An Autograph And -Almost- A Poetry Collection

A friend of mine, lovely writer Noel Heart,, met one of my heroes last year, Jyrki 69, and got him to sign an autograph for me.

We haven’t met each other since, so this evening she sent me an email of the picture and the autograph.

jyrki 69 2012

Really, I am not that much into autograph hunting, and it doesn’t mean that much to me that Jyrki signed his name in a picture of himself, I mean, I am sure he does that all the time, but what is really touching about this, is that she got it for me.

Imagine that, meeting a huge rock star and asking for an autograph, for a friend. That is what is so touching about this picture, Noel was far away from home, probably drunk, at a concert, loud music playing, dancing, singing… and she thought of me.

It hardly gets any sweeter than that. So THANK YOU SWEETHEART! You really are an angel!

Noel is just about ready to release her poetry collection, by the way. Entitled Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide, it is a very touching piece of work. I have been very privileged and have been allowed to read it beforehand and help her a bit with the cover art. (Computer editing, Photoshop, not my strong side, but we are working it out.)

I can’t wait to see it released, especially since I know how much of her blood is in these pages, quite literally. Trying to fit it in with my horses, her kids and life in general, we have been working on it for a while now, but it is finally just about ready to fly. I am almost as excited about it as I was when my first book was released, simply because I know how huge it is going to be for her, to hold her book in her hands one day soon. There is hardly a greater feeling.


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10 Responses to An Autograph And -Almost- A Poetry Collection

  1. Oh I was drunk, but he was DJ, and I thought Veronica needs to get an autograph, I just thought of you when I saw him YOU ARE WELCOME LOVE 😉
    Yep, I was bleeding for the cover LOL
    I am so thankful that you are helping me with it all… And i think even though we didn´t stick to the picture I had in my head of how the cover should look, we found the coolest and perfect cover I have ever seen. It is provoking just like you say the collection is… I am so in love with it 😉

  2. Reblogged this on noelheartpoet and commented:
    Thank you so much Love, I couldn´t have done it without you 😉

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