The Gang- Update

Time for a little update on my gang. Tardis is huge, and putting on a bit of weight again now, so at long last all the time (and money) spent lately, feeding her all hours of the day, is paying off. She is still a bit too thin for my liking, but at least now she is on the right track again.

tardis 014

Due date in May, just about a month from now, the vets are coming by today- yeah I was beginning to miss them- to check up on her. Tardis has had a growing edema underneath her belly for a while now. I am told that is absolutely normal for a pregnant mare, but taking my experience with that kind of thing into account, I am allowed to be hysterical.

tardis 005

I mean, why do my horses gather fluid in their tissue? Yes, Amalia had acute heart failure and it was probably the reason why she had edemas at the end. And yes, there were a thousand different reasons for Apollon’s swellings, and yes it is totally normal that a pregnant mare gathers fluid in her tissue, but I can’t help but wonder. I lost two horses with those symptoms lately. What if I am missing something, because I keep writing it off as something else?

So yes, I’m off to my stable now, to wait for the vet. We needed to have Saleem’s teeth checked anyway, and Marble can get her vaccinations while we are at it and let’s check them for worms as well. I guess that is the thing with me. I can never just call my vet and need one thing. No, I have a list of small things we need to check. Come to think of it, I should have her take a quick look at Apocalipse and his strange skin infection as well. I really thought it was ring worm, I have treated it for that, but I kind of think the effect is leaving a bit to be desired…

Okay, updated picture of Marble Dane, my two year old.

tardis 017

She is looking pretty good. Maybe a little to thin as well, which is why I am running worm tests now, because I think I am having a bit too hard a time feeding all of them at the moment. But she is evening out and growing in a much better balance than she was last year, so fingers crossed that she is over her growing up issues.

Saleem and Apocalipse, looking shabby in their long winter fur.

tardis 019

Apocalipse is putting on weight again now, but we are still struggling to get him back in perfect shape after he was sick. He is such a fussy eater, it is kind of an impossible job to make him put on weight. I keep ambushing my feed-expert and he swears that I am feeding Apocalipse exactly what he should be eating and that he should get back in shape quickly. Trouble is, Apocalipse are already tired of the müsli we are feeding him, and the huge amounts… He tries to steal his father’s food as much as possible these days, so even though he is gaining weight right now, I recognize the signs. Apocalipse is about to demand that I find something else to feed him soon, so I guess I will have to comply.

Once again, I look at my pasture and try to motivate my grass to grow faster… grow grass, grow… My young man needs you… Of course, Apocalipse do get tired of grass as well at some point, but right now, I am pretty sure it would do wonders for him to be let loose on a green pasture. We just fertilized the grass, so now we wait for it to rain away and take effect before they can be let out on it again.

Saleem is looking good though. I am quite happy about him. Sigh. Remind me, not to have three young horses- one of them pregnant- at the same time, ever again. It feels like such an uphill battle sometimes, like such a tightrope ride. I mean, Apocalipse is two and a half years old, I can’t just feed him anything to make him gain weight, I have to take into account that he is still growing and be careful not to damage his bones or tendons by what I make him eat. The same goes for Marble. And it’s even worse with Tardis, since apparently, all my old tricks to make my horses gain weight, are forbidden when the horse is pregnant, for the fear of causing abortion.

Did you know that too much sugar could induce an abortion this late in the pregnancy? Nah, neither did I… which is why I am trying to be patient and trust my feed-expert when he says that we have got everything under control.

Last but not least, Life, the cat that I found in my drive way, on Feb 12th, more or less starved and frozen to death. She is now a happy kitten, and has started searching the house. A very good place to lie is in this closet, she opens the door herself and just lies there, ready to claw anyone who wonders by.

ask 061

She is a very demanding young lady, still sleeps every night on my boyfriend’s pillow, and purrs so loud it feels like there is a tractor in the bed, but I would be hard pressed not to admit that she has claimed a huge part of our hearts by her loving heart and her strong spirits. She really is, a piece of life.

No wait, I have this wonderful picture of Rosenheim, my friends foal, wearing a rain coat.

ask 077

Sorry, had to throw that in as well. Not to worry, he is not wearing clothes all the time, only the days when it is cold and raining. He is still too young to take the harsh spring weather. Which is why I am very happy that Tardis is not set to devilver for another month…


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