for foal to arrive, and then, get a life… maybe… My head feels like it is about to explode with all the stories I am not writing at the moment. I just don’t have the time.

By the way, the farm I bought Tardis from has just had two foals by Aparan OX, the father of Tardis’ foal… They look fantastic… it’s going to be great to meet “mine,” no matter how much I whine about it right now.

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