How Much To Ask For?

Tardis, well, can she get any bigger now? I can’t believe that it’s almost a whole month to her due date… she looks like she is about to pop any moment now…

tardis 043

Her udder is growing too, although I am still a bit uncertain how much of it is edema. It doesn’t “feel” like milk yet.

tardis 039

The huge edema between her front legs are going away though, here she is last week and now.

tardis 005 tardis 034

I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not, but I chose to look at it in a positive way, so it has to be good right? She does still have a lot of fluid in her abdomen, but at least some of it is draining away. She is gaining weight as well, and it’s not just the foal growing…

Apocalipse, my star, looking shabby and still not gaining weight as I would have wanted.

tardis 044

Turns out, he has tapeworms, so I am counting on all of my efforts to make him put on weight, are going to pay off, once we get him treated. Only just got the results yesterday, and now I am busy bitching about the post office being so slow, that I haven’t got the treatment yet… But, I think it is the first time ever I almost started dancing when I was told he had tapeworms. The world makes sense again. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to run blood tests on him, to see why I couldn’t make him gain weight. Now I’ll wait with that, and go kill some tapeworms…

Here he is with Princess Marble. Note the grass in the back ground… its growing!

tardis 047

Saleem, busy cleaning up in Apocalipse’s eating corner- he turns over his bucket every time he gets the chance- and Saleem is a very hungry vacuum cleaner. As you can see, he is very skinny as well… At least if you ask him.

tardis 048

I am a bit suspicious about the structure of his fur though… isn’t it curly? I mean, it’s kind of rough, and a little, well, curly, isn’t it? He hasn’t been wet.

tardis 050

I remember talking to my vet about it last year, back then he had a lot of worms, so we kind of wrote it off then, as a symptom of parasites. This year though, he is clean. I mean clean, clean. Not the shadow of parasites of any kind. So that can’t be it, and well, he still looks a bit… borderline diabetic?

It’s probably nothing, probably my constant need to worry about something, as if my pregnant 4 year old mare, shouldn’t be enough, but still. If he is not changing his fur coat perfectly this summer, or if he looks like this again, come winter, I will have to run blood samples on him… Better to be proven wrong, that to miss something in a horse that young.

So, good news. Marble had a bit of ordinary worms, just enough to release treatment. We have crazy strict rules in Denmark about that, but I really needed for her to be treated, since she had those Summer-sores last year, giving her wounds on her lips. We need to remember that and get it- hopefully- before it becomes a problem again.

Saleem and Tardis were clean in their worm tests, meaning that the huge amount of Roundworms Tardis had when I brought her home, are gone! Finally some treatment that actually works…

And yes, Apocalipse has Tapeworms. As annoying as that is, as much as I hate that I can’t seem to get those buggers, as much as I despise always having one of them come up positive, if one of them should have it, I am so happy that it is him. Since he was sick a few months back, and lost a lot of weight I have been feeding him like crazy and nothing worked, so this is actually a great relieve.

Add to that, Saleem and Marble just had their teeth checked, Marble and Tardis got their vaccinations and now all we need to be ready for the summer, is for the Ferrier to come by and fix up all their hooves, and of course, for the grass to grow. Maybe some sunlight as well, but wouldn’t want to be greedy.

Still, it would be nice with some heat before the foal arrives… I am just never satisfied… It’s just that there is so much to remember and worry about when you have horses, my mind is never able to relax, because what if I miss something? What if I am looking back in a month from now, thinking I could have done better if I had tried? Now we can’t have that…

Bad news, my computer is acting weird. Purple pixels across the screen, stuff like that. I so can’t afford having it repaired, and I can live with it, but I kind of think it’s a warning about a crash in a nearby future. Remind me to move all of my writing, especially the last two books in the Starstone Series off the computer, and onto the extern hard drive…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My paperbacks are selling! Not much, but the numbers are climbing slowly. That is pretty awesome, thanks to anyone who bought them!

The e-book for the Twins are selling a bit as well. It is always hard to “make it” without a promotion team, but I actually think my books are doing pretty well on their own.

Last, but not least, the e-book for This Song, and The Hand of Fate are FREE to download on April 23th  and 24th, in memory of the day I lost the most important person in my life.


Yes that is right, the one year anniversary of the day Poseidon died, are coming up soon… A whole year. Where does time go? 15 years together, and now, I am looking back on an entire year without him. It feels as if our lives have gone by in the blink of an eye.

I used to worry about him, about worms, about making him gain weight when he was young, about any of the above- not pregnancy though- and a thousand other things. Looking back, I can honestly say, I couldn’t have done better by him, and I guess that is all I can ask for, really.


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5 Responses to How Much To Ask For?

  1. I’m almost shedding a tear here! This is really great, what you said about Poseidon. may he rest in peace! And I wish Tardis a healthy pregnancy, it’s actually very interesting as I’ve never seen a pregnant horse before 🙂

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