April First!

I decided that this time, setting two of my books up for free as e-books, and setting a discount on the paperback books for the holidays, that I wasn’t going to promote it that much. No face book events. I mean, sure I’ve mentioned it, but I haven’t been blogging about it much and I haven’t asked people to share, all I’ve done is set that ugly blue picture at the top of my pages on face book and here, and change the home page of my website. Lazy huh?

I guess. I guess that at some point I am kind of hoping that it will promote itself. Not that I can’t be bothered to do it, granted, I’ve been hung up lately, but mostly, because I don’t want to keep bothering people about it. This is my book, I must believe that it can fly.

I looked up Amazon this morning, and it can. Not that it’s an impressive number of downloads, but This Song, has been picked up as well, not just the Hand of Fate. In Germany, my poetry collection has been downloaded just as much as my fantasy book. That is kind of cool.

And yes, I can see what part of Amazon they are being downloaded from. Which makes it a little more interesting to follow, especially when you are doing nothing at all to promote them. I’ll shut up about it now, too.

April first, the traditional day for cola and cake at our stable, because for 17 years Amalia would celebrate her birthday today. This year though, my precious young Tardis is turning four and since Amalia left us two years ago, there will be no cola or cake.

Still, Happy birthday Tardis!

tardis 11

And what do you know, the sun is shining for a change. Now we just need the snow to melt…


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