Ask 2013

Time for a bunch of pictures. You know, one of my friends, work at stud farm Ask, (in Danish “ask” does not mean to ask, it is the name of an ash tree,) and they held a show jumping competition yesterday, and showed their stallions.

Since I love show jumping and most of their stallions, and it is always interesting to keep up with the foals and the different stallions, LHK and I were there, training our paparazzi skills.

First up, Cornettino Ask, a very young man. Turning three this year.

cornettino ask

cornettino 1 cornettino 2

I will never find it acceptable that a horse that young is ridden or jumped, but that is a whole other post. I mean look at him, he is a baby… very beautiful horse though. I just can’t imagine how young he was when they first started riding him for him to be this trained already.

Ask have a collaboration with Blue Hors, the leading breeders of dressage horses in Denmark, and they showed a few of their young stallions as well, once again, three year olds. It shows.

Blue Hors Zee Me Blue;

zee me blue zee me blue 1

No balance at all, but a very nice looking horse, that tried his very best. I know that posting a picture where it is hanging on one front leg in the trot (that’s a rather huge mistake, by the way,) is not nice, but looking through my film, I found it hard to find a picture where it didn’t do that.

My personal favorite of the show jumping stallions, five year old Cavall Ask.

cavall ask 13 cavall ask 14

Again, not too big a fan of how high a five year old is supposed to jump, but well. I’ll stop commenting on that now, I promise. I will never agree with how most horses are trained. Still, Cavall is amazing.

A foal and a yearling by Cavall Ask.

cavall ask foal cavall ask yearling

Seeing the foals from this year, (a little bitcy that they didn’t show the Clifton foals,) I must admit that I wouldn’t want to own any of them, except the Cavall foals. They are just what I am looking for. High spirited and with a huge ass, implying a good strong “motor.”

Zonyx OX was showed as well, since Kirk Arabians are the next door neighbors to Ask.

zonyx ox 13 zonyx ox 14

Now, this little Arabian is just a star. No other words for it. Six year old and ridden rather nicely. You can always point fingers if you want to, but this time I won’t. Zonyx is well trained and it shows.

I did find it a little amusing that the girl who ride him dared at the end of the show, to let him lose a little and let him run, and that he instantly flicked his head, just like my Saleem… Oh well, maybe Saleem and I are not that far behind in our training after all…

zonyx arabian

Got to love that horse.

Baltimore Vrå, the new Anglo Arabian stallion from Kirk Arabians. Seven years old, one wonders why he is not ridden… Beautiful stallion though.

baltimore vrå baltimore vrå 1

Favorit Ask was not showed this year, since he was lame, but they showed two of his foals, a one year old and a two year old.

favorit foal favorit foal 2

favorit yearling favorit two year old

I am left wondering, what on earth do they feed those youngsters to make them grow up that fast? And once again, as much as I actually like Favorit, I can’t stand his offspring, so nope, never using him for any of my mares.

Casir Ask, the founding father of the farm was not showed either, he is 23 years old and lame as well. They showed no foals by him either, mostly I guess because they don’t have any.

Blue Horse First Choice, another in a long line of Jazz sons, imported to Denmark. Looking at Blue Hors’ stallions this year, it’s rather hard to find one that is not a Jazz. It gets a little (lot) tiresome, and come on, he is not that awesome.

blur hors first choice first choice

First Choice is the better of the ones I have seen though, I must give him that. Once again, three years old.

Lambrusco Ask, retired a few years ago, age 20, was shown ridden briefly, and looking old, but remaining himself, and one must applaud him for still being in working order.

lambrusco ask

They showed one of his offspring jumping, I forget the name, but well, we all know that Lambrusco generally makes great show jumpers. I always loved him, and never dared use him, because of his temper, and the temper on my mares. A mix of that looks a bit too much like suicide, but this son of his was very well behaved. The first one I have seen.

lambrusco son

Ci Ci Senjor Ask was showed last, simply because Favorit was not there this year to impress the audience, I believe. Here is a foal by him, and a yearling.

cici foal cici yearling

Ci Ci himself, jumping as high as the obstacles allow. Impressive horse. Seven years old.

ci ci senjor ask

cici senjor ask 1 ci ci senjor ask 2

So, that was the show at Ask 2013. I have a lot of pictures of the show jumping competition as well, but that will have to be another post.


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2 Responses to Ask 2013

  1. Hubert Hermeling says:

    Thank you for your impressions! I am the breeder of Cavall Ask and always looking for informations cause I am far away form Denmark!
    Hubert Hermeling

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