Oh wow, I had the strangest dream last night. I was at a house my family used to live in when I was a kid, and Ville Valo (you know the lead singer from HIM,) was set to show up and give a lecture. I have no idea what he was supposed to talk about, because I wasn’t planning on going, but a friend of mine bought me a ticket, so we could go together. She then ended up not going and here I was, all alone, eating soft ice from my back pack. Don’t ask me why.

Ville was wheeled in, sitting in a wheel chair and no one explained what had happened to him. I discovered that the guy I was sitting next to was a boy from my old school and we instantly started talking about fantasy in general, you know, elves, and dragons and nerdy kind of stuff. I have no idea what Ville was lecturing about.

Oh well, even in my dreams, I can’t pay attention to lectures, not even the ones given by my heroes. Anyway…

While the lecture was on break, I ran off, and found a machine in an old room of the house, where you could push a button and get your very own Harry Potter wand… I was totally excited about that. The highlight of the dream, in fact…

Inside my Harry Potter wand, was a tiny Jigglypuff. Yeah, as some might know, that’s a Pokémon. This one.


I went back to the lecture, holding my magic wand and my Pokémon tight, sitting down to discover that the number on my ticket had won me the right to ask Ville a question and in that instant, I could think of nothing I wanted to ask him. I mean, come on, I had a Harry Potter wand and Jiggilypuff. What could Ville possibly say that could top that?

I woke up because of my alarm clock, telling me to go feed my pregnant mare… I hate that. I would have loved to see what I would have asked him in the end… But now, I bothered all of you dear readers of my blog with it, so I guess that evens it out a bit.

So, if you were to meet your hero, and had one question to ask him/her, and didn’t have a Pokémon get in the way, what would you ask?


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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13 Responses to Jigglypuff!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    If I had Jigglypuff, I’d use her to send my hero to sleep.And while that person is asleep.. i’ll come up with a list of questions.

  2. Ruchika says:

    My Gosh! You know Pokemons?! They used to play on tv a really long time ago here and I am a lunatic about them! You had a Harry Potter wand and JIGGLYPUFF come out of it! Woooowwwwwwww… I used to love when they sang that Jigglypuff sleep song..
    To answer your Q though… I would ask my hero how he’s doing. Simple… because I talk to my hero all the time! 😀 hehehehe

    • Starstone says:

      Do I know Pokémon? Of course I know Pokémon, who doesn’t know Pokémon? 😛 I might be old, but I will never grow up, I thought we settled that 😉 hehe

      • Ruchika says:

        No… I meant I didn’t know there was pokemon in Denmark.. But then, I presumes there wasnt, which is kinda wrong, since I don’t really know Denmark…

      • Starstone says:

        lol 🙂 I must say, I am more of a Digimom kind of gal, really, but I have watched the first three seasons of Pokémon and some of the movies 😉

  3. I meet my hero, and I forgot everything I would ask him, but he was cool, and the only thing I get to say was about my camera LOL really intelligent here. Then i tried to step away from him, and he just took a faster grip in me LOL I think since he was about as drunk as me or even more, he thought I was falling LOL The fun thing about it all is, when i walked up to him, I didn´t know who he was, I and said: WHO THE FUCK IS THAT LOL, but he just looked up and smiled…
    I hope I meet him again someday so I can make up for being a drunken moron in a rock-stars arms LOL

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