Lock Out

I wonder if anyone out there in the great big world, has heard of ”Lock out.”

Either way, I’ll tell a bit about it. Not that I have been paying too close attention, but I believe it is worth mentioning that at the moment, most of our school teachers in Denmark have been Lock Outed, meaning fired to prevent them from starting a strike.

Only those employed as “officials” can’t be fired, or start a strike, which is why a few schools are still running. But mostly, our schools have been closed for almost two weeks by now, all our teachers relying on the union to get them through this.

It means too, that most of our children are at home, with no school to go to, forcing at least one of their parents to stay at home and take care of them. Now, can you imagine how quickly this unravels the structure of our society?

The teachers are rebelling against the forced “All day school,” which will leave them with no time to prepare what they are going to teach the children. I can totally understand that. No one, can teach anything, without time to prepare it in advance. Imagine teaching a bunch of children, say, biology, or geographic, or math, without planning in advance what they should do today? Way to throw the teachers to the lions… I mean kids… Anyway…

So far, there have been no negotiations, and the government is refusing to break the stand still. The teachers all over the country are not just staying at home, enjoying the free time, no, they are out on the streets every single day. A school I drive by every day on my way to the stable arrange a Lock Out run each day, and the teachers and students alike show up and run half a marathon as a symbolic gesture, because really, the teachers can hardly run any longer or faster as it is.

And then I came across my old school, Lilleskolen, where the teachers have written and produced a song about the Lock Out.

Yep, it’s in Danish, but I had to share it anyway. I guess that is the least I can do. Even if I have no children myself, and absolutely hated my time at school, (not Lilleskolen though, I changed schools a lot,) this affect us all.

The education of our children affect us all, they are the future of our country.

And let’s be realistic. It won’t stop with the teachers. The police, the nurses, the doctors and pedagogues are going to be next.

Here a song and video by students from a boarding school, again in Danish, sorry.

It’s a really good song though.

The boarding schools are in real trouble too, without teachers, they have to send their students home, which is rather disastrous for those who come from outside our borders, or just at the other end of the country.

So well, if it wasn’t raining, I was honestly contemplating riding along with the local school and their Lock Out Run on my horse, just to show my support, but well, I guess I am too lazy after all, to be that wet for that long, so here I am, writing about it instead.

I guess more people are going to notice this way, anyway.


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