Foals, Foals, Foals

Since I am clearly too lazy to take new pictures of my horses at the moment, I am going to post a few pictures of, well, three foals.

One, Enghavegårds Akropolis, a beautiful stallion, and half brother to the foal Tardis is carrying.

akropolis 3 akropolis

akropolis 2 akropolis 1

He is for sale, by the way;

So not bitching about that. Oh my, he is adorable. Now I can hardly wait for my foal to arrive, I mean, look at that pretty face…

My foal won’t be that color though, it is probably going to look much more like this little girl, EA Taylor Maid, a half sister to the foal Tardis is carrying.

tailor maid 1 tailor maid

And I guess that settles it, I so love Arabians. It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

This guy here is the father of both foals, and the one we wait impatiently for, inside Tardis, Aparan OX;

aparan ox

Anyway, before I start drooling too much over those two Arabian foals, we must remember the precious Rosenheim, by my friend LHK’s mare Louvre and Blue Hors Rockefeller;

rosenheim day 8 rosenheim day 8 and louvre

Just been told to add this head shot, because LHK feels it will prove that Rosenheim looks much cuter than the Arabian foals and who am I to argue;

rosenheim head shot

He is really coming along, his legs are unfolding now and so is his temper. As adorable and perfect as he is, this little fellow as got a mid of his own already, and he knows how to use those long hind legs for kicking as well as for running. He even kicks his mother when he does not think her udder is working properly.

So well, foals everywhere. I love spring. Even if it is freezing cold and raining most of the time and the snow only went away last week. The foals always make one smile.

I am really happy that Tardis has not delivered yet, it is far too cold. I hope she will go at least 3-4 weeks more before the foal arrives. At the moment I am busy coaching the grass on my pastures, willing it to grow. Yeah, all our grass got burned by the late frost, all of Denmark is a sad shade of yellow at the moment. Grow grass, grow. My pregnant mare and her foal want grass. Grow. Now. That’s an order…

And of course, coaching grass, keeps me from keeping too close an eye on the little yellow stallion. I really do not need another horse, really. I am so not going to buy it. I can’t afford it anyway. But oh my, he is cute… No, I don’t have enough space for him and Tardis’ foal… unless I expand my pasture… the guy that owns my stable did ask me if I wanted more grass next year, because then we should start it up this year… No. I mean, yes, more grass sounds great. But no. I didn’t see that sales add.

Besides, my foal is going to be awesome, and a girl. Stallions need gelding, that is expensive, not to mention, I hate it. I have had four stallions gelded in my time and I feel sick about it every time. So many things could go wrong. No, I better wait patiently for my filly. And watch my grass grow.

And sneak off to Stud Farm Ask tomorrow and watch a lot of show jumping competition, stallions and foals. They are even showing Zonyx OX… Yep, my grass can do without my coaching for a few hours tomorrow…


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4 Responses to Foals, Foals, Foals

  1. jen says:

    Every time I log on to WordPress, the first thing I do is check to see if Tardis had her foal yet! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for you! And at least you can see grass (even if it’s yellow)…we got snow again last night…ugh.

    • Starstone says:

      Nope, Tardis is huge, she has started gathering fluid in her belly as well, which I have been told it normal, but doesn’t make her look smaller… 😛
      But her due date is not until the middle of May, so she really shouldn’t deliver yet, fingers crossed 😉
      Uhu, snow? I’ll stop complaining right now 😉

  2. LHK says:

    You forgot the best picture of my little prince’s head…!
    Now you show that and then say again that it dosn’t get any cuter than those arabians…!
    Cause it does…!


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